100 Ways to Get Revenge with STD Tests

There are 100 ways to get revenge by using fake lab test results and notification letters.

OK, time for a nasty one!

Is there someone you hate so much that you could puke just hearing their name? Has someone been playing office politics, and you want to put a quick end to it? Or, maybe you neighbor called the cops on you once, because they claimed your music was too loud?

Disclaimer: The following is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. 

Here is what you can do to get one-up on your enemy.


Notification e-Cards


Try this site – The real purpose for this site is to assist people (who don’t have the guts) to notify partners that they might be infected with STD’s. You can create beautiful e-Cards and create them in English, Spanish or French to multiple partners (up to 6 at a time), who (your enemy) has slept with in the past. These could be real partners, or ones that you just create at random.

You can choose between chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, crabs, HIV, and some other diseases I’ve never even heard of. Just pick your disease, fill out a little info that you want on your card, and hit the send submit button.

The only thing I don’t like about this site is that is shows the URL where the card came from, and states that either the recipient should get checked out, or someone is making a bad joke.  However, it might still worry your enemy.

There are some ways around this. You could just stop at the preview screen, copy the image and Photoshop out the URL text and part about that it might be a joke.You could then send the image and text you want to write by using anonymous e-mail.

The other nice part about the above site is that they have links to testing services in the U.S. and Canada. So, when you send an e-mail to your enemy, you can also include a list of testing places nearest him or her. It helps add some authenticity to your e-mail.

The site also has information about ways to cure or treat the illness that you say they might have. You don’t need to use the reference information from the site, you can just go to your favorite search engine and type in the disease name, and how to treat it,and you will be provided with enough information to use.


Sample Notification Letters 


Believe it or not, if you look hard enough, you can find actual sample notification letters. All you need to do is save them into a Word document, or PDF format (if you have a PDF editor) and then add some official looking letterhead at the top. I would suggest using the name of some non-existing organization that has a real sounding name. If you use a real letterhead of some government organization, you could get into some hot water if you were ever caught.

However, if you make it out of state, that makes it more difficult for your enemy to check. If you say that you are some private organization that provides anonymous notifications, that might explain why they can’t find your organization if they tried searching for it.





Remember, you don’t need to only send these to your enemy. You could also “mistakingly” send it to their neighbor’s house, or their office. Or, you can assume that they still live at home with their mommy and daddy and address it to them.

Always follow up with phone calls that you can make by using a spoofed telephone number.

Take your time, be creative, and you can come up with some realistic techniques to put fear into your enemy’s heart. If you need more clever techniques, get the latest copies of The Purpose Driven Knife II and Toxic Internet. Guaranteed ways to help you get revenge on your worst enemies.



How to Get Revenge – Bangladeshi Woman Cuts off Rapist’s Penis

Do you want to know how to get revenge against a rapist? How about cutting off his penis? A Bangladeshi woman slashed off her attacker’s penis, and took the evidence to the police station.

What better way to teach a rapist a lesson, he will never forget? To make matters worse, the police are waiting until his condition gets better, before arresting him.

That’s what I call “proactive” revenge. No need to wait for the police to come to you. Instead, you can take matters “into your own hands”.

How to Get Revenge – Iranian Court Postpones Revenge Punishment

Some of you might remember the story we put on the blog over two years ago about the Iranian woman, Ameneh Bahrami, who was blinded by a man, who she refused to marry. Under Sharia Law, an Eye for an Eye can be a form of punishment. And in this case, it literally was an Eye for an Eye, because she lost both of hers. Yesterday, the punishment was finally supposed to be carried out.

Her attacker was to have had acid dropped in both eyes to equal the punishment I’m not sure how most of the readers feel, but this case was so heinous, I think the guy was getting off easy to only have some acid dropped in his eyes. I think they should of poured an entire bucket over his face, so he would know exactly how the woman felt.

What a great concept of how to get revenge. It’s also a form of equal punishment. Letting someone sit in jail, and having taxes paying for them is a waste of money, and for crimes like this, it’s not an equal form of punishment (in my opinion).