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The Correct Way to Use

Yes, there are 100 ways to get revenge by using However, you need to be very careful in the way you go about it.

The lady in this article is probably going to prison.

Although this was reported in October of last year, I still get people who ask me if they should use SpoofCard to get revenge. My answer is Yes and No.

First of all, Ali Wise was busted because of ignorance, naivety or perhaps plain stupidity.

If you have a look at the SpoofCard FAQ page, you will notice the following statement:

“All information which passes between our servers and your computer is encrypted using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the same technology that banks use to protect data. In addition, we keep your account’s financial, personal and call records confidential. However, if there is illegal activity and we are served with a subpoena, we will cooperate with the court or law enforcement agency”

In layperson’s terms, that means if law enforcement come knocking at SpoofCard’s office doors, looking for the person who sent that threatening message, or the person who hacked into someone’s voicemail messages, guess who is going to jail? (hint: it’s not

You’ve got to be careful out there.

As many of you know, I like to use SpoofCard for revenge purposes, but you’ve got to be very careful using it to hack other phones. Or, better yet, don’t try to hack voicemails, and just use SpoofCard for smaller things.

Here is a short list of good and bad ways to use SpoofCard for revenge.

The Good

  1. Call late at night and just hang up. While you’re at it, you can use another enemy’s telephone number as the one you want to show up on Caller ID.
  2. I personally like to look up the phone number of a local funeral home, and use that as the Caller ID. Then, I call later in the night, and just let my enemy keep saying, “hello” and after a few times, I hang up. This is great if you know, or suspect that your enemy has Caller ID. There’s nothing worse than getting a late night call from a funeral home, and not knowing why.
  3. SpoofCard has a voice change feature, so if your enemy is a man (and has a wife, or girlfriend), why not change the voice to sound like a woman and start talking dirty if the man answers, and if the woman answers, just ask to speak to your enemy. If the woman asks who it is, you ask, “who is this?” The next time you call the house, if the wife or girlfriend answers, just hang up. This gets the woman to start thinking that her partner is up to no good.
  4. Create a name of some fake credit agency, and start asking about something you know your enemy is paying for by credit. Call at late hours, and tell them you are going to contact their job and neighbors if they don’t pay. Make sure you just create a number out of your head to use for the Caller ID.

The Bad

  1. Don’t ever use the telephone numbers of the police, or any other law enforcement agencies as the Caller ID. SpoofCard already blocks emergency numbers like 911, but you can still use local police numbers. Don’t Do It!
  2. Don’t use the numbers of real businesses if you are going to use them only to harass.
  3. Never threaten to kill someone, or do bodily harm to them when using SpoofCard. If you do, the telephone company is going to investigate, and you are going to be in hot water.

SpoofCard keeps records of all of the calls that are made by its members. They also have a service called TrapCall,  which unblocks blocked and restricted calls. Also, if your enemy has a trap line already installed on their phone, they can find out the number where you are calling from.

The biggest problems with SpoofCard, TeleSpoof, and other similar companies is that it is difficult to know if and when you are crossing the line from prank to commiting an actual crime. Therefore, I suggest that you take a few extra precautions when using these services.

Extra Anonymity

Don’t use SpoofCard from your real phone. Instead, purchase one of those cheap throwaway type cellular phones that you can buy at Walmart, and other retail stores. These phones don’t have a membership service, but instead, you just buy credits when you need them. Pay for one of these phones in cash, in a city where you do not live. Or, you can use a Pay Phone.

Don’t sign up for SpoofCard with your real information (real name, address and real credit card number that is registered to you).

Sign Up Using a Virtual Debit Card

If you sign up for SpoofCard, do not use your credit card, and real personal information. What you need is a virtual debit card. Sign up for one at Card444. You can pay them by Western Union, MoneyGram, Egold, LibertyReserve and PayPal.

It’s best to use Western Union and send the money under an alias. Western Union (In the USA) doesn’t require ID to send money under $800. Once you pay Card444, you should have your card in about 3 business days.

