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Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge with a Restaurant

Here are some good ideas on how to get revenge with a restaurant. Many times by keeping your eye on current events, it will be possible to formulate new revenge ideas. After all, there are more than a 100 ways to get revenge.

A funny thing happened at a famous chicken restaurant the other day.

Actually, it didn’t have anything to do with revenge directly.  However, indirectly, it shows that it’s possible to create revenge ideas out of other innocent blunders.

To make a long story short, a famous television personality had worked out some deal with the chicken restaurant to offer coupons for a 2-piece grilled chicken meal. What the restaurant failed to realize is that anything this talk show host says is immediately followed by millions upon millions of people.

Another thing the restaurant didn’t calculate, was that many people in the United States are out of work, don’t have much money, and would come out in droves to get a free, hot meal. In the end, this restaurant says that they will offer some kind of vouchers that they will send by mail throughout the year, but cannot honor all of the chicken coupons at this time. Apparently, there aren’t that many chickens alive in the United States to honor all of the coupons that were printed out in the last couple of days.

Restaurant Revenge Idea

Do you have an enemy that works at a local restaurant? Has a local restaurant offered you crappy service in the past, and you wished there was some way you could get even with them? Now you can!

Step 1

All you need is a computer, and a little bit of skill with any photo editing program. Do an image search on any of the major search engines for “restaurant meals” “restaurant food” or substitute “restaurant” for the name of the restaurant you want to get revenge. (if it’s a larger chain restaurant, there will probably be some good images for you to use)

Step 2

Put some fancy text above, below, or across the image. Offer things such as 2 for 1, or “Buy One, Get One Free”. Or, you can just be blatant, and write  “Free Chicken Dinner” or, “Free T-Bone Steak and Salad”. I think you get the idea.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to fix your image for printing. Make sure you make it small enough, that you can print maybe 6-8 on one page. After you’ve printed a page, or two, take these printed coupons, and find some place you can photocopy multiple copies. Having the coupons photocopied on colored paper stands out better, and will quickly get people’s attention.

Step 4

Now it’s time to distribute your coupons. Laudromats are great places to leave your coupons. University boards, libraries, or if you’re really bold, put your coupons on windshields in parking lots. The important thing is to get as many out as quickly as possible. Not only will you have angry restaurant managers, who will need to keep explaining that they didn’t advertise any specials, but you’ll also have angry customers, who wasted their time driving there.

Think outside the box, and I’m sure you can come up with variations. For more good ideas on how to get revenge, sign up for the Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter and Forum. There you can hang out with other revenge minded people, and share ideas.

Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge – Restaurant Revenge 2

There are many good ideas on how to get revenge.

One girl asked me last week if the stories I told her about how cooks at restaurants tamper with the food. Of course, I told her it was true in some restaurants I used to work at years ago. Yes, I personally witnessed the cook, clearing his flu clogged nostrils into everything from the soup to the gravy.

Yes, that same cook laughed as the blood dripped down his cut finger, straight into the pancake batter.

Now, two workers in a North Carolina Domino took this idea even further, and were dumb enough to post in on YouTube. So, these two were not doing this for revenge, but instead for shits and giggles. Now, they’re looking at 4 months to 1 year in jail for their stupidity.


I’m a firm believer that some of the best revenge tactics come from mind games. It’s not necessary to actually do the dirty deed, but rather have others believe you did.


  • Instead of sticking mozzarella cheese up your nose and then mixing it in the pizza  (like this idiot on the video), why not just spread a rumor that your enemy has been actually doing that, if they work around food.
  • Remember when the high school boy in a Chicago suburb mixed semen in the school salad dressing a couple of years ago?  Well, you could just start a rumor that one of your competitor’s employees was doing the same.
  • How about when people were convinced that some Central American bananas had some flesh eating bacteria about 10 years ago?  Again, mass hysteria caused by a practical joker, or, more than likely, some competitor.

