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Revenge Against Tiger Woods – Mistresses Use Revenge

You can find 100 ways to get revenge by using your body and blackmail.

Huh? That’s exactly what some women have done to Tiger Woods. They’ve played the “victim” card, and their revenge is going to come in the form of fat checks.

“I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children,” Woods said in a statement on Friday.

It was a definite disappointment to his wife, family and fans, but don’t feel sorry for any of the crying mistresses. It was impossible for any of these skeeters to not know that Tiger was married, and that he has two beautiful children.

These women are getting revenge by using blackmail, plain and simple. It wasn’t necessary for any of them to approach Tiger directly and threaten to spill the beans. They only needed to hand it to a third-party, who mentioned they had text and voicemail messages, and were thinking about turning them over to the media.

Attention To All Dumb Males

Infidelity is always a losing option. You run the risk of your partner finding out herself, or if your mistress becomes emotionally involved with you, she will rat you out.

You do not need to be a world-class athlete, or even a famous person. Any man can fall in this trap, and it’s going to cost you money, your wife and kids, and even respect.

Attention Entrepreneurial Single Women

If you want to make some good money, find a married man who is willing to cheat on his wife, and realize that you have a future investment. Of course the more rich and famous this man is, the better it is for you.

Here are some tips on how to catch your prey:

  1. Save all text and voicemail messages.
  2. If you and your lover are in states that allow recording conversations without your lover knowing about it, record all of their conversations with you.
  3. Use a hidden video camera to record some of your sexual encounters. If your lover threatens to sue you if you distribute them, it’s his word against yours that you were not given permission to film. Just lie and say you both agreed to make a sex tape, and he had a copy, too.
  4. If you buy him any gifts, keep the receipts to use against him later.
  5. Once your lover tells you it’s over, or you find out they have other mistresses, get a friend to contact him, and tell him she’s got text messages, voicemail, etc., and is going to give it to his wife. This might be enough to get him to write you a couple of checks.

If that doesn’t work, get your friend to contact your lover’s wife, and tell her you’ve got proof that her husband has been cheating on her. Don’t give her the proof immediately, wait for her to confront her husband, because he will then get back in touch with you and offer you a pay off not to give her any info.

Tips for Men Who Must Cheat

Find an escort (prostitute) in another city and if possible, in another state. If possible, take a train, or bus to meet her. Never drive your own car. Also, pay in cash, and don’t bring family photos, credit cards, or anything else that has your real information on it.

Tips for Athletes, Businessmen, and Other Famous People

Go to Thailand! Get all of the sex out of your system in one trip. You can have sex for less than $20, and women get paid to satisfy all of your sick fantasies. It’s all done discreetly, and you don’t need to worry about other skanks in the U.S. who aren’t just interested in having sex, but they are more interested on how much money they can take from you later.

People like Kobe, Tiger could have saved millions and their reputations by heading to Thailand. I’m not picking on Thailand, as there are many other such countries around the world that provide cheap sex with beautiful women. Just Google them.

When I think of Mike Tyson, I think of how he was probably set up by that woman who claimed he raped her. Yeah, talking about revenge, how about saying your lover raped you? Well, that’s a whole different story that I won’t discuss here. :-)

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