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TOR Remains Your Revenge Buddy

Edward Snowden is a Traitor and Piece of Shit

There are still 100 ways to get revenge, and even traitors like

Edward Snowden like to use TOR for anonymity on the Internet.

Those who have read The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet, know how much we stress anonymity first before attempting to get revenge against your aggressors. You also know how much we preach about using TOR. Well, if the link to the article above does not convince you to use TOR, I guess nothing will.

So, if you want to know how to get revenge on your enemy by staying anonymous, what else do you need?

Anonymous E-Mail – What’s the sense of trying to contact someone about your enemy while using an unsecured e-mail? That’s right, in case you did not know it, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and most of the rest will drop a dime on you with the first contact about a subpoena. So, get yourself a true anonymous e-mail provider. US!

Revenge Tutorials – Get the best there are out there. The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet. This will give you the blueprint on how to deal with anyone who has been harassing you or bullying you in the past or present.

Don’t take any shit off of anyone! Get revenge today!

How to Get Revenge – Man’s Penis is Stolen by Thieves

Man's penis is stolen by thieves

This is a painful way of how to get revenge.

Imagine going to sleep and waking up to someone putting a bag over your head and running off with your penis. This is what happened to a man in China. He believes that it was caused by some jealous lovers of the women he was having affairs with.

Now, this is very harsh way of getting revenge on someone, and it would only put you in jail. However, people could use the the psychology behind this attack to get revenge on any man, who is involved in a relationship. How?

Send your enemy an anonymous mail to his house. Tell him that his wife, girlfriend (or boyfriend), has been inquiring about the fastest way to cut off a penis. Or, you could tell him that she was asking around for some people to help her do the dirty deed. Make sure that you tell him that she has also been looking for a drug that will put him to sleep so he won’t feel the pain when his penis is cut off.

Any man will start thinking long and hard about closing his eyes to go to sleep, and he will become paranoid, and it will probably cause some conflict in the relationship.

You could follow this up by some calls to the house from various pay phones, or you could use a spoof service to change your phone number. If he answers the phone, just stay on the line and don’t say anything until he hangs up.

There are 100 ways to get revenge. It only requires that you use your imagination, and think of ways that your enemy is vulnerable.

Kbir’s Private Members Revenge Group is Now Open

K'bir's Private Member Revenge Group

Anyone who purchases our special that includes: The Purpose Driven Knife II,Toxic Internet, and The Investigator’s Links List, will get automatic one year’s access to K’bir’s Private Members Revenge Group

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Here are some things that you will get when you join:

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  • Assistance – Every member is there to help every other member. If you have other ways you can contribute, here is your chance. Can you create nasty e-mails? Are you good at editing photos? How about web design? Do you have other revenge ideas that our members can use? We will customize these to fit members who ask.
  • New Sites and Services – The Internet is changing everyday. Sites pop up, others get shutdown. Use lists of  sites that K’bir personally uses, and get tips on which ones you should avoid.
  • Revenge Video Instruction – Sometimes, you can learn better if someone shows you exactly how to do it. So, for many tactics, K’bir, or other trusted members will show you how to do it on video.
  • Revenge Books and Material – When we find different material, we will post it for our members.
  • Software – Various software to help you with your revenge plans.

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