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How to Get Revenge – Landlord Revenge

Landlord revenge is fairly easy to get. There are many revenge methods that you can apply.

What I want to discuss in this blog entry is how one of our readers just got revenge against her landlord. It just goes to show how a little simplicity can go a long way.

Sandra (not her real name) wasn’t happy with the apartment she rented. It was a smaller apartment complex with about 12 units, and two floors. She had been having issues with the upkeep of the entire complex, and complained to her landlord about everything from overflowing garbage to roaches.

The other problem was her upstairs neighbor’s toilet was some how causing water damage to her ceiling. Her upstairs neighbor told her she should contact the owner about it, because it wasn’t affected her apartment above.

When she told the landlord, the landlord only gave her excuses about why he still had not made the necessary repairs.

Sandra decided to modify a technique that she read in The Purpose Driven Knife II. She mixed a little tuna fish oil (from the can) and urine in a water bottle. She left the bottle firmly capped for about a week. She then took some cotton balls, and began wiping small amounts of the mixture on top of the water spots on her ceiling.

She continued to do this for a few days, and some of the spots began to turn yellow. She left the windows and door closed in her room, and it began to smell like a public toilet.

She contacted the landlord again, and told him that the toilet in the apartment above was still damaging the ceiling, but now it was also leaking urine, too. She threatened to call the Health Department, and even took photos of the ceiling.

The landlord was now deeply alarmed, and pleaded with Sandra to wait three days, and she would have some workers repair the leak upstairs.

Within three days, the workers knocked on her apartment, and asked to see Sandra’s ceiling, so they could get an idea of what might be wrong. One of the workers actually ran his fingers across the spots and sniffed his fingers. They told Sandra that the toilet upstairs probably had a leak in the tube.

To make a long story short, they had to break open the tile on the floor, and to make matters worse, there was actually a leak in the tube, which was why the water was leaking before on the ceiling.

Sandra received one month’s free rent, and she was allowed to break her contract, which is what she really wanted. Plus, the landlord was left with a hefty repair bill.

Now you have a good landlord revenge idea that you can also modify for other revenge situations.

Sometimes, it’s only necessary to stretch the truth a little to pull off a great revenge tactic.