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Professor Busted for Urinating on Coworkers Door

There are 100 ways to get revenge at a university. However, pissing on your coworkers door probably isn’t one of them.

Tihomir Petrov, a univerisity professor at Cal. State Northridge, was charged with urinating in a public place.

Apparently it wasn’t the first time he did it, because the university set up surveillance cameras after someone noticed puddles in front of the door, which they assumed was urine.

I guess the moral to this story is to keep your pecker in your pants! Seriously, why expose yourself like that to get revenge? All he needed to have done is to urinate in one of those big plastic milk jugs multiple times until it was full. Or, he could have used a one liter plastic water bottle. Then, let it set out in the sun and heat for a few days, and then he could have poured it all over and under the coworkers door. That could have easily gotten his message across, and kept him out of jail, if he only did it once.

With the USA and the world as dangerous as it already is, I would have just assumed that the university had cameras everywhere in the halls, and would have resorted to something more discreet.

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Man Posts Naked Photo of Ex on Facebook – Gets 4 Months in Jail

Although there are a 100 ways to get revenge on an ex girlfriend, posting her naked photo on Facebook is probably not one of them.

A New Zealand man, who posted a naked photo of his naked ex-girlfriend, must spend 4 months in jail.

Joshua Simon Ashby, admitted to posting the photos during a drunken rage. He had previously threatened to kill her, and had also destroyed a couple of her dresses.

If you are going to get revenge online, you’ve got to use your head. Putting your ex’s naked photos on some website, will probably point authorities directly to you. You also can’t break into people’s accounts, and alter information.

The best way to get revenge on an ex is to do it in an indirect way. Create other problems with your ex, that has nothing to do with anything that could link directly to you.

Sure, you might be a suspect anyway, but if you try to create problems between your ex and coworkers, friends and family, your ex might suspect someone else.

So, don’t get drunk, plan your revenge with a clear mind, and don’t break into your ex’s online accounts, unless you want to spend some time in jail, like Joshua Simon Ashby.

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