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23 Great Ways to Get Revenge

ways to get revenge

One of the nicest things about great ways to get revenge is that there are many stories out there. If you’ve ever been shit on by someone, you should know that there are millions of people out there who are or have been in the same situation.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you plan every step. You don’t want to slip up and give your enemy a further upperhand. Plus, you don’t want them to turn the tables on you, catch you in the act, and call the police on you.

Below are some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing. If nothing else, some of them are quite funny and amusing.

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Great Ways to Get Revenge on Any Douchebag Ever (23 pics + 2 gifs). Great Ways to Get Revenge on Any Douchebag Ever (23 pics …

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Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge and Laser Printers Don’t Mix

Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge and Laser Printers Don’t Mix

One of the many ways to get revenge is to send out many flyers that have negative information about your enemy.

Lets say that you know your revenge target, and lets say that you have done your research, and have enough background information, and you are ready to get revenge.

You have decided that you want to send flyers out to neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. These flyers will let these people know what a horrible person your enemy really is. Some things you say might be true, while others are things are just creations of your mind.

So, you type up the information on your favorite computer text editor, add some photos of your enemy, and make 100 copies on your laser printer. Now, you’re ready to carpet the town with these flyers. Right? Wrong!

Although laser printers make clear, beautiful copies, most of them also leave footprints, and could be traced back to you.

The technology was designed a few years ago to deter counterfeiters and forgers from creating fake passports, drivers licenses, and of course, counterfeit money. Criminals scan these type of documents, and then edit them on their computers with programs like Photoshop.

To make a long story short, laser computers leave embeded numbers and characters when you print each page. So, it’s possible for an investigator to know what brand and model that was used.

It’s also possible to know the exact printer that was used by embedding the serial number, or other specific product ID on the page. So, if you registered the printer under your name, or used a credit card to purchase the printer, anyone would know exactly where to find you, if what you sent out was vicious enough for someone to investigate.

The same would happen if your target suspected you might be behind the character smear. Again, if they investigated, you would be in trouble.

A better solution would be to use a cheap inkjet printer, and make one copy, then find some public, self-serve photocopying machine to print off multiple copies.

Always remember, there are many ways to get revenge, but the important thing is to do your homework, and don’t make mistakes. It’s one thing for your enemy to suspect you, it’s another thing for them to prove it. The Purpose Driven Knife shows you many legal ways to get revenge. Sign up for our free newsletter.