100 Ways to Get Revenge

Live well. It is the greatest revenge.The Talmud

Bullshit! If you believe in the above quote, you’re either a weak minded individual, or a religious zealot (well, some religions do believe it getting even).

There are 100′s of ways to get revenge. This blog will discuss some of those ways, and report on revenge related events in the news.

The idea of “turning the other cheek” goes against human nature. It’s as if you’re saying, “Hey, you raped my mother, so why not rape my sister, too?” That’s what you’re saying when you turn the other cheek.

Another way to phrase the above quote is: “forgive and forget.” That is what your tormentor wants you to do.

It might be a spouse who beat you down for years. It might be someone who borrowed a large amount of money, but never repaid you. It might be a boss who just screwed you over for a higher position, even though you were better qualified for the job, just because he was sleeping with the other candidate.

All of them would be happy when you just “turned the other cheek” and left them alone. Then, they would continue to hurt others, all because you were such a chump, and let them get away with it.

100 ways to get revenge is about analyzing ways for you to get the upper hand against anyone who has mistreated you. By using this information wisely, it will serve you well.

If you can’t stomach the idea of revenge, you should return to whining, and feeling sorry for yourself. That’s right; continue feeling depressed all of your life, while the person who caused your pain is living the high life.