How to Get Revenge on a Driver Who Can’t Park Correctly

how to get revenge on stupid drivers


How To Get Perfect Revenge On An Asshat Parker – Jalopnik Thu, 22 Jan 2015 06:00:00 -0800

How would you like to get revenge on drivers who can’t park correctly? Don’t you just hate it when you see an open space to park, but realize that there is not enough room for your car, because some idiot decided to take up two spaces?

Yes, you could just destroy their car by using some more serious tactics, but then again, you might be satisfied with a little more subtle message.

Assholes certainly deserve what’s coming to them, but instead of vandalizing each others cars, how about using some creativity?

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Glitter Revenge – How to Get Revenge with This Little Stuff

glitter revenge

Glitter revenge. Who would have thought that it was possible to get revenge with something so tiny and simple. The short article link below tells of a way to have it shipped. I’m not so sure that I would want it just shipped to my enemy. I think it would better be served if I got my hands on the stuff and spread it around near my enemy. What do you think? What else that is tiny that can cause just as much havoc if it is spread?

Evil Geniuses Invent The Most Sparkly Way To Get Revenge Tue, 13 Jan 2015 13:10:41 -0800

There is a reason glitter is frequently referred to as “the herpes of craft supplies.” Glitter is tiny and sparkly and no matter how careful you are, you will get it everywhere. That glittery Christmas tree ornament that looks so nice …

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