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How to Get Revenge – How the Game Has Changed

how to get revenge - the game has changed

If you are trying to learn how to get revenge by using tactics that worked in the last century or even last month, you could be in for a big surprise. What am I talking about? The Internet changes every day and so do its laws. You can use the Internet or offline techniques to carry out your plan. However, if you aren’t up-to-date on the latest security and anonymity details, your revenge tactics could fail before they even get off the ground.

Some people think you can just sign up at anonymous e-mail sites and use anonymous VPNs and they are safe and secure. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of those sites are not really anonymous and when they get a knock on the door from some official agency, guess who’s name and information they are going to give up?

A few months ago, HideMyAss.com received one of those knocks on the door. Even though they advertise their website as being totally anonymous and having over 6000 different servers around the world to hide your IP address, law enforcement didn’t even need a warrant. Instead, HideMyAss quickly gave agents the personal information from the specific user they were looking for.

We have always said that using HideMyAss to carry out more than simple background research on your enemies was risky. So, those who were reading our information would have already known about that.

We also discussed before the importance of using virtual debit cards when paying for services, such as domains for websites that you later want to use to smear your enemy’s name. Just signing up and using privacy services, such as Domains by Proxy with your real name is not anonymous. All it does is make it difficult for regular customers, clients, and other people to know who you really are.

Domains by Proxy is owned by Bob Parsons. For those who are unfamiliar with him, he’s also the owner of GoDaddy.com, which is a domain registration company. In a separate case a few months ago, Bob Parsons was very quick in handing over personal information of one of his customers when the Motion Picture Accociation said that the customer was illegally distrubuting their films. It wasn’t important that the files were not on the customer’s server, or that the customer was never notified. They didn’t even need a warrant or a subpoena from a court to rat their customer out.

How Revenge Needs to Be Done in the Rest of 2014

Here is how to get revenge online and offline in 2014

Online Revenge

Check Your Sources – Just because someone says that their service is anonymous or untraceable, you still need to take precautions and test the services out. There are many websites preaching about anonymous e-mail services. However, if you test most of their services, you will notice that all of your “anonymous e-mails” are going out through the same server, and usually it is the server of the website where you purchased the anonymous service.

So, what happens under circumstances like that? When someone is trying to trace those e-mails, they have the IP address where they can find where the e-mail was sent. Again, if law enforcement approaches them, they probably keep logs and they will give them all of your information. So much for anonymity!

E-mail sent through our Send-Anonymous-Emails service can never be traced back to us. That’s because they are sent through a network of anonymous servers. Since they cannot be traced back to us, that means they can never be traced back to you, either.

Always Use TOR – If you are not using TOR and you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing to get revenge against your enemy on the Internet, you might as well handcuff yourself and have a seat at the police station. TOR will help you remain anonymous, but only if you use it correctly. That is what it was designed to do. Our premium members are provides instructions on how to keep TOR anonymous while searching the web.

Check Your State or Country Laws – Some things you might be able to do legally in Russia are not the same as what you can do legally in the U.S. or other parts of the world. In the U.S., always check your state and local Internet laws before doing something you are not sure about. Pleading ignorance is not enough to keep you out of jail in most places. As a matter of fact, in most places, you can still be punished for your ignorance and sent to jail.

Offline Revenge

Cameras Everywhere – If you live in the U.K. and many parts of the U.S., you know that there are now closed circuit and other types of cameras and video surveillance everywhere you look. The days of easily messing up your enemy’s car, destroying their lawn, or even messing around with their house are long gone. Now, before you ever attempt any of those things, you’ve got to check for cameras. Even then, you won’t find well hidden ones and your face might be exposed for others to view later.

Always assume that there are cameras watching you somewhere. So, if you are doing something that can later be played back on tape, you need to be very wary of cameras and keep your face well hidden or disguised.

Outdated Techniques – Before you want to run out and try something, you should know if the technique has any chance of really working or not. A lot of these revenge book writers are armchair revenge writers. They don’t have any field experience. Instead, they only copy what other writers wrote about before. The reality is that they have never tried most of the techniques they are telling others to do. That could be very dangerous for you, because you are basically trying techniques that might have worked years ago or never worked at all.

The techniques we list have been tested. We don’t trust theory.

There are 100 ways to get revenge. Unfortunately, the only true ways of how to get revenge are through research and proper application of tactics.

