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How to Get Revenge on Your Ex for Valentine’s Day

Get Revenge on an Ex for Valentine's Day

LLAC: Nine Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex-Valentine … Mon, 16 Feb 2015 10:38:12 -0800

There are many ways to get revenge on your ex-valentine. Hopefully, you’re not the forgive and forgive type (why else would you be reading this blog :-). We also hope you are going to plan your revenge very well.

Christmas might still be the worst time of the year for your enemie, but Valentine’s Day must come in close second, especially if you want to get  revenge on an ex.

One thing you should always know about getting revenge against your ex on Valentine’s Day. People will always suspect it must be something with an ex, so you will probably be suspect Number 1 if the revenge is serious.

I really want to like repay him for all the misery he caused me and like just do something to get over it. I just need like a good plan. How are you with revenge? Thanks, Hell Hath No Fury. Dear Woman Scorned,. Wow, from the …

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How to Get Revenge on an Ex – Revenge Porn and the Fappening

If you want to know how to get revenge on an ex, revenge porn and the fappening are still extensively used on the Internet.

A lot of people are asking if revenge porn has gotten out-of-hand. I seriously doubt that it has, but the problem now is that famous celebrities have become bigger targets these days, with Jennifer Lawrence one of the main targets.

‘The Fappening’ & Revenge Porn Culture – Daily Beast Thu, 04 Sep 2014 09:56:09 GMT

Newsweek’The Fappening’ & Revenge Porn CultureDaily BeastBeyond just the revenge porn communities, there’s also a number of communities of men online who get off on posting what are called creepshots. It’s the same idea as revenge porn and celebrity nude leaks : Sexualized pictures of women where the …A New Kind of Pervert? ‘The Fappening’ Proves Revenge Porn Culture is Thriving International Business Times UKall 7 news articlesᅠ»

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People are turning this into a mysogenistic theme. However, the reality is that if you check out some of the revenge porn websites on the Internet, you will notice that there are just many naked men photos as there are naked women. These sites have now been around for decades but people are just waking up and thinking that it is something new and only done by hackers.

One thing is certain, the fappening and revenge porn cause instant shock and fear to any victim. Even the threat of posting an ex’s nude photos on the Internet is still a good method o how to get revenge online.

Legally Get Revenge On A Soon-To-Be-Ex

Oprah Winfrey once said, “If a man hits you once, he will hit you again.”

Well, I can go even further than that, “If your partner cheats on you once, your partner will cheat on you again.” (male or female). But relax, there are 100 ways to get revenge against a soon-to-be ex.

After all, human beings are creatures of habit, and wild sex is a hard habit to break for most people. So, instead of stocking up on hope, and rebuilding a failed relationship, how about preparing for an all out war on your soon-to-be ex?

If the relationship looks like it might be over, here are some things you should plan to do now, instead of waiting for your court date. Don’t expect that your partner is going to be honest with the judge, more than likely, your partner will tell any possible lie they can, in order the outcome more helpful to them.

Start planning these steps now:

1. Set up hidden cameras

Let’s say you know, or suspect your partner is abusive with your children. Now is the time to start capturing those moments on video camera. Search Google for “spy cams” or “hidden cameras” and you will find some reputable dealers.

Any time you capture some scenes to support your claims, make sure you save them, so you can later hand them over to your attorney.

2. Voice activated audio recorders

These are easier to set up than video, and can even be connected to your telephone line, so you can record conversations your partner is having while you’re not around (you should check with the local laws in your state to make sure it’s legal).

These are also great when you only suspect your partner is up to no good. It might quickly verify your suspicions, and allow you to get the upper hand, and go on the early offensive.

3. Photograph all personal items

You don’t know how the court might decide to divide things up. Of course the house, cars and boats will already be on record, but not smaller things that were purchased from stores.

Make sure you not only photograph, but also date personal items that both you and your partner own. Why? Because you don’t know if your partner might decide to steal something before they move out, or the case goes to court. Or, you don’t know if your partner will just say they never owned such a thing, after they make it disappear.

Photograph any gifts you gave to him, or her, because they can be considered community property in court.

4. Guns and other weapons

Itemize all guns that your spouse has. This includes legal and illegal ones that might not be registered. Write down every serial number after you have taken photos of them.

This comes in handy if you decide to put a restraining order on your partner. You can tell the police that you are afraid he might harm you, and you can bring up the fact that your partner has a small weapons stockpile, and they might take the guns away temporarily. Mentioning the illegal weapons could be a reason to put your partner behind bars!

Remember, there are a 100 ways to get revenge on a soon-to-be ex. For further information, sign up for The Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter.