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Florida teen wanted to get revenge, so he planted a gun, knife, and marijuana in a girl's car

Florida Boy Wanted to Get Revenge – Planted Gun, Knife, and Weed

This kid seemed to have the aspirations to pull off some revenge on a grand scale. However, it seems his plan fell apart faster than he got a chance to pull it off.

The Florida teen planted a gun, knife and marijuana bag in rival’s car for revenge. He used a loaded gun, a knife and a massive bag of marijuana to get revenge on a rival — by planting them in his peer’s car and trying to get her busted, police said. James Harrison, 18, is accused of breaking into a fellow teen Continue with Story


Source:  NY Daily News

Easy way to get revenge against spammers

Revenge on Spammers – A British Developer Has a Clever and Simple Way

Do you want to know how to get revenge on spammers?

How many times have you signed up for some e-mail list, and then found it nearly impossible to get off of it? Either the company made it complicated to find the unsubscribe button, or they just ignored your requests to get off.

A British developer has come up with an ingenious way of getting rid of annoying spam emails and getting revenge on the people sending them in one fell swoop. These days, subscribing to a newsletter or buying something from an online store usually … Check out the rest here.

Source: The Telegraph


Curt Schilling Gets Revenge on Internet Troll

Curt Schilling Gets Revenge on Internet Troll

Angry Dad Goes Full BEAST MODE, Gets REVENGE On …

http://www.earlnetwork.com/ Tue, 03 Mar 2015 08:15:37 -0800

An angry father, who also happens to be baseball legend Kurt Schilling, went into beast mode to get revenge on his daughter’s bullies, and now they’re running scared.

Internet trolls think they can mess around with everyone, but Mr. Shilling demonstates what other people can do to get revenge. 

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