There are many good ideas on how to get revenge at restaurants, or other businesses.  Just use your head, and the ideas will flow.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Restaurant Revenge

There are 100 ways to get revenge, and you only need a little time to think of more. Just learn to be very creative.

On Sunday, a drive-through customer gets angry at a McDonald’s. Yeah, sometimes you can really be angry at restaurants. But, it’s even worse when you’ve got to work in a restaurant.

Underpaid and under appreciated, waiters, waitresses, busboys, and cooks, all catch hell. If it’s not the customers, it’s from the managers. Someone is always screaming at you.

So, what do you do in such a situation? Do you bow your head, say yes sir, or yes ma’am, and allow the verbal abuse? Do you just quit? Or, do you stand up for your rights, and decide to get revenge?

When I was a teenager, I worked in a restaurant for one month during the summer. Of course I could have worked two more months, but I had enough. I was a busboy, and after one week, a waitress accused me of taking her tips off of the table when I was cleaning it. This was false, but I thought to myself, “if this bitch is going to accuse me of taking her tips, I might as well start taking them.  Every time I had to clean one of her tables from then on out, I decided to take at least half of what was left. When the garbage was swept into my cart, so was some of her money. I would later dig it out when I emptied the garbage in the back room.

It’s not nice to piss off a cook. Sure, your eggs might be cooked fresh again, and might be scrambled to your specifications, but the ingredients might have also been altered. When people complained to one of our cooks about the food preparation, he would retaliate. If it he had a cold, he would empty both nostrils, and mix the contents into the food.

Once a lady complained that her pancakes were cold. As luck would have it, this was right after the cook had cut his finger while slicing some onions. So, he made her a fresh batch of pancakes, but not before allowing a significant amount of blood to drip into the batter!

Here are some ideas on how to get revenge against your restaurant, or against a customer that is getting on your nerves.


The last thing someone wants when eating a nice meal is to have a bad taste in their mouth, or a foul smell in the air.  In a previous post, we discussed how to get revenge by using Liquid Ass. This is a really horrible smelling compound in any space you use it. Imagine in a restaurant full of people? Guaranteed to clear a restaurant, and will have customers screaming for instant refunds. The last thing a restaurant needs in this financial crisis is to lose all of its customers. Also, with any luck, you’ll have some people barfing up their food, which will make a bad situation, even worse.

Bugs and Varmits

It’s easy to mix in a cockroach, fly, worm, or whatever in the food. I once had a friend who went to a restaurant that featured buffets, and shoved a dead mouse deep inside the salad dish.  He said it took about 15 minutes for the other customers to remove enough of the salad to actually see the dead mouse.  It was a woman who spotted it, and let out a loud squeal, and naturally told the people she was sitting with that their was a mouse in the salad. The restaurant cleared, and no one wanted to pay.


With the invention of computers, printers and PhotoShop, it’s possible to create deals that are too good to be true.  However, you want to keep it real, so you’re going to create something that looks real.

Find any old advertisements from the restaurant, or coupons that they’ve offered before, and alter some of the information using PhotoShop, or any other editing program. Mention things such as 2 for 1 specials,  ladies night, all women eat for free, etc.  Print the coupons out, and place them in the poorest areas of your community. Stick them in laundromats, telephone booths, or even pay some kids to pass them out in a populated area.

Toilet Antics

First of all, I would suggest that you have already paid your bill, and you’re ready to get out of the restaurant when you attempt this.

Does the restaurant toilet have a hand dryer? Here’s what you do, bring a Ziploc plastic bag, or you can use paper towel. Sit down to take a good shit in the toilet, and while you are shitting, trap some of the shit in the Ziploc bag, or you can just let it flop down on a paper towel.

Once you leave the stall, head for the electric hand dryer, and smear the shit inside the part where you usually place your hands to dry. Quickly wash your hands if you have time, and get the hell out of there. There is nothing worse than the smell of shit that has been heated.

Remember, there are many good ideas on how to get revenge. If you want more ideas, check out The Purpose Driven Knife, and sign up for their free newsletter.