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How to Get Revenge at Christmas – Your Enemy Should Never Sleep

how to get revenge at Christmas

If you want to know how to get revenge at Christmas, I would tell you that you should never give your enemy time to sleep. That’s right, you never let them off the hook, and especially not on one of the most sacred days of the year.

While your enemy’s family is probably still putting gifts under the tree, you want to make sure that your anonymous gift is left there, too. Here’s what I want you to do:

If Your Enemy is Male - Go to Google Images and look for mother breastfeeding baby, or women breastfeeding baby. Take your time and look for an image that is not watermarked (stamped) and try to find one where the baby kind of looks like your enemy. Download the photo and go to a store (preferably in another city) that prints digital photos.Once you have the photo, put it inside a beautiful Christmas card with an equally beautiful envelope. Make sure you mark “Do not open before December 25th.” on the envelope.On the Christmas card, write:

“You husband (or partner) may have forgotten about us this Christmas, but we have not forgotten him. My baby also needs his/her father and even if he still wants to remain with you, he should do the right thing and help support his child. I hate to break the news to you like this that he is the father of my baby, but he showed us just as little respect when he forgot about us. Let him know that (Make up some name) told you about it, and make him tell you the truth.”

Damage Done! I’m going to tell you, there aren’t too many women out there in today’s modern world that would just look at this card, laugh it off, and go drink some eggnog. No, the seed has been planted, and for a long while, every time her husband or partner walks out the door, she’s going to have look out of the corner of her eye that something is up, and she’s going to start digging to see what she can come up with. It’s a good idea to follow it up with other letters to her or to your enemy. If he receives something, he will probably destroy it and not show it to his wife. If his wife sees the card, she’s liable to intercept it and open it. There will be drama either way it goes.

If Your Enemy is Female – Again, go out and buy a nice Christmas card and envelope.  This time, address the card to her husband or partner. Since you can’t duplicate the same type of “I’ve got your spouse’s baby” with a female target, you’ll have to come up with something else. Try this:“Hey Stud, Since your wife (or partner) decided to get cold feet and not tell you about our relationship, I thought I would light a fire under those pretty toes and help her tell the truth. I’ve been seeing your wife for quite some time, and I am hoping to see more of her in the future. This is probably not a great time to tell you all of this, but your wife promised me she would tell you before and not after the holiday season. So, the next time you go down on your wife, let me know how my cock tastes.”Again, the Damage is Done!  Most guys are jealous by nature and really won’t think twice that something is not going on. After all, who would send something like this at Christmas time if it wasn’t true, or someone must really hate his wife? :-)

Now, you don’t need to copy the text above word-for-word. Just use it as an example and rewrite it in your own words. That can make it more powerful. I can already sense that there will be some very upset parents during this holiday season.

Also, if your enemy is a real racist, make sure you let them know that person they’ve been screwing is of the race they hate. So, you could go to Google and type in: mother breastfeeding mixed raced baby or something similar to that.

For women targets, just put a photo of some guy of the race that the husband or partner hates. That should heat things up this Christmas, even if your enemy does not have a fireplace, or they’ve cut off the heat!

Happy Holidays, and I would be happy to hear from you how the response was met. Remember, there are many ways on how to get revenge at Christmas and 364 other days of the year!

Christmas Revenge – Ho Ho Ho

There are 100 ways to get revenge  during the Christmas holidays, so start your shopping early!  Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

Christmas Gift Cards – Ho Ho Ho

Many big store chains offer gift cards for the holidays, so why not show your holiday spirit, and most importantly, show the gift of giving?

How to pull it off

Go to any store that offers gift cards, and buy the most expensive gift card you can find.

Go back to the store a few days later, and buy things that you wanted to buy your family and friends. Try to nearly max the card out, but leave less than a dollar on the card if you can.

Next, go and buy a really nice looking Christmas card, and put the gift card inside, wish them a Merry Christmas, and sign it “Guess Who?” or, “From a Very Good Friend” “A Good Coworker” “A Secret School Admirer” etc.

The reason you want to buy a really expensive gift card is because you want your enemy to buy some expensive electronics, clothes, or other items, and then look like a complete fool at the checkout line.

Pay for the card in cash, so you don’t leave a paper trail. If the store asks for a name, just put your enemy’s name on the form, or another enemy’s name.

Wal-Mart Gift Cards

To find a variety of gift cards, type this in a search engine:

“department store christmas gift cards”

The Christmas Bricks

This revenge idea was actually inspired by this one:

You can check at stores for boxes. Tell them you are moving, and you need a box for your (wide-screen TV, stereo system, DVD player, etc). Check on the box for the listed weight of the product, and then find some bricks, rocks or other material to get the approximate weight and feel. Have it professionally wrapped with bow and card, and leave it on your enemy’s desk at work, or in front of their door.

Merry Christmas Affair

If there was ever a time to embarrass your enemy, now is the time! Most families sit around under the Christmas tree to open their gifts. So, this is a good time to have your enemy’s spouse, or partner there to see your enemy’s reaction when they read what you wrote on your Christmas card.

First of all, make sure you write on the outside of the card, “Do Not Open Before December 25th” Hey, this will build up the excitement.

Here is what you can write on the card. Don’t copy it verbatim. You can edit it to suit your purpose.

“Dear (Bitch, Bastard, Loser, Creep etc.),

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and also want to thank you for breaking my heart.

If you were (already married, already had a partner, already had a girlfriend, or boyfriend), why didn’t you just be an adult and say so?

Since you lied to me, I’m now going to personally tell your (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and partner).

So, go ahead and destroy this card, because by the time you read it, your (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner) will already know our little secret. So, now you can be an adult and be honest to your (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner) for once in your life.”

Make sure you send your enemy’s partner a Christmas card, too. Tell the partner inside the card that your enemy was cheating on them, and that you also sent their partner a card telling him, or her that you found out they had a (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner), and that you’re sorry for them, but you thought it was the only right thing to do.

The reason you want to send a card to your enemy’s partner, too, is just in case your enemy decides to wimp out, and try to hide, or destroy the card. Send the cards early, because then both your enemy and partner will know that two cards were sent, and your enemy’s partner will remember that fact when the partner’s card disappears.

This is guaranteed to ruin your enemy’s Christmas.

Merry Sick Christmas

Go to any search engine and type in:

 “free std brochures”

“living with AIDS brochures”

Simply print the PDF documents and send them to your enemy, or your enemy’s partner, with a note attached showing where your enemy should go for cheap treatment.

Some of these sites will also send the brochures directly to your enemy’s house, so you don’t need to bother doing it yourself.

You can only imagine what will be discussed at the dinner table on Christmas Day. That is, if your enemy is still talking with his, or her partner.

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