Get your hands on The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet and become an automatic member by clicking the link below:

How to Get Revenge at Christmas – Your Enemy Should Never Sleep

how to get revenge at Christmas

If you want to know how to get revenge at Christmas, I would tell you that you should never give your enemy time to sleep. That’s right, you never let them off the hook, and especially not on one of the most sacred days of the year.

While your enemy’s family is probably still putting gifts under the tree, you want to make sure that your anonymous gift is left there, too. Here’s what I want you to do:

If Your Enemy is Male - Go to Google Images and look for mother breastfeeding baby, or women breastfeeding baby. Take your time and look for an image that is not watermarked (stamped) and try to find one where the baby kind of looks like your enemy. Download the photo and go to a store (preferably in another city) that prints digital photos.Once you have the photo, put it inside a beautiful Christmas card with an equally beautiful envelope. Make sure you mark “Do not open before December 25th.” on the envelope.On the Christmas card, write:

“You husband (or partner) may have forgotten about us this Christmas, but we have not forgotten him. My baby also needs his/her father and even if he still wants to remain with you, he should do the right thing and help support his child. I hate to break the news to you like this that he is the father of my baby, but he showed us just as little respect when he forgot about us. Let him know that (Make up some name) told you about it, and make him tell you the truth.”

Damage Done! I’m going to tell you, there aren’t too many women out there in today’s modern world that would just look at this card, laugh it off, and go drink some eggnog. No, the seed has been planted, and for a long while, every time her husband or partner walks out the door, she’s going to have look out of the corner of her eye that something is up, and she’s going to start digging to see what she can come up with. It’s a good idea to follow it up with other letters to her or to your enemy. If he receives something, he will probably destroy it and not show it to his wife. If his wife sees the card, she’s liable to intercept it and open it. There will be drama either way it goes.

If Your Enemy is Female – Again, go out and buy a nice Christmas card and envelope.  This time, address the card to her husband or partner. Since you can’t duplicate the same type of “I’ve got your spouse’s baby” with a female target, you’ll have to come up with something else. Try this:“Hey Stud, Since your wife (or partner) decided to get cold feet and not tell you about our relationship, I thought I would light a fire under those pretty toes and help her tell the truth. I’ve been seeing your wife for quite some time, and I am hoping to see more of her in the future. This is probably not a great time to tell you all of this, but your wife promised me she would tell you before and not after the holiday season. So, the next time you go down on your wife, let me know how my cock tastes.”Again, the Damage is Done!  Most guys are jealous by nature and really won’t think twice that something is not going on. After all, who would send something like this at Christmas time if it wasn’t true, or someone must really hate his wife? :-)

Now, you don’t need to copy the text above word-for-word. Just use it as an example and rewrite it in your own words. That can make it more powerful. I can already sense that there will be some very upset parents during this holiday season.

Also, if your enemy is a real racist, make sure you let them know that person they’ve been screwing is of the race they hate. So, you could go to Google and type in: mother breastfeeding mixed raced baby or something similar to that.

For women targets, just put a photo of some guy of the race that the husband or partner hates. That should heat things up this Christmas, even if your enemy does not have a fireplace, or they’ve cut off the heat!

Happy Holidays, and I would be happy to hear from you how the response was met. Remember, there are many ways on how to get revenge at Christmas and 364 other days of the year!

How to Get Revenge – Stop Listening to Dirty Filthy Liars

how to get revenge - dirty filthy liars

Some people want to know how to get revenge, while others want to know, SHOULD they get revenge?


  • You’ve been bullied all of your life
  • Your neighbors are screwing you over
  • Your boss won’t play by the rules
  • Your partner has cheated on you
  • You’ve been sexually assaulted

You probably already know that nice guys and gals finish last, and that your tormentor will continue to abuse you and will abuse others in the future.

Knowledge can be extremely powerful, but only when you put that knowledge to use and stop listening to naysayers.

Hi Everyone, This is another friendly message from K’bir.

I hope you had a nice week and you were able to implement a few of the techniques you have learned from Jeff’s blog, and for those who get our newsletter, I hope you are following the recent tips I sent you.

You are probably asking yourself, “What liars is K’bir talking about?” I’m glad you asked.

There are two lies that come to mind when it comes to getting help against bullies and other aggressors:

The Law – I’m going to single out the United States, because that’s where I am from. Although I don’t live there anymore, I do keep up with what is going on all of the time. If it is similar in your country, then I am speaking directly to you, too.

