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100 Ways to Get Revenge – Paranoia Through Video

Paranoia should never be overlooked as one of the 100 ways to get revenge on your enemy.

The fear factor can sometimes work better than a tactic that you actually do. Just saying you are doing something can cause your enemy to be jumpy and lose sleep.

Here is a tactic that works great for neighbors, coworkers, or anyone else you want to get revenge on.

You need to find a way to get near your enemy’s house at a time you know he, or she is arriving, or leaving. It is best to record the video from your vehicle.

Get a videocamera and film them as long as you can. Wait a week, or so, and use your videocamera again, but this time try to record your enemy from a different side of their house.

If it is possible to video your enemy arriving, or leaving from the office, restaurant, bar, or store, this would be great, too.

After you have three or four short videos, it is time to upload one of them to a place like YouTube. After you upload one video, get the URL of the video link and send it to your enemy via e-mail.

Make sure you use an anonymous proxy, like Portable TOR, and connect from a flash drive on a public computer at an Internet Cafe, library, or from your laptop, using a MAC Address Changer.

Now, anonymously contact your enemy, and tell him or her that there is a group of people who are watching theirevery move, and that you have wireless cameras mounted strategically near their house, and other locations.

There is no need to make threats, or say anything else. You have already planted the seed, and now paranoia will set in.

Wait a week, or two, and then create another video account at another video site, and upload another video. Send your enemy another e-mail with the new video link. This time, don’t write anything else. Let them see the video and let their imagination run wild.

Again, fear will start to set in, and your enemy will begin to think that you have cameras mounted everywhere.

Finally, tell your enemy that you have a group of people who are dedicated to watching him, or her around the clock, and reporting his, or her activities.

Your objective is to cause your enemy to waste extra time each day worrying. Everytime they walk out of their house, or apartment, the first thing that they will think of is “where are the cameras?” “I wonder who in the hell is watching me now?”

Alternately, you can send the URL of the videos to people who know your enemy, and for sure they will contact your enemy for you.

The best revenge is when you do very little work, and your enemy’s mind is wandering 24 hours a day. For a 100 ways to get revenge,  join our newsgroup.

Revenge By Camera – Police Shoves Passenger Into Glass

Keep the cameras rolling. There are 100 ways to get revenge, even with a camera.

The question in this case is, does the crime fit the punishment dished out by this officer?


The police officer thought he was drunk, the family says that he’s suffering from bi-polar disorders. Does it really make a difference? Do you think this police officer was justified, or do you think it was excessive force?

Some people defending the officer on television are saying, “He didn’t push his head through the glass, but the guy broke the glass with his arm.” Well, if I had a choice of having my head smashed into a window, or my arm, I am certain I would choose my arm.

Damn, I think all cops need to be trained in Ju-Jitsu, and learn to restrain people without putting them through a glass, hitting them with a baton, or a taser, or God forbid, putting a bullet in a suspect’s head (that’s just what happened a few stops away a few months back when an officer straight up blasted a passenger, claiming he mistakenly confused his pistol with his taser. ) Right!