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Revenge on a Coworker – 100 Ways to Get Revenge

100 Ways to Get Revenge

You can create 100 ways to get revenge against your coworker. All you need is a little planning and some time.

Liquid Ass in the office

A lot of people have read about Liquid Ass on this blog, or have seen videos from their website. However, I’m going to tell you a better way to use it in your office.

Buy a piece of fish from your local market, and slip it into your enemy’s desk, garbage can, briefcase, purse, etc. Immediately, spray some Liquid Ass on it, and spray some in the surrounding area, and quickly exit. The smell will be unbearable.

Wait a couple of weeks, go into the office again, and spray a little Liquid Ass in there. To keep the harassment up, you just need to repeat every now and then at irregular intervals throughout the month.

By establishing that there was something dead in the office the first time, you will have your enemy searching everyplace in the office every time you do it in the future, but your enemy won’t find anything.

Liquid Ass also is a great psychological tactic when someone puts their food in the microwave. You don’t need to open up the microwave while their food is cooking, just discreetly spray some liquid ass near the microwave, and your enemy will think their food is bad, or will be so sick from the smell, they won’t want to eat.

Food Revenge

If your enemy brings lunch to the office and puts in the fridge, why not replace some of the food?

If your enemy always brings a tuna fish sandwich wrapped in a Ziploc bag, why not replace it with a similar looking cat food sandwich? Do they bring small cartons of milk? Replace it with the exact same brand and carton, but make sure you have let the milk spoil.

If they have any water, or other drinks that aren’t pressure sealed, add salt, or vinegar.

Fake Resumes

There are plenty of personal resumes on the Internet. You can find them by using your favorite search engine. Whatever your enemy’s profession is, find someone’s resume with the same, or similar profession and download it. Now, edit it a little, and add your enemy’s name, phone number, address and other personal details.

For references, make sure you put the name and phone number of your enemy’s boss, and if it’s a big company, the name and phone numbers of the top executives.

Send it to as many competitors as you can find. Also, don’t forget to use your enemy’s contact information (again, use the phone number and e-mail address of another boss).

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