Have you ever noticed that anytime you start talking or even thinking about wanting to get revenge, you are reminded that you should let the law take care of it? Guess what? The law usually won’t help you, or can’t help you. Don’t get me wrong, if someone has committed a criminal act against you, you should do your best to take care of it legally.

Have you been sexually assaulted, robbed out of your money, or beaten senseless by bullies or thugs? Is your spouse currently having an affair and you’ve got all of the evidence against them? Well, you should immediately contact the police and file a report, or go to a school and demand to speak with an administrator if your child has been bullied, or get a lawyer and start the long process of getting a divorce if your partner is cheating on you.

However, I’m going to tell you the problems you might encounter, or have already encountered.

First, unless you have enough evidence and enough witnesses, bullies usually get away and continue tormenting their victims. Don’t take my word for it, all you have to do is pick up any newspaper, magazine, or turn on the radio or television, and you will read or hear about kids having problems with bullies.


  • Where are the school administrator’s and the police when kids are being teased, tormented, and made to feel like a piece of crap, because of who they are?
  • How many kids end up taking their own lives, because they have reached out for help and didn’t get it?
  • How many people lose their jobs, because of jealous employees or abusive bosses, but never get compensated for it?
  • How many people go to court because of a cheating spouse, but spend months and sometimes years trying to get out of the marriage and end up losing lots of money on legal fees and lots of sleepless nights?
  • How many times have people called the cops on their neighbors, but the cops told them they can’t do anything because they don’t have enough evidence, or no law has been broken, because your neighbors have done just enough to piss you off, but still haven’t done anything illegal (according to the cops)?

So, you could argue that people are lying when they tell you to contact the authorities, when they can’t do anything for you.

Those “Move On” People – You know, the ones that keep telling you that the best revenge is to live well. That seems to be an oxymoron to try and live well while you are being pooped on at the same time. Those are the same people who tell you that you are going to get into trouble if you get revenge. Or, that God or some other superior being is going to punish you, and you’re going to have bad karma for the rest of this life and the life after.

First of all, I AM a religious person. Yet, I don’t believe that I will be punished in my afterlife for protecting myself, my family, friends, and others from abuse on this planet. I don’t want to turn this into a religious discussion, because there are hundreds of religions in the world. Fortunately, there are some that tell you to defend yourself, or that there should be “an eye for an eye.”

Even my grandmother used to always tell us, “The Lord helps those, who help themselves.” But, if you feel that Allah, God, Jesus, or whoever you pray to, is going to help you while you are being bullied and harassed every day, then get on your knees and pray for your life. However, if you are one of those people that believe your creator gave you more brains than the common garden slug to protect yourself while on this planet, then you should get revenge.

I like to bluntly tell people when they are harassed, bullied, or used and abused, to, “Get Revenge or Bend Over and take it up the rear like a man or woman!”

Yes, it is really that easy. Call the cops, get a lawyer, deal with it head on, ignore it, pray, or take it up the rear! However, I should warn you, for those who don’t deal with it head on, you can just about bet your bottom dollar that the problem isn’t going away and that it will only get worse.

So, if you can live with that possibility of further abuse without any plans on doing anything about it, you should get off my mailing list, don’t read anymore of our newsletters or blog, and get on with your life.

Am I being blunt? You bet I am. Yet, I have helped thousands of people who have purchased my e-books and other services and listened to my advice. They have had success with bullies and against others who have caused them harm.

There have only been a few people who have opted out of our newsletters, or who have told me that I am a complete lunatic, or that I am a very dangerous man. :-)

How to Get Revenge on Someone Using Their Bathroom

crap revenge

So, how to get revenge on someone by using their bathroom? If you have access to their bathroom, there are many ways to get even.

Upper Decker

This is actually an old revenge technique. What you do is take a dump in the upper part of the toilet where the water loads each time. It causes quite a stink if your enemy doesn’t notice it for awhile. For me, the only thing that gives this tactic away is the color of the water that runs through the toilet when you flush it. If your enemy has just a little brains, they’re going to know that they should open the lid on the back of the toilet to see what happened.

The Improved Upper Decker (created by me)

Use anything dead (mouse, rat, frog, etc.) and dump it inside the water container on the toilet. Try to use something that isn’t too big, because it might clog the opening where the water escapes to the toilet bowl. The long they don’t discover this, the worse the smell will become.

The great part about putting something that is already dead is because it will probably be even grosser for them to remove.

