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100 Ways to Get Revenge – Covering Your Text Message Tracks

You probably didn’t know there were 100 ways to get revenge with cellphone messages?

I am sure Tiger Woods had wished this was around before he got busted!

Never mind, he now has a special service named after him. ¬†It’s called Tiger Text. It’s amazing how a simple service like this could have saved Tiger Wood’s many multi-million dollar deals.

This new iPhone application takes the worry out of someone later showing your text message to the world by allowing you when you want it to self-destruct. ¬†Whether you want it on someone’s system for 5 minutes after they read the text, or even 30 seconds, it’s gone!

The creator, Jeffrey Evans denies that TigerText has anything to do with Tiger Woods, or came about as the result of all of his extra marital affairs (Yeah, right). Anyway, this application is sure to be on the immediate shopping list of every cheater on the planet, and should help to make the creator more money than all that was lost by Tiger Woods on his endorsement deals.

You could use this device for revenge purposes by making sure the text messages to your lawyer, or private investigator are quickly, and securely deleted before your spouse, or partner sees that you are on to him, or her.

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