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How to Get Revenge – Stop Listening to Dirty Filthy Liars

how to get revenge - dirty filthy liars

Some people want to know how to get revenge, while others want to know, SHOULD they get revenge?


  • You’ve been bullied all of your life
  • Your neighbors are screwing you over
  • Your boss won’t play by the rules
  • Your partner has cheated on you
  • You’ve been sexually assaulted

You probably already know that nice guys and gals finish last, and that your tormentor will continue to abuse you and will abuse others in the future.

Knowledge can be extremely powerful, but only when you put that knowledge to use and stop listening to naysayers.

Hi Everyone, This is another friendly message from K’bir.

I hope you had a nice week and you were able to implement a few of the techniques you have learned from Jeff’s blog, and for those who get our newsletter, I hope you are following the recent tips I sent you.

You are probably asking yourself, “What liars is K’bir talking about?” I’m glad you asked.

There are two lies that come to mind when it comes to getting help against bullies and other aggressors:

The Law – I’m going to single out the United States, because that’s where I am from. Although I don’t live there anymore, I do keep up with what is going on all of the time. If it is similar in your country, then I am speaking directly to you, too.

Have you ever noticed that anytime you start talking or even thinking about wanting to get revenge, you are reminded that you should let the law take care of it? Guess what? The law usually won’t help you, or can’t help you. Don’t get me wrong, if someone has committed a criminal act against you, you should do your best to take care of it legally.

Have you been sexually assaulted, robbed out of your money, or beaten senseless by bullies or thugs? Is your spouse currently having an affair and you’ve got all of the evidence against them? Well, you should immediately contact the police and file a report, or go to a school and demand to speak with an administrator if your child has been bullied, or get a lawyer and start the long process of getting a divorce if your partner is cheating on you.

However, I’m going to tell you the problems you might encounter, or have already encountered.

First, unless you have enough evidence and enough witnesses, bullies usually get away and continue tormenting their victims. Don’t take my word for it, all you have to do is pick up any newspaper, magazine, or turn on the radio or television, and you will read or hear about kids having problems with bullies.


  • Where are the school administrator’s and the police when kids are being teased, tormented, and made to feel like a piece of crap, because of who they are?
  • How many kids end up taking their own lives, because they have reached out for help and didn’t get it?
  • How many people lose their jobs, because of jealous employees or abusive bosses, but never get compensated for it?
  • How many people go to court because of a cheating spouse, but spend months and sometimes years trying to get out of the marriage and end up losing lots of money on legal fees and lots of sleepless nights?
  • How many times have people called the cops on their neighbors, but the cops told them they can’t do anything because they don’t have enough evidence, or no law has been broken, because your neighbors have done just enough to piss you off, but still haven’t done anything illegal (according to the cops)?

So, you could argue that people are lying when they tell you to contact the authorities, when they can’t do anything for you.

Those “Move On” People – You know, the ones that keep telling you that the best revenge is to live well. That seems to be an oxymoron to try and live well while you are being pooped on at the same time. Those are the same people who tell you that you are going to get into trouble if you get revenge. Or, that God or some other superior being is going to punish you, and you’re going to have bad karma for the rest of this life and the life after.

First of all, I AM a religious person. Yet, I don’t believe that I will be punished in my afterlife for protecting myself, my family, friends, and others from abuse on this planet. I don’t want to turn this into a religious discussion, because there are hundreds of religions in the world. Fortunately, there are some that tell you to defend yourself, or that there should be “an eye for an eye.”

Even my grandmother used to always tell us, “The Lord helps those, who help themselves.” But, if you feel that Allah, God, Jesus, or whoever you pray to, is going to help you while you are being bullied and harassed every day, then get on your knees and pray for your life. However, if you are one of those people that believe your creator gave you more brains than the common garden slug to protect yourself while on this planet, then you should get revenge.

I like to bluntly tell people when they are harassed, bullied, or used and abused, to, “Get Revenge or Bend Over and take it up the rear like a man or woman!”

Yes, it is really that easy. Call the cops, get a lawyer, deal with it head on, ignore it, pray, or take it up the rear! However, I should warn you, for those who don’t deal with it head on, you can just about bet your bottom dollar that the problem isn’t going away and that it will only get worse.

So, if you can live with that possibility of further abuse without any plans on doing anything about it, you should get off my mailing list, don’t read anymore of our newsletters or blog, and get on with your life.

Am I being blunt? You bet I am. Yet, I have helped thousands of people who have purchased my e-books and other services and listened to my advice. They have had success with bullies and against others who have caused them harm.

There have only been a few people who have opted out of our newsletters, or who have told me that I am a complete lunatic, or that I am a very dangerous man. :-)

How to Get Revenge with Mystery Mail

Ped Egg

Here is a very simple and easy technique on how to get revenge by sending mail to your enemy.

Now, this shit is just too funny. It is also an example of how some simple revenge idea can cause havoc, and it’s basically legal if you do it the right way.

A couple of months ago, I had some pretty nasty cracked, calloused skin on the bottom of my feet. So, I went to the store, and brought a device called the Easy Ped Professional (it’s also called the Ped Egg).

