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100 Ways to Get Revenge – The Power of Suggestion and Revenge

Did you realize there are 100 ways to get revenge by using the power of suggestion?

Many years ago, while I was still in high school, a friend of mine got a girl pregnant. She was a senior, and he was just a sophomore. Although he thought they were both too young to raise a child, she was determined to go through with the pregnancy.

He came to discuss the situation with me when she was about one and a half month’s pregnant. He wanted to know what should he do to convince her to have an abortion? I didn’t have a clue about such things back then, and all I could think of was for him to just talk it over with her.

As month two of her pregnancy approached, the guy was always on edge. He couldn’t sleep at night, because all he could picture was not finishing school, and not having a chance to go to college to play sports. That was always his dream since he was young. He continued to have more talks with his girlfriend, but she only wanted to talk about the future of their new family. Needless to say, his nerves were unraveling.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “This girl wasn’t even pregnant.”

However, the reality was that she really was pregnant, and becoming more determined by the day. So, my friend invited her out for a long talk in her car. She picked him up, and he said the conversation went on for about 6 hours. She said she would need to think about it, but as far as she was concerned, she was going to have the baby.

He continued to sweat it out. It was now over three months, and he just knew a baby was definitely on the way. Fortunately for him, he finally got the break he was looking for. She finally decided to have the abortion. She had to go out of state, because her pregnancy was so far along, they wouldn’t perform the abortion in our state.

She said her family knew someone, who would perform the abortion. She was now so upset, though that she was blaming him for her situation, and she said that even though she was having an abortion that he shouldn’t get too happy, because she was going to keep the fetus. She mentioned about giving it to his mother, and telling her what had happened.

Now my friend was beginning to shit bricks! He was feeling better that she was having the abortion, but now he was scared out of his mind that he would wake up one day with his mom holding a plastic bag in front of his face with this dead fetus.

She finally called him up and told him that she had the abortion. She said that it was a boy, and called him a murderer for not wanting her to raise the child. She said she would keep her promise to give the fetus to his mom, or just leave it on her doorstep with a note that she should open it, and then give it to him.

Several times after her abortion, his girlfriend would slowly drive by his house a few times. Not honking the horn, not stopping, but just slowly driving by, looking out of the window, and looking towards his family’s house. My friend was now a nervous mess, and was thinking about just telling his mom the whole story, because he couldn’t take the pressure anymore. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t concentrate in school, he could only see a fetus following him around.

Two more years passed, he graduated, and right there waiting at his graduation was his now ex-girlfriend. She approached him, his mom, and some other members of his family with a plastic bag. She gave the bag to his mom, and said it was a present for him. However, she was not to open it until she got back to their house. She said that the contents were frozen, and were packed in a container, and would last a few hours before melting.

She gave my friend a kiss, she congratulated him, and wished him good luck in the future.

By this time, his mom was really curious what kind of gift she could be giving her son that was frozen. By the time he was in the car, tears were running down his face, and he then began to sob. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with him, and his mom asked him, but he was silent.

Finally, he felt he had to tell his mom. “Mom, I’m sorry, but I really think she put a fetus in the bag.”

“What fetus?” “What are you talking about son?” she asked.

He then spilled his guts about the whole story. By the time the car rolled into the driveway, nearly everyone in the car was now sick with the possibility that there was a fetus in the bag. They all debated about opening it, but finally my friend said he had to do it, because it was all his fault. He unwrapped some paper to find a small styrofoam box that had tape wrapped around it.

As he finally opened the box, he was surprised to find that half of the ice had melted, and there was water moving around the container. Inside was a big tub of his favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream that he and his girlfriend used to eat together. All he could do was breathe a sigh of relief, but wasn’t sure if he should laugh, or continue to cry.

This was a true story!

