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100 Ways to Get Revenge – The Purpose Driven Knife 2 – On Sale Now

Those of us who love nothing more than to plan 100 ways to get revenge against our enemies, scoff at those who think that the best revenge is to live well.

Yeah, it’s easy to talk about living well from the comfort of your Lazy Boy chair, or from typing words of wisdom and encouragement to others through the monitor on your computer. It’s another thing to talk about living well when a coworker caused you to lose your job. Or, when you have a landlord from hell. What happens when your kids are bullied at school, or in your own neighborhood?

The urban jungle isn’t all that different from an African jungle. The stronger animals survive, and the weak get eaten. In the city, your enemies size you up, and when they spot a weakness, they’ll pounce on you. If you never learn to stand up for yourself, eventually there will be someone who will take advantage of you.

Many people are confused about getting revenge. Most people who do try to get revenge, do it for the wrong reasons, or don’t do it correctly.

Revenge should never be done in anger. Anger only clouds the mind, and causes you to do something stupid. Instead, take plenty of time to assess your situation. Gather as much information as you can on your target, and those close to him, or her. Then, when the time is right, spring into action, and methodically take apart your enemy.

A few months ago, a woman found out her husband was cheating on her. She became allies with her husband’s lover, and plotted to catch him in a compromising situation. They ended up coercing him to a hotel, tying him up, and Super Glued his private part to his abdomen.

Even though they got some laughs and even felt that they got revenge, it was short-lived, because they ended up in jail. This is a great example of revenge done in anger.

What is Smart Revenge?

Decide how you want to ruin your enemy. Do you want to ruin your enemy financially? Is your goal to try and break up a relationship? Do you want to cause conflict between your enemy and his neighbors? Maybe you want your enemy to lose her job?

Once you know which direction you want to take, gather as much information as you can, and then take action.

The Purpose Driven Knife 2 is a revenge book that was written to help you get a upperhand on your enemies. It was written for those who want to step up to the plate and play hardball. It was written for those who know they want to get revenge, but aren’t quite sure how.

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

Learn how to get the goods, find out everything they have been hiding, and then learn how to deal them a serious blow.

Kids Getting Bullied at School?

Put a psychological smack down on anyone who’s bullying your kids at school. Turn the tables on bullies, and learn how get others to unknowingly help take care of bullies for you.

Rotten Neighbors?

Deal with them in a way that they no longer have the will to make problem with any other neighbors again.

Probably the best part about getting this book is that you have free revenge consultation. So, if you need help to get your plan up and rolling, or if you just want a few professional tips, the people from The Purpose Driven Knife are there to assist you.

The Purpose Driven Knife 2 teaches you how deal with anyone who is causing you grief. Learn how to analyze the situation, gather intelligence, and then teach your enemy a lesson that they won’t quickly forget.

The Purpose Driven Knife 2 is now on sale. Get your copy today, get revenge, and then get on with your life.