After you’ve selected your payment method (hopefully Western Union) then you will need to select an amount (see chart below)

The Preloaded Value is the amount they will load on your card, and the Price is what you will need to pay for the card. The more money you preload, the cheaper it is. The best values start with Preloaded Values of $100 on up. The fees are a little expensive, but you can’t put a price on your freedom, can you? By ordering this way, you will have an anonymous debit card that you can use to order such services such as SpoofCard. This cannot be traced back to you if you do the following things:

1. Use Western Union to transfer to Card444

2. Use a throwaway e-mail account to receive your card (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail).

3. Use TOR to anonymously sign up for your email account

4. When you sign up for SpoofCard, don’t use your home computer (yes, TOR is mostly secure, but no need to take any chances here). Go sign up at a public library, Internet Cafe, or use your laptop and find a wireless hotspot somewhere. (if you use your laptop, make sure you change your MAC address.

There are free tools that are listed in our books, The Purpose Driven Knife and Toxic Internet)

5. When you use SpoofCard, connect to their number via a payphone, VOIP service, such as Skype, or connect using their online connection at, but make sure you’re connected by using one of the methods listed above.

There, you now have ways to use SpoofCard, or Telespoof anonymously.

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Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge at College

Here are some good ideas on how to get revenge at your college, or other school.

Saunas and Heaters

Many universities where there are colder climates have saunas and heating vents that you can utilize to get revenge.

Here are some simple steps how to get revenge by using urine.

  • Get a half liter (16 ounce) empty water bottle and fill it with urine.
  • Let the urine sit in a warm place for about 2 weeks, making sure you have it firmly capped.
  • Put the urine in a backpack, or other bag and take it to a sauna, or anywhere there is a lower level heating vent. You can then pour it on the hot sauna rocks, or dump it in the heating vent.

You could pour it all over the floor of the university toilet, in a classroom, or inside your enemy’s dorm room.

Old urine smells horrible, even at room temperature. Add some heat to it, the smell is indescribable.

Crap Inside a Plastic Bag

Get a Ziploc plastic bag and crap in it. Then, seal the bag and take it to the university toilet. Choose a time when you know there won’t be any people around, and find the electric hand dryers. Open your bag of crap, and push it out from the outside of the plastic and shove it up inside the hand dryer. Dispose of the plastic bag and get the hell out of there before someone turns it on.

Library Fun

If your enemy frequents the library, wait until your enemy is searching for books, or doing other research, and find a smaller book and put it in a hard to find place in your enemy’s backpack. When your enemy tries to leave the library, the sensor alarm will go off, and your enemy will probably have some explaining to do.

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Pretexting Your Enemy

When someone has wronged you, there are 100 ways to get revenge. But what can you do when your enemy has skipped town and maybe left the state?

Good private investigators use a tactic called pretexting. Pretexting is when you contact someone and try to extract information by using deception.

Pretexting is usually done over the by phone, but it can be done through e-mail, fax and even in person. In revenge, you could conduct pretexting to find out where you enemy has moved to, where your enemy works, your enemy’s phone number and other information that could help you with your revenge campaign.

You will need to convince the person you are contacting to give you information about your enemy’s whereabouts.

These are some of my favorite pretexting methods I use to track down an enemy.

Former employer trying to send tax forms

Just tell them that you have some tax forms for them to fill out for some work your enemy did with you a few months ago. If they ask for a company name, just make one up, or you could use a spoofed number.

Military Buddy

If your enemy was in the military, make up a name of some military buddy. If you actually know some of the names of people your enemy may have talked about in the past, use a real name.

Package Delivery

You can claim to have a package from a delivery service.

High School Reunion

Tell the person you are talking to that you are compiling names and address updates for the next class reunion

Reference check for a job application

If you know the name of the person you’re calling and know that it’s someone who knows your enemy, tell them that your enemy listed them as a reference on an application. Ask how long they’ve known your enemy, type of character, and then tell them ask for your enemy’s current address and telephone number to see if it matches the one he’s listed on the application.

Credit Card Company

Say you are calling to verify a suspicious purchase

Wedding invitation

Tell them you are an old friend, or a former coworker

Emergency regarding a family member

A good way to get information out of your enemy’s neighbor is to tell them you’re a relative of your enemy, and that there’s an emergency in the family, and you need to get in touch with them.

Friend from College

If you enemy went to college, you can say you are an old college friend

Always remember to sound professional, and rehearse what you’re going to say beforehand. Try to think of any rebuttals you might need to use if the person you’re talking to asks you any questions.

Don’t impersonate any police officers, or other federal officials, or you could end up in trouble. It’s best to use fictitious company names, and fake numbers. However, if you are going to use real company names, you should use a good spoof service, like SpoofCard.

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