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Mexican Cartels Get Revenge with Online Snitches


Mexican drug cartels have 100 ways to get revenge on snitches. Now, they’re hanging Internet snitches from bridges in Northern Mexico.

Los Zetas are an independent drug cartel, who used to be associated with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. They were originally started by a group of 31 Special Forces soldiers, who left the military to protect a rising leader of the Gulf Cartel.

Los Zetas have a habit of leaving notes behind on their victims. Often just writing a large letter Z on a piece of paper, or carving it into someone’s chest. They do this as a warning to others what could happen to them if they cross them.

In the recent hangings, they left notes warning about websites that people set up to report drug violence. Noting that this is what will happen to anyone, who tries to report someone.

Los Zetas understand violent ways about how to get revenge on their enemies. However, sometimes, just a carefully left warning note in the right location is enough to turn any small town into a ghost town.