On the other hand, you can also use live mice (if you are not squeamish) and dump them in there. This could even be funnier if your enemy discovers them while they are still swimming around in there. For better results, put one inside the toilet bowl so they will quickly discover it. This will add double shock when the others are discovered in the water deposit in back.

These are just examples, you can think of other animals to put in there, too. Just use what is available. As you can see, there are multiple ways on how to get revenge on someone quickly.

How to Get Revenge with Mystery Mail

Ped Egg

Here is a very simple and easy technique on how to get revenge by sending mail to your enemy.

Now, this shit is just too funny. It is also an example of how some simple revenge idea can cause havoc, and it’s basically legal if you do it the right way.

A couple of months ago, I had some pretty nasty cracked, calloused skin on the bottom of my feet. So, I went to the store, and brought a device called the Easy Ped Professional (it’s also called the Ped Egg).

Here is an example of it on Amazon:


Now, I’m not trying to promote this product. I’m sure you can find similar products at your nearest drugstore. I’m only trying to tell you about the concept of this type of revenge.

So, after I scraped my foot for about 5 minutes, I opened the Easy Ped, and found a small heap of powder looking, dead skin. Immediately, my head started spinning with revenge ideas.

Here are some ideas that I put to good use:

I put the contents of my foot shavings inside some Saran Wrap (using surgical gloves, so not to leave prints) and mailed them to a couple of enemies that were on my shit list. One guy called the cops, because he thought it was some kind of toxic substance. I didn’t hear anything from the second person I sent it to.

When you look at the shavings it produces, it looks like brown heroin, or even ashes.

Now, if you do this, make sure you don’t leave any prints. Not so much because it is illegal, but because you don’t want it traced back to you. If you don’t write any threats, and just fold it inside of some paper and put it in an envelope, you haven’t done anything illegal.

Let the imagination of your enemies run wild. They are certain to freak out.

Now, if they do get it analyzed, they are going to find out that it is human skin. Now, you can just imagine what might be going through their mind after they are told that.

The second thing I did with this was I stirred this into some cream soup of a neighbor, who always seems to bring her fat ass to our house around dinner time. I’m sure it doesn’t have any dangerous effects, but just the thought of this woman eating my nasty skin shavings was enough to invite her back to eat more often. :-)

How to Get Revenge by Changing Document and Photo Properties



There are many ways on how to get revenge by using documents and photos. The neat part about it is that you can blame your enemy in the process.

You can change the owner information on photos and documents to that of your enemy, or to someone else, that you want to blame.

MS Word, PDF files, photos, and others, have information enbedded in them. Usually when you first install your programs, you put the user information in before you register the software. Most people forget that this information exists, and some don’t even know it’s there.

The same goes for photos. Your camera information, and any other information you input into your camera is listed.

How Can You Use This Information for Revenge?

Let’s say you want to send someone disturbing photos. Why not send them to various people, so your enemy gets blamed? All you need to do is change the information on the documents and photos, so it looks like they were created by your enemy.

This works with really sick pornography photos, death photos, and documents, such as tasteless jokes, racist jokes, etc. that are sent in a MS Word Document, etc. They can all be blamed on your enemy.

Below is information on how you can change the document information in MS Word

What the video above on how to change document properties in MS Word

You can also change a PDF document properties by using a PDF editor.

There are a variety of editors out there on the market, such as: Nitro PDF Professional, Foxit PDF Printer and PDFFactory Pro. All you need to do is open these programs, and locate document properties, and change it to your enemy’s personal information.

Changing the Properties on Image Files

You can change image file properties quite easily. Most photo editing programs, such as ACDSee (which doubles as a photo viewer), have photo editing properties built in. What you want to change is the EXIF properties. These include: date the photo was taken, who owns copyright to the photo, who took the photo, and what type of camera was used, etc.

You should change all of these properties to fit your enemy. If you know your enemy has posted other photos online, just go to the site where the photos are, and download a few of them. Open them with a photo editor to view the EXIF properties. Copy the name and model of the camera, the name your enemy uses, etc.

Next, open up the photos that you want to edit, and then change the EXIF properties information with the information of your enemy.

This is great when you want to send someone a shocking or ghory photo. Send it to enough people, and make sure your enemy’s info is left in the properties, so if the people are angry, they can trace the photos back to your unsuspecting enemy.

Don’t forget, there are 100 ways to get revenge against anyone. Take your time and start planning today!

