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Send Anonymous Emails

How about some more good ideas on how to get revenge? All that is required is a little ingenuity, careful planning and a little bit of daring.

A great way to get revenge against your enemies is to send anonymous emails. Below you will find some step-by-step methods to carry out such a plan.

First you will need to know exactly how to send an anonymous e-mail. Many are many web sites that let you send prank e-mails, and claim to be anonymous. The problem is, they are not, especially if they think that your prank is too offensive. Since many of them collect your IP address and the mails are sent from their servers, it’s easy for your enemy to trace your IP address back to their servers, and find out where the e-mail originated.

A simple solution is to go to: You can send totally anonymous e-mails that can’t be traced back to you.

Once you have your anonymous e-mail in place, now it’s time to take action against your enemy. In general, when people are so bad that you want revenge against them, they’ve got other skeletons in their closet as well. Your job is to report them. Of course if you really can’t find anything juicy enough from something they actually did, then just make something up!

Here are some simple ideas that you can implement via e-mail.

Contact their partners

Are your enemies screwing around on their spouses, or partners? Contact them via e-mail, and let them know about it. While you are at it, sign them up at on line dating sites under a different name, but use their real photo if you have it. Use any free e-mail account, and start corresponding with other people that are looking for dates. Head to any search engine and type in “adult dating sites” and you will find many.

Your goal is to get about 10 different people, and keep in contact with them for a couple of weeks, and eventually you want to let them know that you would like to meet them. If you tell them what a great cook you are, you can convince them to come to your house for dinner. Send them at a time you know your enemy’s spouse will be there.
Remember, some of these dating sites are for people who are just looking for sex, so instead of inviting them for dinner, you can offer them something much more! Many of these adult sites allow you to search for people specifically in your area, so it’s easy to find someone in your city, or nearby vicinity.

E-mail Office Revenge

Get your enemy at his office. It’s time to sign them up for all kind of crap web site lists. The trick is not to use their work address, but the work address of another coworker. So, if a co-worker is fat, sign the co-worker up for up on all kind of diet and weight loss lists. If the coworker is extremely religious, sign them up to all kind of gay, and fetish web site lists. Atheist? Bug the hell out of them with religious mailing lists. Is the coworker losing hair? Why not sign the coworker up for hair growth sites?

The options are endless Again, go to any search engine and type in those words, and you will find 1000′s of results.

Here is how the anonymous email will help you out. Create a free temporary (disposable) e-mail account from places like these.

Next, go to your favorite search engine, and type in something like “weight loss newsletters” or, “weight loss mailing lists” Then, go to the web site, and sign your enemy’s coworker up for one of these lists, but use your temporary email account to sign up. Once you receive the verification email to opt-in, reply to it, and you will start receiving e-mails at your temporary address.

What you can do is copy these e-mails including the subject, and paste them into an anonymous remailer, and change the receiver’s e-mail to that of your enemy’s coworker. When you send the e-mail, make sure you use your enemy’s name as the person who signed up for the mailing list in the e-mail. So, the coworker will just think that your enemy did it to try to imply that they were fat, etc.

The funny thing with this is that it’s impossible for the coworker to opt-out of the e-mails, because the e-mails aren’t coming from the web site that is sending them. You are just receiving them at your temporary e-mail address, and then copying and pasting them to your anonymous mailer. Of course the coworker will eventually block the e-mail address, but it doesn’t matter, because you just change the e-mail address to make it look like it came from another web site. Your enemy will get blamed, because the coworker will think they were behind it. Even if they don’t believe they were behind it eventually, the supervisor’s and the boss will begin to get upset when other coworkers start getting similar e-mails, thus interfering with day-to-day business in the office. So, in the end, someone is going to have a talk with your enemy.

I have mentioned that you can do this with coworkers, but in reality, it can be done to anyone who your enemy knows. They only need to have an e-mail address.

Finally, if you are going to use e-mail for revenge purposes, do not use free anonymous email sites that are on the Internet, because all of them keep logs, and will report your IP address for the slightest misuse. If you don’t believe it, just look at the Terms of Service Agreement, or FAQ on those web sites. So be smart!

These are just some of the 100 ways to get revenge on someone by using email. If you are looking for more good ideas on how to get revenge, join the Purpose Driven Knife forum, and get great revenge ideas from other like minded adults.