Here is an example of it on Amazon:


Now, I’m not trying to promote this product. I’m sure you can find similar products at your nearest drugstore. I’m only trying to tell you about the concept of this type of revenge.

So, after I scraped my foot for about 5 minutes, I opened the Easy Ped, and found a small heap of powder looking, dead skin. Immediately, my head started spinning with revenge ideas.

Here are some ideas that I put to good use:

I put the contents of my foot shavings inside some Saran Wrap (using surgical gloves, so not to leave prints) and mailed them to a couple of enemies that were on my shit list. One guy called the cops, because he thought it was some kind of toxic substance. I didn’t hear anything from the second person I sent it to.

When you look at the shavings it produces, it looks like brown heroin, or even ashes.

Now, if you do this, make sure you don’t leave any prints. Not so much because it is illegal, but because you don’t want it traced back to you. If you don’t write any threats, and just fold it inside of some paper and put it in an envelope, you haven’t done anything illegal.

Let the imagination of your enemies run wild. They are certain to freak out.

Now, if they do get it analyzed, they are going to find out that it is human skin. Now, you can just imagine what might be going through their mind after they are told that.

The second thing I did with this was I stirred this into some cream soup of a neighbor, who always seems to bring her fat ass to our house around dinner time. I’m sure it doesn’t have any dangerous effects, but just the thought of this woman eating my nasty skin shavings was enough to invite her back to eat more often. :-)

100 ways to get revenge against your neighbor – Evil Revenge

You should be able to think of 100 ways to get revenge against your neighbors. You don’t need to continue to listen to their threats or harassment any longer.


A friend of mine (I’ll just call him, John), had a real neighbor from hell a few years ago. He said that the neighbor was a real asshole. He would search for the tiniest infraction against anyone on the block, so he could call the police, or other authorities.


John says that the guy’s wife was really kind, but she was always under the watchful eye of her husband, and dared not open her mouth against him.


So, John plotted different ways to get revenge against the guy. He had as much information on that he could get. He knew, who his family members were. He knew where the old guy still worked, and he also knew that this guy had many enemies that he could also target and blame his neighbor.


However, he wanted his attack to be devastating.


One thing John noticed was that his neighbor had a poodle that made him feel like a little kid. The old guy would always take the dog walking, and would play with the dog in the yard with a ball. Although the dog barked at strangers, it was very friendly and quiet to other neighbors that it saw all of the time.


John knew that if he could somehow get this dog away from the house, he could take the dog and hide it somewhere else. So, John began giving the dog little treats every time he would see it, and literally had the dog eating out of his hand.


One evening, the dog was outside the house and it was getting dark. The neighbor and his wife had gone out. So, John decided to make his move. He took the dog and drove off with the dog in his truck.


He drove about 100 miles from home, and left the dog at a rest area off the highway.


End of revenge story, right? Wrong. Actually, John considered this Phase 1.


Back in the neighborhood, the old neighbor was searching everywhere for the dog. Although, he hardly talked with any of the neighbors. He was actually going door to door asking anyone if they had seen his poodle. He even put up fliers around the city in search of his dog, even offering a small reward.


John had prepared this revenge in advance. He took photos of the dog with a digital camera, and even recorded the sound of the dog barking. The dog had a distinctive bark that the neighbor would easily recognize.


So, John started calling the guy from payphones at night. He was also using phone spoofing, and had the calls coming from numbers in a nearby town. When he hear his neighbor on the phone, he would put the digital recording that he had made of the dog up to the mouthpiece, so the guy could hear the animal barking. He started doing this once a week for about a month. The neighbor was feeling the effect of the harassment, and thought someone might be holding his dog hostage.


John then began to mess with his neighbor’s mind even more. He took some of the photos that he had made of the dog, and used a remailing service on the other side of the country, and started mailing his neighbor with the photos. He wrote and told his neighbor that he shouldn’t worry, because he was taking good care of his dog.


In his final letter to his neighbor, he finally wrote that he could no longer afford to take care of the poodle. He said he was now trying to decide if he should just give the dog to a shelter, where they would probably eventually put it to sleep if they couldn’t find a new owner soon enough, or if he should just give it a whack in the back of the head with a baseball bat. He continued to say that he didn’t know which was more humane.


In the end, he finally knew that he had gotten revenge against his neighbor. The old guy was now a different looking and acting man. Perhaps, in his heart, he knew that what happened to his poodle might have been the result of how he treated other people.


Since then, John has phoned the neighbor twice. Both times were on the anniversary of the dog’s disappearance. Each time he played the sounds of his poodle barking into the voice recorder.


Maybe you have neighbors that have dogs that bark all hours of the night, or cats that meow outside your door. There are many ways to deal with them. You don’t even need to physically harm the animal, just relocate them. Or, send an anonymous message to your neighbors that if you catch their animal alone outside their house, you’re going to poison it. Wait a few days or a week, and then drop an empty package of rat poison outside their home. They’ll get the message, and they will think that their pet might have taken some of the poison and spend their hard-earned money on vet bills. Or, they might be afraid to let their pet outside again.


There are 100 ways to get revenge against your neighbors. All it takes is a little planning, and try to find out what their weak spot is, and deal with them.