Revenge and the Power of Suggestion

I love revenge plans that are eventually related to suggestion. For the best effects, it’s always better that you actually carry out some plans. The nastier, the better it will be. Once you have done something, you can later keep contacting your enemy, and tell them you’ve got something bigger planned. You can even tell them what it is. They will spend many sleepless nights worrying about it. You should always follow through with what you say you are going to do. It doesn’t need to be quickly. Let them wait a few months, and then finally spring your plan into action.

Once you’ve done something a second time, there is no reason for them to doubt you’ll do something again. The next time, tell them you’re going to do something really horrible (whatever you can think of that’s really mean and nasty). This time, you don’t need to do anything, because they will be so paranoid, they won’t know what to do.

The power of suggestion can go a long ways. If you’re still having problems thinking of a good revenge plan, why not check out The Purpose Driven Knife II. It’s packed full of revenge ideas that are sure to help you follow through on your plans. Or, Toxic Internet is another e-book that explains how to get revenge online. Now, there truly are 100 ways to get revenge with anyone, and don’t forget to use the power of suggestion with your next revenge plans.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – The Sweetness of Revenge

Planning 100 ways to get revenge could even be healthy for you.

It’s been proven by doctors through brain scans that people, who plan revenge show satisfaction in brain activity. That activity rose when revenge was actually carried out, or even while planning.

More and more people have belief in the saying, “Revenge is sweet.”

There is an unwritten law of human nature that makes it OK for any man or woman to seek vengeance and equal punishment against anyone, who wrongdoer. Most people will go out of their way to even the score, even though they could get in trouble, and might not be advantageous to them.

5 Types of Victims of Harassment and Bullies

There are usually five types of bullying and harassment victims. They are:

1. The “Brush it Off” Victims – These are people, who can brush it off, or believe that the bullies will eventually be dealt with by God, or some other higher power. These people usually make statements like: “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” or “The best revenge is to be successful in life.”

2. The Beaten - These people have been so abused by their enemy that they are afraid to do anything. Maybe the aggressor is their boss, or is just physically stronger, so they don’t want any altercations.

3. Dreamers - These are people, who fantasize about getting revenge, but never do. They say that they will get even with their enemy one day, and they think of many clever ways to get revenge, but only in their minds.

4. Ticking Time Bombs – These are people, who have been bullied for longer periods of time, and eventually snaps. They usually do something violent and irrational, and end up in jail.

5. Calculators – Calculators plan their revenge in advance. They might still be getting harassed at the time they are carefully planning and plotting. There is no way that his or her aggressor is going to get away with what they did. It might take weeks, months, or even years, but they will never feel right until they carry out their actions.

Calculators come up with alibis, they study their target’s habits, and they learn as much as they can about their aggressor, and anyone that might know them. When they do get revenge, it causes great mental suffering for their enemy.


Revenge should be carried out in a calm manner. You should never feel anger, but instead, you should feel great pleasure watching your enemy suffer.

Never forget that there are a 100 ways to get revenge against your enemies. Take your time, and make your enemies suffer.

Professor Busted for Urinating on Coworkers Door

There are 100 ways to get revenge at a university. However, pissing on your coworkers door probably isn’t one of them.

Tihomir Petrov, a univerisity professor at Cal. State Northridge, was charged with urinating in a public place.

Apparently it wasn’t the first time he did it, because the university set up surveillance cameras after someone noticed puddles in front of the door, which they assumed was urine.

I guess the moral to this story is to keep your pecker in your pants! Seriously, why expose yourself like that to get revenge? All he needed to have done is to urinate in one of those big plastic milk jugs multiple times until it was full. Or, he could have used a one liter plastic water bottle. Then, let it set out in the sun and heat for a few days, and then he could have poured it all over and under the coworkers door. That could have easily gotten his message across, and kept him out of jail, if he only did it once.

With the USA and the world as dangerous as it already is, I would have just assumed that the university had cameras everywhere in the halls, and would have resorted to something more discreet.

To learn how to get some serious revenge check out ThePurposeDrivenKnife.com where you can find 100 ways to get revenge, and learn how to get revenge without taking all of the risks.