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What’s In A Name?

Questions and Answers Time.

On November 3, 2008, I started as a blog to discuss revenge techniques to help those trying to get revenge.

For those who don’t know, I am a member at, and the ONLY other site that I represent other than this blog, is my friends and partners at The Purpose Driven Knife.

Recently, someone created the website, Now, anyone is free to create any domain they choose, even However, no one has the right to create a website and falsely state they represent me, or

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from someone telling me that someone at said that their site and upcoming e-book was from the same people that put together The Purpose Driven Knife and Toxic Internet.

Well, let me state for the record that this statement is a bunch of crap!

We DO NOT KNOW and DO NOT ENDORSE anyone from PERIOD! My own personal opinion says that looks very similar to another scam site that was removed several months ago. That site, was run by a scam artist named Mylissa Emerick.  This woman created from material, and photos that she stole from a friend of ours, and from other revenge related sites.

I have no way of proving this at this point, but the similarities of verbiage and images on the site causes suspicion.

Also, for those who don’t know, Mylissa made her claim to fame by appearing on a segment of the Dr. Phil Show. This episode discussed people getting revenge on others. Mylissa said that she helped many women get revenge on their partners. The reality is, she only copied other people’s material, and claimed it as her own.

During the short run of her website, she began collecting money for “Breakup Services” Her claim was that she could break up any couple. The only requirement was $400-500 dollars (price varied). What she actually provided was NOTHING. ZILCH! Those who sent her money, never heard from her again. No Breakup Service, nothing. The only thing that happened was that desperate women threw away their money under false hopes and promises.

Only months before she started charging her fees, she criticized Virtual Justice and other revenge sites for charging for their services.  What she failed to realize is that unlike her scam site, there are a few sites out there that actually provide a needed service.

I know this because some of our friends at told us that this woman not only stole content from their site, but was also “warning” her website members that Virtual Justice was a ripoff site. Not only was that a fat lie, but the one who was really ripping people off was her at, which as it happened, just disappeared around the time that people were looking for her, and asking for their money back, and threatening her with legal action.

As K’bir from Virtual Justice told me, Mylissa put up spoof sites at and Now, for a woman who was busy with so much business, like Mylissa, one wonders where she found all of the time to be so creative.

The funny part of this story is, K’bir said he received so much business from people who were eventually scammed by Mylissa, that he never once complained about it. So, Mylissa Emerick, what happened to you and your fly-by-night site and services?

Virtual Justice has been around for over a decade, while was only a hit and run scam. From the records, was resold, and is now only being used as an ad site. The question remains, where is Mylissa Emerick hiding?

To this day, there still women who even privately e-mail me asking if I know who Mylissa is and where she might be, because she ran off with their money. Perhaps, she should have listened to Dr. Phil when he said that he felt sorry for her.  That was the time she should have gotten professional help.

So, for anyone who knows the current location of Mylissa Emerick (last known in Reno, Nevada), send me an e-mail through this blog, because so many of her former clients and site members would love nothing more than to reach out and touch her. :-)

Maybe the owner of knows where she is?