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Neighbor Revenge – 100 Ways to Get Revenge

As you might expect, there are 100 ways to get revenge against nasty neighbors, too.

Go to BestBuy, or a similar store and pay cash for a No-Contract Cell Phone. This is a cell phone that has pre-paid minutes and no contract. You want to pay cash, because you do not want to leave a paper trail. It is also a good idea not to buy the phone in another city, or state.

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Next, sign up for a Spoofcard account at You are going to use Spoofcard to spoof the Caller ID number on the phones you are calling. Make sure you sign up for SpoofCard anonymously by purchasing an anonymous virtual debit card at websites like, Card444.Com or get a gift card virtual debit card at If you live near a shopping mall that sells Simon Cards, you can purchase a pre-paid card in any name you choose.

Finally, you want to contact as many companies as possible that will send people to your enemy’s house. When you call, you will use and use your No-Contract Cell Phone number as the number you wish to use to show up on the CallerID. This is because some businesses, such as pizza places and taxi companies might call you back to verify you called them.

Find a time you know that your enemy is at home and send taxis, pizza deliveries, and other restaurants that deliver food.

Wait a few days later and begin calling landscapers, interior designers, construction companies, and any other companies that will come to your enemy’s house for estimates on work.

Wait a few days more and then send religious groups. Just tell them you read some of their literature and would like to speak to a representative.

You can continue to do this for weeks. If you do not want to use the No-Contract Cell Phone number all of the time, you can also use PayPhone numbers, too.

There are many companies that you can call. Just open a YellowPages book and go from A to Z and call as many people as you want. The goal is to really annoy your enemy. By doing this for many weeks, you are guaranteed to reach your goal.

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Remember, there are 100 ways to get revenge against nasty neighbors