How Governments are Getting Revenge against the U.S. and Big Corporations

If you want to know how to get revenge on your enemy, why not study that strategy of how other governments are getting revenge against the U.S. and big corporations?

According to senior representatives of anti-virus maker, McAfee, unnamed foreign governments have been hacking into the computers of U.S. government and big corporations since 2006 for major industrial spying.

In their report, highly organized government backed groups installed remote access tools on U.S. government and big corporations, and have had them running for up to 15 years.

It seems that they installed the remote access devices by getting people to open e-mails and click on links to websites. Maybe the information on those sites looked legit, but in reality, the sites also silently downloaded programs onto people’s computers, and launched them.

Although the technique is old, it’s still highly successful today. So, what’s this have to do with getting revenge on your common enemy?

As we know, there are ways that people hack (excuse me, gain access) to their enemies, e-mail, Facebook, or other online accounts. They even do it with their cell phone voice messages. What these amateurs could learn from these professionals is planning an patience.

Think about it, if you knew your spouse was cheating on you, would you be able to keep that information you had secret for a few weeks or months, let alone years? Or, would you start sharpening your knife, loading your pistol, or preparing your poison within hours?

Patience is everything about getting revenge. People want to get their enemy’s e-mail password, and then immediately start contacting everyone on their enemy’s friend’s list, telling everyone what a worthless schmuck he or she is. That’s amateurism at its finest!

So, what happens under those circumstances? Your enemy changes the password, notifies everyone on the list that it was some hacker, who gained access to their computer, and then call the cops on you and have you arrested for illegally accessing their computer. This could mean “Game Over” for you.

The smart thing to do if you were so fortunate to have that kind of access would be to monitor and get as much information about anyone and everyone your enemy has contact with. Find out what they’re talking about, and take note of it, but don’t react directly to anything that is said.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

You find out that your husband is having an affair with another woman (or man). Instead of confronting your husband, you dig up as much information as you can on his lover, his lover’s spouse, where they live, who are their neighbors, where they hang out, etc.

Next, you could start a revenge plan directly with the lover’s family. Make it totally unrelated to your husband’s affair. Create problems and friction between the lover’s family and their neighbors. Turn them into questionable people in their own community. Deal with them at their office, etc. However, you never mention or make reference to the affair.

The affair is a separate situation. Use your intelligence gathering to get hard facts that you an use in a court of law when you decide you want to get divorced, or he has plans of divorcing you, and not giving you a cent.

Take your time, gather information and then plan your attack. All the while remembering the secret tactics used by these governments when going after their prey.

There are 100 ways to get revenge on anyone. Choose your responses wisely, and don’t get emotional about your enemy. Deal with them tactically or strategically, just like it was a chess game.