100 Ways to Get Revenge – Free Classified Ads

Happy April Fool’s Day

Unfortunately for your enemy, there are 100 ways to get revenge using free classified ads. So, April Fool’s Day could be no laughing matter for your enemy.

First of all, make sure you are surfing anonymously, and search for “free classified ad sites”. You will now have lists of thousands, and some search results will show you sites that have several thousand links on one site.

If you want to target your classified ad search, type this in the search engine:

“free classified ad sites” +city


“free classified ad sites” +San Francisco

This will give you a few additional classified ad sites that are near your enemy, where you can get more responses if you offer something locally.

Next,  sign up at a few of these sites, and post ads for sale:





flat screen TV’s



etc. etc. etc.

Make sure you put their phone number, and tell them to call after 9 p.m., or other late time you think your enemy might be home.  If possible, ask them to come to your enemy’s house, or apartment between the hours of… (whatever). Just make it sound realistic, and make the prices cheap, but not so cheap that they don’t believe the ad.

On many of these ad sites you can also offer services:



pickup recyclable goods

etc. etc. etc.

Finally, you can also look for love

male seeks female

female seeks male

male seeks male

female seeks female

If your enemy is straight, advertise for same sex relationships, if they lesbian, or gay, find them someone straight.

When posting for relationships, some ad sites allow you to put your e-mail address, or phone number. Now, when posting for relationships, do not post your enemy’s phone number, or e-mail address. Instead, create a free e-mail account to use for contact.

There are so many on-line free classified sites that you could literally do this year round! Take your time, and don’t use all of the sites in one day. It’s best to choose one or two sites, and wait until they remove the ads. Wait a few days, and then advertise somewhere else.

For additional fun, send them to one of your enemy’s neighbors house, but have them ask for your enemy.

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Gmail Has New Security Features – Revenge Tips

If you want to know how to get revenge against those who have hacked into your Gmail account, here are some things you might want to consider the next time  you are accessing G-mail.

Gmail now has new security features that alert its users if someone might have illegally accessed their account.

What a lot of Gmail users probably never noticed is, that for a long time now,  Gmail shows your “Last account activity” at the bottom of your In box. Just log in to your Gmail account, and scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see, “Last account activity:  XX  hours ago at IP (whatever your IP address was)  Details”

If you click on “Details” Gmail will show you the last four or five IP addresses that were used to access your account. If it shows IP addresses that match your Internet Service Provider, or that of your office, or wherever else you use your computer, than you can feel confident that no one outside of your home, office, or school has accessed your account. The problem with this is, who really scrolls all the way down to the bottom to check this? Have you?

Now, Gmail is making it a little bit easier by putting a dark red warning bar at the bottom, letting you know that someone might have accessed your computer from another country, or perhaps, even from another geographic location in your country (the latter I’m not quite sure, because I haven’t checked this out).

I still think Gmail isn’t making full use of this new feature. I think it should be located above your messages in your In box. That way, you can’t help but see it, as soon as you log in.

Also,  for those of you who are accessing someone else’s Gmail account, you should be aware of this new feature, because your target might know you are in their e-mail, especially if you are using proxies from other countries.

However, I’m writing about this, because there are many of you who are trying to get revenge against a spouse, lover, boss, coworker, etc., and you should know this information to check your own account, and make sure that your enemy hasn’t gained entry to your Gmail account.

So, keep your eyes open the next time you log into your Gmail account. You never know who could be spying on you!

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100 Ways to Get Revenge – Catch a Cheating Spouse – Cell Phone Spy

You can discover 100 ways to get revenge on a cheating spouse by using cell phone spy software.

One of the best ways to gather evidence on your spouse is through their cell phone. Many cheaters believe that they can hide their relationships by sending text messages, and speaking with their lovers on the privacy of their mobile cells.

There are ways to get cell phone information without hiring a private investigator, or getting access to your partner’s cell phone bill.

What if you…

Had the ability to turn their phone like a GPS device?

Let’s say you gave your partner a call, and asked them where they were, and when they were going to be home? What if they told you they were at the office, but their phone sent off signals that they were at the local Motel 6?

Could read e-mail messages they were sending and receiving from their cell phone?

This sure beats trying to hack into their e-mail.

Knew who your partner called, and who called your partner?

Once you have that information, you can start running checks on those phone numbers.

Could eavesdrop on conversations taking place near your cheating partner’s cell phone?

Yeah, the same cell phone that they are using to help with their infidelity, can now be used to rat them out!

Could read all of their SMS messages?

Boy, this really takes the guesswork out of the equation, and lets you spend more time planning your revenge.

Well, not only is the technology available, it is very inexpensive. No longer to you have to hire a private investigator, and pay outrageous fees for some information that you can now download to your partner’s cellphone from the Internet.

The comedian, Chris Rock, once said that, “men are only as faithful as their options.” Not only is that true, but it also holds true for some women.

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, why not verify it by using cell phone spy software? In the worst scenario, your suspicions might turn into reality. On the other hand, you will be able to rest in peace, because you discovered that it was all in your head.

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Are you sleeping with the love of your life, or are you sleeping with the enemy?

100 ways to get revenge – Revenge on Bernie Madoff

How to get revenge on a multi-billion dollar swindler? Put their ass in jail for 150 years, and while they are there, let other inmates beat them down once in a while.

That is what has been happening at Butner prison, where Mr. Madoff has been staying. If the guy thought he was going to relax in a lounge chair and play gin rummy the rest of his life, he’s in for a very rude awakening.

Unfortunately, many people who were scammed out of their hard-earned cash, would hope for less beatings, and instead, more money returned to them.

The legal system in the U.S. doesn’t always get it right. However, in this case, they seem to be right on target.

Even if Bernie Madoff was eligible for the death penalty, that would be too humane for what he did. It’s better that he remains behind bars, and wakes up with the uncertainty of getting shanked everyday.

But what about your enemies? Did you get ripped off for a big chunk of change?  Are you going to let them slide, or are you going to get revenge?

“All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.”
- Edmund Burke 1729-1797
Ireland -

I am a firm believer that you should always return the favor with evil people. If you screw me, I’m going to double screw you. There is no way I’m going to let someone get away with doing something to me, my family, or even friends.

By letting your enemies get away with what they have done, you only embolden them  to do it again with others.

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100 Ways to Get Revenge – Take Action, or Let it Go

There are 100 ways to get revenge, but you must take action. Some people will think about getting revenge on their enemy for years, but nothing ever comes of it.

Take action, or let it go.

It’s true that psychologists have determined that acting out revenge in your mind can be healthy. However, it can be harmful, and even depressing if it is something that eats away at you for years.

Take action, or let it go.

So, what’s stopping you from taking action? I remember buying the Bullworker exercise device ages ago. Now, I’m still not certain that it would be possible for the Bullworker to produce a buffed body like some of the models in those ads. However, over 9 million units were sold, and many still use it today, and some swear by their results.

The problem with me and my Bullworker, and perhaps the same goes for others, is that we purchase dreams. We want to be successful like the other man, or woman we see in those ads. Most of us want the machines, the diet pills, or the language courses to do the work for us. We want the easy way out.

Getting revenge on someone is not only possible, it’s almost guaranteed if you follow the rules, take your time, and if you are not afraid to do a little work.

So, regardless if you want to get revenge on an ex, an unfair boss, neighbors from hell, a school bully, or family or friends who turned against you, it is just a matter of putting your plan into action.

Getting revenge on someone who has done you wrong, is great. However, don’t let revenge consume your life.

Take action, or let it go.

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Take action, or let it go.