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100 Ways to Get Revenge – How to Investigate Your Spouse or Partner

Run a Background Check

By investigating your parter, there are 100 ways to get revenge before the damage is already done.

Ladies, remember the days when you were told to run a credit check on your partner before moving in, or getting married? Well, that still might apply in 2010, but it’s more important now to run a background check.

Just pick up any newspaper, or visit any news site on the Internet, and you will notice that there is a rise in domestic violence. Many times the men that women choose already have criminal records, and sometimes, those records include battery and abuse.

Now, with the added ease to find a partner through online dating sites, and places like Craigslist, predators are finding it easier to catch an unsuspected prey.

Here are 6 signs that might make you decide to run a background check on your partner.

Mysterious Family and Friends

Your partner seldom mentions his family, and you have never met them. If you’ve been with your partner for a while, it’s normal that they want you to meet their family and friends. If your partner is vague when asked, run a check on them.

Missing in Action

Longer hours at the office, unable to reach when you try to call, and always needing to step out and go somewhere for a few hours, but not really saying where, might all be signs of cheating. It could be something very innocent, but it should be enough to make you suspicious.

Straight Up Liar

There’s really no such thing as a white lie. A lie is a lie, and if your partner needs to lie about where they went, or who they were talking to, just chalk it up as another reason to dig deeper.

Missing Information

In this day and age, there is nothing suspicious about having a cell phone number, but not having a home phone. Cell phone plans are very cheap, and people just don’t feel the need to have the extra charges of a home phone.

But if your partner tries to be elusive about where they work, or where they live, this should tell you that they might have a wife, or girlfriend stashed away. Consider this a green light to start investigating.

Change of Normal Lifestyle

Is your partner becoming obsessive with their grooming, using extra cologne, and spending longer hours at the gym? If your partner was this way when you met him, this might not seem odd. However, if it’s the complete opposite of the man you met, and it is combined with any of the other signs above, you had better start investigating.

Once you suspect something isn’t on the up and up, start snooping around. Here are some suggestions:

1. Search the Home and Car

If you are living together, start going through pants and shirt pockets, backpacks and briefcases. Make sure that you leave everything exactly like you found it. Look for restaurant receipts. This might show how many meals were ordered. They might have telephone numbers written down, but no name associated with them on pieces of paper, or in notebooks and agendas.

Remember that a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone and Blackberry can hold a lot of information. If you have the time, do a thorough search of these items.

Background Check

Here is some valuable information that you should have if you want to run an online background check. Remember, the more info you have, the better results that will come back.

Full Name
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Current and Previous Addresses
Place of Birth
Phone Number
Cellphone Number
Current Place of Employment
Previous Places of Employment
Marital Status (Married, Divorced, Separated) Where They Attended School
Graduate – If they say they have a degree, check to see if they really did.

Once you have this information, run an online background search. There are many free places where you can search online. You can start by getting The Purpose Driven Knife Investigator Toolbar

You will find many useful searches packed into this toolbar. However, there might be times when you can’t find the exact information you want, and need to use a paid search. One of the best in the business for private citizens is Inteligator. ¬†You can run just about any type of background search, and get immediate results.

They have over 1 billion records in their database, so if your partner has some dirt to dig up, Inteligator is the place to start digging.

Don’t feel guilty about being suspicious. It’s often been said that a woman’s intuition is usually correct. So, if you suspect something, start investigating today.

Legally Get Revenge On A Soon-To-Be-Ex

Oprah Winfrey once said, “If a man hits you once, he will hit you again.”

Well, I can go even further than that, “If your partner cheats on you once, your partner will cheat on you again.” (male or female). But relax, there are 100 ways to get revenge against a soon-to-be ex.

After all, human beings are creatures of habit, and wild sex is a hard habit to break for most people. So, instead of stocking up on hope, and rebuilding a failed relationship, how about preparing for an all out war on your soon-to-be ex?

If the relationship looks like it might be over, here are some things you should plan to do now, instead of waiting for your court date. Don’t expect that your partner is going to be honest with the judge, more than likely, your partner will tell any possible lie they can, in order the outcome more helpful to them.

Start planning these steps now:

1. Set up hidden cameras

Let’s say you know, or suspect your partner is abusive with your children. Now is the time to start capturing those moments on video camera. Search Google for “spy cams” or “hidden cameras” and you will find some reputable dealers.

Any time you capture some scenes to support your claims, make sure you save them, so you can later hand them over to your attorney.

2. Voice activated audio recorders

These are easier to set up than video, and can even be connected to your telephone line, so you can record conversations your partner is having while you’re not around (you should check with the local laws in your state to make sure it’s legal).

These are also great when you only suspect your partner is up to no good. It might quickly verify your suspicions, and allow you to get the upper hand, and go on the early offensive.

3. Photograph all personal items

You don’t know how the court might decide to divide things up. Of course the house, cars and boats will already be on record, but not smaller things that were purchased from stores.

Make sure you not only photograph, but also date personal items that both you and your partner own. Why? Because you don’t know if your partner might decide to steal something before they move out, or the case goes to court. Or, you don’t know if your partner will just say they never owned such a thing, after they make it disappear.

Photograph any gifts you gave to him, or her, because they can be considered community property in court.

4. Guns and other weapons

Itemize all guns that your spouse has. This includes legal and illegal ones that might not be registered. Write down every serial number after you have taken photos of them.

This comes in handy if you decide to put a restraining order on your partner. You can tell the police that you are afraid he might harm you, and you can bring up the fact that your partner has a small weapons stockpile, and they might take the guns away temporarily. Mentioning the illegal weapons could be a reason to put your partner behind bars!

Remember, there are a 100 ways to get revenge on a soon-to-be ex. For further information, sign up for The Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter.