18 Year Prison Term for Terrorizing Neighbors and Threatening the Vice President

If you want to know how to get revenge, DON’T TRY any of the things that Barry Ardolf did.

The Minnesota man was sent away for 18 years for terrorizing his neighbors for more than two years.  He hacked into their WiFi, put up fake MySpace pages and put child porn on them, claiming to be his neighbor, and sending the photos to all of the neighbor’s friends.

However, just in chase those weren’t dumb enough, he sent death threats to the U.S. Vice President! So, it’s obvious that this guy just had “I Want to Go to Prison” stamped all over his forehead.

If anyone wants to know why certain Domain e-mail addresses and some words and phrases are blocked from our Anonymous E-mail Sender, the above story is one good example, why! There are always a few idiots that never learn that you can’t do anything like that.

Hacking into someone’s account is usually pretty dumb. It’s especially dumb if you’re going to do things on the Internet and try to impersonate that person using their hacked Internet connection.

We’ve told people countless times that hacking into people’s accounts can get you into a lot of trouble. However, most people seem to be under the illusion that this is the only way to truly get revenge on someone.

Other Revenge Tips 

Hacking into Someone’s Account – For those, who are thinking about hacking into someone’s account, DON’T! It’s not worth it. There are too many ways to get revenge without doing that.

WiFi Connections – If you’re going to use someone’s open WiFi connection, make sure it’s a random one that you find while driving around. Use it, and then don’t use it again. Also, it would help if you changed your MAC Address.

If you really want to know how to get revenge on your enemy by using the Internet (without being dumb), You need to get Toxic Internet.

Enough said.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Wife Cuts off Husband’s Penis – Grinds it in Garbage Disposal

100 ways to get revenge can sometimes be served at the end of a butcher knife from an enraged spouse.

Forty eight year old, Catherine Kieu Becker, took the law into her own hands, and severed her husband's penis.


Allegedly, she put something in her husband’s food that made him sleep. Then, she tied him up to the bed, and either waited until he woke up, or he just happened to awake when she performed the dirty deed. After she cut it off, she made sure it was shred in the garbage disposal.


Finally, she called the cops. She admitted to the first officers on the scene that she did it, and her husband deserved it.


Ouch! What a painful way to end her husband’s philandering. However, we don’t know what her husband did. She might have just been a jealous woman, who felt that if she couldn’t have him anymore, neither could anyone else.


I can just imagine her binding him once he went to sleep, and then sitting at the end of the bed with a drink in one hand and a butcher knife in the other. She might have been whistling, singing a song, or clearing her throat to try and get him to wake up. She might have even splashed water on his face so he could see what was coming to him.




We always say that the best revenge is mental revenge. It causes as much damage (well, I’m not sure how much mental damage could compare with this) and it can keep you out of many years in prison, like she’s going to receive.


This is another nice thing about mental revenge. When you get revenge on someone, it often serves as psychological relief, and stops you from carrying out acts of violence, like this.


People should think twice before pissing off a loved one. I read a week ago about a man, who had built an electric chair in his garage, and was stopped before he got the chance to strap his wife to it.




To learn some shocking, but sensible types of devastating mental revenge, read:


The Purpose Driven Knife II – Strategic ways to get revenge against anyone. Sneaky tactics to get even without getting your hands dirty!


Toxic Internet – Learn how to get revenge at the click of a mouse. Deal with your enemy online. Keep it personal, or let the whole world know what a jerk he or she is.


Never forget, there are 100 ways to get revenge. It’s all about choosing one.



Investigative Links List – 100 Ways to Get Revenge on Anyone

Investigative Links List - Dig Up Dirt on Anyone Today for Free

100 ways to get revenge wouldn’t be complete without getting some background information on your target. We’ve compiled an updated list of some of the best places to go on line to dig up dirt on just about anyone.

Nearly all of these sites are free, and you can get current address, names and addresses of neighbors, telephone numbers, find local businesses nearby, and even run reverse phone checks and check for possible sex offenders in the area.

In other words, these sites are a treasure chest for revenge seekers, and those, who just want to know more about their new neighbor, or their new lover, boss, or evil coworkers.

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