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Gmail Has New Security Features – Revenge Tips

If you want to know how to get revenge against those who have hacked into your Gmail account, here are some things you might want to consider the next time  you are accessing G-mail.

Gmail now has new security features that alert its users if someone might have illegally accessed their account.

What a lot of Gmail users probably never noticed is, that for a long time now,  Gmail shows your “Last account activity” at the bottom of your In box. Just log in to your Gmail account, and scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see, “Last account activity:  XX  hours ago at IP (whatever your IP address was)  Details”

If you click on “Details” Gmail will show you the last four or five IP addresses that were used to access your account. If it shows IP addresses that match your Internet Service Provider, or that of your office, or wherever else you use your computer, than you can feel confident that no one outside of your home, office, or school has accessed your account. The problem with this is, who really scrolls all the way down to the bottom to check this? Have you?

Now, Gmail is making it a little bit easier by putting a dark red warning bar at the bottom, letting you know that someone might have accessed your computer from another country, or perhaps, even from another geographic location in your country (the latter I’m not quite sure, because I haven’t checked this out).

I still think Gmail isn’t making full use of this new feature. I think it should be located above your messages in your In box. That way, you can’t help but see it, as soon as you log in.

Also,  for those of you who are accessing someone else’s Gmail account, you should be aware of this new feature, because your target might know you are in their e-mail, especially if you are using proxies from other countries.

However, I’m writing about this, because there are many of you who are trying to get revenge against a spouse, lover, boss, coworker, etc., and you should know this information to check your own account, and make sure that your enemy hasn’t gained entry to your Gmail account.

So, keep your eyes open the next time you log into your Gmail account. You never know who could be spying on you!

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Ways 2 Get Revenge

There are many ways 2 get revenge. However, the first question you should ask yourself is why? Is it really necessary 2 get revenge on someone just because they left you for someone else? What about someone bullying you at school, or your office?

Why Not Just Go to Court?

In the United States, the individual with the best team of lawyers usually wins a court case. Think of the people who lost their shirts in divorce cases just because they couldn’t afford a good lawyer.

If boxing is the “Sweet Science,” revenge is its identical twin. You can go toe-to-toe with your enemy, and win by a decision, or by a knockout. It depends on how much time you need to put into your revenge campaigns, and to what lengths you are willing to go to find ways 2 get revenge.

The United States legal system is designed to let criminals roam the streets, and to give them rights that are unimaginable in many countries around the world. So, why shouldn’t people take charge, and get revenge?

If you are tired of being a human punching bag, and don’t have money for a good lawyer, learn how to get revenge.

A Short List of Ways 2 Get Revenge

· Public Announcements – If your enemy is such an ass, why not let the whole world know? Open up a blog with his name, and list facts about what he has done, and why other people should stay away from him.

· Animal Fear Factor – Is your enemy afraid of spiders, snakes, rats, etc? Go to a pet store and purchase enough of these animals, and put them in strategic places you know she will be (her house, car, purse, desk at her office).

· Appeal to Their Senses – Nothing worse than something that smells rotten, or dead. If you have access to your enemy’s house, office, car, etc., use things such as raw chicken, rotten milk, a dead rat, or anything else you know that smells bad, and hide it where he is. If you don’t have time to get a hold of such items, just purchase some Liquid Ass. This stuff is great for any enclosed area. Liquid ass smells so bad; it could literally knock a fly off a pile of shit!

· Sign Them Up For Spam – If you have your enemy’s e-mail address, why not sign her up for spam? People hate spam. There’s nothing worse than getting it in your e-mail box. So, why not find as many places as you can to sign your enemy up for their product, service, mailing list, or newsletter? Try to find places that do not have double-opt in, so they’re automatically signed up when you fill out a form. However, even if you find places that are double opt-in, and require your enemy’s e-mail verification, you can still sign her up for lesbian groups, raunchy sex dating sites, or a religious organization that will annoy her for years!

· Knowledge is Power – Read “The Purpose Driven Knife” and learn many ways 2 get revenge. Or, just visit their web site, and sign up for their free newsletter, and learn legal ways to get even with your enemy.