How to Get Revenge – Two Domino’s Pizza Managers Charged with Arson of Rival Chain

Pizza Revenge


There are many ways of how to get revenge, but this story is not a good example.

Two Dominos pizza managers decided that Papa John’s Pizza was giving their business too much competition, so they decided to set it ablaze.

What ever happened to just releasing hundreds of cockroaches in their restaurant, and calling the Health Dept? Or, offering better bargains, and baking more delicious pizzas?

It seems that delivering pizzas in 30 minutes or less isn’t enough anymore.

Arson seldom works anymore. Well, it’s just as easy to start  a blaze, but police and fire department investigations are so technologically advanced, you’re not likely to get away with it. Plus, you might seriously harm others.

Mental revenge is always the best. Start an imaginary fire inside your enemy’s brain.

How to Get Revenge by Changing Document and Photo Properties



There are many ways on how to get revenge by using documents and photos. The neat part about it is that you can blame your enemy in the process.

You can change the owner information on photos and documents to that of your enemy, or to someone else, that you want to blame.

MS Word, PDF files, photos, and others, have information enbedded in them. Usually when you first install your programs, you put the user information in before you register the software. Most people forget that this information exists, and some don’t even know it’s there.

The same goes for photos. Your camera information, and any other information you input into your camera is listed.

How Can You Use This Information for Revenge?

Let’s say you want to send someone disturbing photos. Why not send them to various people, so your enemy gets blamed? All you need to do is change the information on the documents and photos, so it looks like they were created by your enemy.

This works with really sick pornography photos, death photos, and documents, such as tasteless jokes, racist jokes, etc. that are sent in a MS Word Document, etc. They can all be blamed on your enemy.

Below is information on how you can change the document information in MS Word

What the video above on how to change document properties in MS Word

You can also change a PDF document properties by using a PDF editor.

There are a variety of editors out there on the market, such as: Nitro PDF Professional, Foxit PDF Printer and PDFFactory Pro. All you need to do is open these programs, and locate document properties, and change it to your enemy’s personal information.

Changing the Properties on Image Files

You can change image file properties quite easily. Most photo editing programs, such as ACDSee (which doubles as a photo viewer), have photo editing properties built in. What you want to change is the EXIF properties. These include: date the photo was taken, who owns copyright to the photo, who took the photo, and what type of camera was used, etc.

You should change all of these properties to fit your enemy. If you know your enemy has posted other photos online, just go to the site where the photos are, and download a few of them. Open them with a photo editor to view the EXIF properties. Copy the name and model of the camera, the name your enemy uses, etc.

Next, open up the photos that you want to edit, and then change the EXIF properties information with the information of your enemy.

This is great when you want to send someone a shocking or ghory photo. Send it to enough people, and make sure your enemy’s info is left in the properties, so if the people are angry, they can trace the photos back to your unsuspecting enemy.

Don’t forget, there are 100 ways to get revenge against anyone. Take your time and start planning today!

How to Get Revenge on a Boss


A young guy tired of getting pushed around at work finds a clever way of how to get revenge on a boss .

OK, I realize that this is a few days old, but I thought it was kind of funny. I’m not much into pranks, but this was a clever way to get revenge on his boss, just seeing how his boss reacted was probably worth it for Joey.

What I also like is that Joey actually carried out his revenge plans. This means that he’s in a minority group of people, who actually get revenge on their boss, or anyone else.

Why is that?

Many of us dream about getting revenge on our enemies at one point in our lives. However, for most people it remains a dream, because they either are too afraid to carry their revenge plans out, or they don’t want to put in the required work to get the job done.

Most people need to be pushed around for many times before they decide to react.

One thing is for sure about this revenge prank, the boss will forever be on YouTube, and people will always have a few laughs at the expense of his “ex” boss.

It definitely represents a creative way of how to get revenge on a boss.