Using Proxy Websites to Help You Get Revenge and Save Your Job

There are many ways of how to get revenge.

If you wаnt tо surf websites and collect information оn уour enemy withоut оtherѕ knowing what уоu аre doіng online, уоu ѕhould uѕе proxy websites. A proxy website allows уou tо access practically аnу site online, even those thаt mаy be blocked from you’re yоur school оr work network, аnd do it іn а waу thаt makes іt difficult to trace back tо you.

When уou uѕe а computer аt work, school оr аt the library, evеry place yоu visit іs tracked. This means thаt уour boss, teacher or thе local librarian can trace уоur steps on thе computer simply bу using tracking software.

This is аn invasion of yоur privacy аnd can еven end uр gettіng уоu fired from уour job. Remember, оvеr half оf U.S. businesses usе keyloggers and оther logging software to spy оn thеir employees.

On top of that, mаnу sites аre blocked from networks. Some companies block social networking sites ѕuch аs Facebook, Twitter and MySpace beсаusе thеу do not wаnt thеіr office workers playing аround оn the computer whilе theу arе аt work, beсаusе thеy feel they will bе lеss productive.

Fair Enough! But lіkе mоѕt jobs, you hаve ѕome downtime, аnd a lunch break. How уоu spend іt ѕhоuld be up to you. If уоu need tо access а social networking site from work, you are out оf luck іf yоur office network hаѕ blocked it. That is, unleѕѕ уоu uѕe а proxy website.

With a proxy website, you сan access any site that yоu want, evеn thоѕe that аre blocked, but уou саn dо ѕо wіthout thе company finding out thаt yоu were on the site.

The number onе reason fоr people gettіng fired frоm their jobs іs abuse of thе internet. This iѕ a verу vague policy thаt mоst companies hаvе аnd іt gіvеѕ thеm the excuse to fire ѕоmеоne without giving thеm any sort of benefits likе unemployment.

In а bad economy, such as what wе are left wіth now, companies hаve no problems аt аll firing someone, who iѕ thе breadwinner of theіr family for gоing online tо check their e-mail, and ѕаying that thеy abused the internet.

Proxy.org haѕ а wide range of proxies thаt уоu cаn usе fоr free. They are good for general surfing, аnd саn helр уоu doіng ѕomе basic checks on уоur enemy fоr revenge purposes. However, remember all оf theѕe sites uѕе logs, ѕо don’t do anуthing beyоnd evidence and intelligence gathering. Don’t usе thesе proxies to send nasty e-mails or other revenge related information.

The reason theѕе semi-anonymous proxies аre good tо use, iѕ beсаusе thеy don’t require any technical knowledge or installation tо use. Just visit onе of the sites, аnd type thе website address іntо the search bar.

Of course, heavy hitters аnd mоrе experienced users will probаblу want to gо with TOR. You’ll sacrifice speed fоr security, but you аre guaranteed a muсh higher level оf anonymity, whiсh іs mоre important for ѕome people.

Burglars Get Revenge on Child Pornographer

Burglars show how to get revenge on a man with child pornography.

After breaking into a barn in California, the thieves later contacted the police and reported that someone from that house had many child pornography discs.

The thieves thought they stole blank discs, and were shocked to see child porn on them. People, who like looking at child pornography and other pedophiles have always been hated by other criminals, and are dealt with severely (and properly) when they go to jail and prison.

Accusing your enemies of being a pedophile is very strong accusation, and it will often take them a long time to convince those around them that it isn’t true. Once you label someone as a pedophile, some people may never believe that it isn’t true.


100 Ways to Get Revenge against Bullies – Stop Crying and Start Mentally Bashing Them

Stop Bullying

Do you really want to know how to get revenge against bullies? What if I told you there were 100 ways to get revenge against them, instead of letting them attack your kids and other loved ones?

Bullying is now rampant in the United States, and some other countries around the world. It can involve teasing, taunting, mental and physical assault and abuse.

Some forms of bullying have always been a part of the United States culture. Kids have always been picked on at school for being different, or because they are not part of a group, or because a bully just feels like targeting them. The same applies for adults in the office place, or at home. That’s because bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Bullying was once limited to face-to-face contact, or through letters or phone calls. However, the Internet and cell phones have made it possible for bullies to cause fear in their victims 24 hours a day.

In the 21st century, the advancement of the Internet and other forms of modern technology and communication have provided bullies with ever more sophisticated weapons. Online bullying seems more prevalent with teens, because they spend the most time on the Internet. They have embraced new technologies, and are well aware of the crowd mentality that is created online.

