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Revenge Porn

First Woman Convicted in the U.K. for Revenge Porn on Male Partner

Ellie Melaugh became the first woman in the U.K. to be convicted of revenge porn on a male partner.  She used various sites on the Internet to make her ex’s life a living hell. 

Revenge porn case sees first woman convictede for victimizing male partner

Ex’s mother and grandparents saw explicit photos as well as countless online strangers…Read More

Source: TheSun.CO.UK

Old revenge tactics, such as using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have changed. You have to be savvy if you want to go that route. If not, you’re probably going to jail.  If you’re adding revenge porn to your postings, you’re just asking for trouble.

There are so many other ways to get revenge, that you do not need to resort to such tactics anymore. The risk is just not worth it, even if you are trying to get back at an ex or other scumbag.

Screw Calm and Get Revenge

Revenge Porn – Texas Begins Tough Law in Civil and Criminal Courts

There seems to be a knee jerk reaction everywhere in regards to revenge porn. State after state are toughening their laws, and what was once a common form of getting revenge has turned into a felony.  :-)

If you want to get revenge against your enemy, you might think twice about using this tactic, depending on where you live.

Revenge Porn

Revenge porn victims will now be able to have their cases heard in both civil and criminal courts. Leonard Flaum, UTSA Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity – the office that handles sexual harassment, including sexual assault and Read More

Source: The Paisano

There are still tons of other ways to get revenge. So, don’t get discouraged.



How to Get Revenge on Your Ex for Valentine’s Day

Get Revenge on an Ex for Valentine's Day

LLAC: Nine Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex-Valentine …

http://mugdown.com/ Mon, 16 Feb 2015 10:38:12 -0800

There are many ways to get revenge on your ex-valentine. Hopefully, you’re not the forgive and forgive type (why else would you be reading this blog :-). We also hope you are going to plan your revenge very well.

Christmas might still be the worst time of the year for your enemie, but Valentine’s Day must come in close second, especially if you want to get  revenge on an ex.

One thing you should always know about getting revenge against your ex on Valentine’s Day. People will always suspect it must be something with an ex, so you will probably be suspect Number 1 if the revenge is serious.

I really want to like repay him for all the misery he caused me and like just do something to get over it. I just need like a good plan. How are you with revenge? Thanks, Hell Hath No Fury. Dear Woman Scorned,. Wow, from the …

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