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100 Ways to Get Revenge against Bullies – Stop Crying and Start Mentally Bashing Them

Stop Bullying

Do you really want to know how to get revenge against bullies? What if I told you there were 100 ways to get revenge against them, instead of letting them attack your kids and other loved ones?

Bullying is now rampant in the United States, and some other countries around the world. It can involve teasing, taunting, mental and physical assault and abuse.

Some forms of bullying have always been a part of the United States culture. Kids have always been picked on at school for being different, or because they are not part of a group, or because a bully just feels like targeting them. The same applies for adults in the office place, or at home. That’s because bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Bullying was once limited to face-to-face contact, or through letters or phone calls. However, the Internet and cell phones have made it possible for bullies to cause fear in their victims 24 hours a day.

In the 21st century, the advancement of the Internet and other forms of modern technology and communication have provided bullies with ever more sophisticated weapons. Online bullying seems more prevalent with teens, because they spend the most time on the Internet. They have embraced new technologies, and are well aware of the crowd mentality that is created online.

Ways to Help Stop Online Bullying

1. Contact Their ISP – If you have been receiving harassing e-mails, you can contact their Internet Service Provider. They could have their account deleted, and if the e-mails were threatening in nature, their ISP might turn the information over to law enforcement. Bullies like e-mail, because there is no face-to-face contact They can open up a free e-mail account, send an e-mail, and never check that account again.

Contrary to popular belief, e-mail cannot always be traced back to a bully’s ISP, or even traced back to who sent it. However, under most circumstances, bullies always leave a trail to follow, and sometimes even brag about their actions. Save your e-mails, and forward the offending e-mails to the ISP. Make sure you include the full e-mail headers. If you’re not sure how to do that, just do a Google search on “how to full e-mail headers”.

2. Social Networking Sites – Bullies love to use social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. They post negative comments about their victim, and often ridicule or threaten them on these sites. These sites are so powerful, because of the popularity. You cannot underestimate the effectiveness of a well placed post, because it could reach an entire school or group.

Once posted, the damage could have already been done in the mind of the victim. Some victims are so traumatized that they commit suicide. Suicide is on the rise, and most of this could be prevented by proactive parents.

If you contact these sites, they can remove the damaging information. If there are serious enough threats, they can turn the information over to the police.

3. Online Chat - MSN Messenger, Yahoo Chat, Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger are just a few of the chat software used by millions of people each day. Again, the method of a bully is to locate their target, and harass them by typing negative statements about them. Or, to find people, who know the victim, and spread lies and rumors to them about the victim. While some kids might laugh this off, many young teens are very sensitive about their image and reputation. Once that is damaged, it can lead to many psychological problems in teens.

Don’t think that adults are immune to this type of bullying, because they are not. When an adult’s image is damaged at their job, or within their circle of friends, it can be just as devastating. Nearly all of these popular chat software is connected to an e-mail account, and most users can be traced. Again, contact the sit responsible, and file a complaint. You should save your chat records for evidence, too.

4. Text Messaging – The newest form of harassment and stalking for bullies is sending SMS and other forms of text messaging. Technology has become so cheap and advanced that many bullies are now favoring their cell phone as the choice of sending threatening text messages. Text spoofing is also on the rise, so many bullies can do it anonymously, and without worrying about reprisals, they can get very nasty.

Proactive Measures

If you’ve taken the above actions, but still have the same problem with a bully, you should take proactive measures. Remember, Internet laws are vague, and non-existant in some locations. If you are sure of who is behind attacks on you or your loved one, but the threats or damaging information continues, try using the tactics found in The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet. Both e-books offer no-nonsense attitudes and advice on how to get revenge against anyone, who is bullying or harassing you.

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Now you can learn how to stop bullying 52 weeks a year with 100 ways to get revenge against bullies and other aggressors.