Ways to Help Stop Online Bullying

1. Contact Their ISP – If you have been receiving harassing e-mails, you can contact their Internet Service Provider. They could have their account deleted, and if the e-mails were threatening in nature, their ISP might turn the information over to law enforcement. Bullies like e-mail, because there is no face-to-face contact They can open up a free e-mail account, send an e-mail, and never check that account again.

Contrary to popular belief, e-mail cannot always be traced back to a bully’s ISP, or even traced back to who sent it. However, under most circumstances, bullies always leave a trail to follow, and sometimes even brag about their actions. Save your e-mails, and forward the offending e-mails to the ISP. Make sure you include the full e-mail headers. If you’re not sure how to do that, just do a Google search on “how to full e-mail headers”.

2. Social Networking Sites – Bullies love to use social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. They post negative comments about their victim, and often ridicule or threaten them on these sites. These sites are so powerful, because of the popularity. You cannot underestimate the effectiveness of a well placed post, because it could reach an entire school or group.

Once posted, the damage could have already been done in the mind of the victim. Some victims are so traumatized that they commit suicide. Suicide is on the rise, and most of this could be prevented by proactive parents.

If you contact these sites, they can remove the damaging information. If there are serious enough threats, they can turn the information over to the police.

3. Online Chat - MSN Messenger, Yahoo Chat, Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger are just a few of the chat software used by millions of people each day. Again, the method of a bully is to locate their target, and harass them by typing negative statements about them. Or, to find people, who know the victim, and spread lies and rumors to them about the victim. While some kids might laugh this off, many young teens are very sensitive about their image and reputation. Once that is damaged, it can lead to many psychological problems in teens.

Don’t think that adults are immune to this type of bullying, because they are not. When an adult’s image is damaged at their job, or within their circle of friends, it can be just as devastating. Nearly all of these popular chat software is connected to an e-mail account, and most users can be traced. Again, contact the sit responsible, and file a complaint. You should save your chat records for evidence, too.

4. Text Messaging – The newest form of harassment and stalking for bullies is sending SMS and other forms of text messaging. Technology has become so cheap and advanced that many bullies are now favoring their cell phone as the choice of sending threatening text messages. Text spoofing is also on the rise, so many bullies can do it anonymously, and without worrying about reprisals, they can get very nasty.

Proactive Measures

If you’ve taken the above actions, but still have the same problem with a bully, you should take proactive measures. Remember, Internet laws are vague, and non-existant in some locations. If you are sure of who is behind attacks on you or your loved one, but the threats or damaging information continues, try using the tactics found in The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet. Both e-books offer no-nonsense attitudes and advice on how to get revenge against anyone, who is bullying or harassing you.

For those, who would like to know how to deal with even the worst of the worst bullies, you might want to get your hands on “Bully Basher”. Bully Basher is K’bir’s newest e-books specifically designed to deal with the most blatant bullies that you might encounter in life. Bully Basher is more than just an e-book. Bully Basher includes an optional “52 Weeks of Mayhem” package. Members are provided a weekly guide in how to successfully remove the threats from any bully in you or your loved one’s life. For more information, visit: StopBullyingMeNow.com

Now you can learn how to stop bullying 52 weeks a year with 100 ways to get revenge against bullies and other aggressors.

How to Get Revenge – Russian Billionaire Neutralizes a Fellow Billionaire


Russian billionaires have their own methods of how to get revenge.

A Russian Billionaire puts up his dukes, and attacks a fellow billionaire during a TV economic debate.

Mr Lebedev is the owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent newspaper in the U.K.

“In a critical situation there is no choice. I see no reason to be hit with the first shot. I neutralized him,” he said.

All I can say that if this guy was your boss, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to ask him for a raise, or do anything else to piss him off. However, if he stood behind you on some issue, I’m sure he would literally “fight” for you.

I love his above quote. It’s also a great quote for revenge. If you’re being harassed and bullied, why are you going to stand by and wait for the first punch? You should deal with your enemies immediately before the situation gets out of control.

Are you being bullied at work? Instead of taking the time to take it up with management (Hey, it might even be management that is bullying you), start formulating your revenge plans immediately. Become the first striker, and as Mr. Lebedev says, “neutralize” them.

For 100 ways to get revenge, visit The Purpose Driven Knife.