Screw Calm and Get Revenge

Revenge Porn – Texas Begins Tough Law in Civil and Criminal Courts

There seems to be a knee jerk reaction everywhere in regards to revenge porn. State after state are toughening their laws, and what was once a common form of getting revenge has turned into a felony.  :-)

If you want to get revenge against your enemy, you might think twice about using this tactic, depending on where you live.

Revenge Porn

Revenge porn victims will now be able to have their cases heard in both civil and criminal courts. Leonard Flaum, UTSA Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity – the office that handles sexual harassment, including sexual assault and Read More

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There are still tons of other ways to get revenge. So, don’t get discouraged.



Man uses revenge porn on ex

Man Uses Revenge Porn on His Ex and Uploaded Her Photos to Facebook

I’m not sure what is causing the continuous trend of revenge porn between people and their ex’s. I guess they’re trying to get in as much as they can before laws change where they live.

Those laws continue to get stronger in the U.S., and many legislators are asking for a federal law to fight against revenge porn.  However, this story takes place in the U.K.

The motive for this guy’s actions or his timing of the incident have never been truly understood. ‘I can only assume that he never got over the break up and in an act of revenge decided to access her Facebook account and post the images.’ Bishop was also … Continue

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All I can say is that this practice is becoming expensive, and it’s not worth the time you’ll likely get in jail to post naked photos of your ex. Get over it, there are plenty of other options that are available. Quit hacking into Facebook accounts!

Florida teen wanted to get revenge, so he planted a gun, knife, and marijuana in a girl's car

Florida Boy Wanted to Get Revenge – Planted Gun, Knife, and Weed

This kid seemed to have the aspirations to pull off some revenge on a grand scale. However, it seems his plan fell apart faster than he got a chance to pull it off.

The Florida teen planted a gun, knife and marijuana bag in rival’s car for revenge. He used a loaded gun, a knife and a massive bag of marijuana to get revenge on a rival — by planting them in his peer’s car and trying to get her busted, police said. James Harrison, 18, is accused of breaking into a fellow teen Continue with Story


Source:  NY Daily News