How to Get Revenge – Russian Billionaire Neutralizes a Fellow Billionaire


Russian billionaires have their own methods of how to get revenge.

A Russian Billionaire puts up his dukes, and attacks a fellow billionaire during a TV economic debate.

Mr Lebedev is the owner of the Evening Standard and the Independent newspaper in the U.K.

“In a critical situation there is no choice. I see no reason to be hit with the first shot. I neutralized him,” he said.

All I can say that if this guy was your boss, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to ask him for a raise, or do anything else to piss him off. However, if he stood behind you on some issue, I’m sure he would literally “fight” for you.

I love his above quote. It’s also a great quote for revenge. If you’re being harassed and bullied, why are you going to stand by and wait for the first punch? You should deal with your enemies immediately before the situation gets out of control.

Are you being bullied at work? Instead of taking the time to take it up with management (Hey, it might even be management that is bullying you), start formulating your revenge plans immediately. Become the first striker, and as Mr. Lebedev says, “neutralize” them.

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Breaking Point for Revenge – What is Yours?

Before considering 100 ways to get revenge, some people are still wrestling with the idea of getting revenge at all.

The reason some folks don’t want to get revenge after they’ve been wronged is because the way they were brought up. They might have had parents, who believed in “turning the other cheek” and “two wrongs don’t make a right”. However, even a rational, good-willed person can only take so much abuse before their emotions get the best of them.

I often think of these people like the guy, who was portrayed in that Kenny Rogers song, “Coward of the County”. The young man, who promised his dad not to do the things he did. He promised to walk away from trouble, and when someone trashed talked him, or pushed him around, he was supposed to suck it up, and act humble.

Well, you can only rub so much shit into a coward’s, or passive person’s face before they react in a forceful way. Eventually, these quiet and weak individuals will come up with some plan to get revenge against those aggressors. Some of them will become temporarily insane and result to physical violence. They will pick up a gun, a knife, an ice pick, car jack, or whatever they can get their hands on, and put in some work on their enemy’s face and body.

There is another group that will carefully calculate their moves. They want to be clever with their revenge plans. They will try to embarrass their enemy. They will make them look bad in front of their friends, family and everyone they know. They will accuse them of things they never did, and get others to believe them. They will even go so far to contact random people, and do things to make them angry, and put the blame on their enemy.

What is Your Breaking Point

At what point do you think “enough is enough”? Are there certain lines that you will not allow anyone to pass? Are you the kind of person that doesn’t take any crap from anyone?

The important part of reaching your breaking point is to understand what you should do next. Of course, physical violence and revenge is almost never appropriate. Unleashing spontaneous rage can make you feel satisfied at that time. Unfortunately, the physical damage caused will ultimately put you behind bars.

Come Up with the Perfect Revenge Plan

Intel – We always encourage patience and perfect planning for our revenge plans. What you need first is intelligence gathering. You can’t get good revenge without knowing enough about the background of your enemy, and those around him or her.

Planning Stage – After you have all of the needed information, you need to plan your attack. This works best when it is broken down into stages. Will you try to embarrass them first? Discredit them? Tell people they are criminals or sexual predators? Or, will you use their name to cause anger in others, and allow other people to seek retribution against them, too?

Using Your Head – These are all just a few valid methods that can be used to get revenge on someone. None of them require physical violence, and can all be carried out safely and successfully with the right tools and information.


After you’ve carried out your revenge over a period of months (or sometimes years) and you feel that your enemy has been taught a good enough lesson, and is raising the white flag, you might want to suspend your attacks for some time. However, this is not a time to end your revenge plans, it’s just a time to take a break. Let your enemy thing that the worst is over, and then smash them again with a new wave of attacks. This mentally destroys any hope that your enemy had for living a peaceful life.

You can slowly destroy a person’s life this way. They will begin having problems with their family, their coworkers, neighbors, friends, and even perfect strangers. It’s always best to alternate the way you attack your enemy. This keeps them always on guard, and doesn’t give them time to focus their concentration and energy on more important tasks in their daily lives.

When you know the correct ways to get revenge on your enemies, you can always have the upper-hand.

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Regardless of how you want to get revenge, do it correctly, and stop letting other people bully and harass you.

Get revenge today!

Mexican Cartels Get Revenge with Online Snitches


Mexican drug cartels have 100 ways to get revenge on snitches. Now, they’re hanging Internet snitches from bridges in Northern Mexico.

Los Zetas are an independent drug cartel, who used to be associated with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. They were originally started by a group of 31 Special Forces soldiers, who left the military to protect a rising leader of the Gulf Cartel.

Los Zetas have a habit of leaving notes behind on their victims. Often just writing a large letter Z on a piece of paper, or carving it into someone’s chest. They do this as a warning to others what could happen to them if they cross them.

In the recent hangings, they left notes warning about websites that people set up to report drug violence. Noting that this is what will happen to anyone, who tries to report someone.

Los Zetas understand violent ways about how to get revenge on their enemies. However, sometimes, just a carefully left warning note in the right location is enough to turn any small town into a ghost town.