100 Ways to Get Revenge – Police Stealing Data from Cellphones

The police have 100 ways to get revenge on motorists.

The Cellebrite Cellphone Extraction Device is capable of extracting data from over 1800 cell phone devices, and from GPS systems. The device, also known as UFED, is used by police during routine traffic stops.

This raises an alarm with many privacy groups over the legality of extracting your data without a search warrant.

This is the latest in the slow elimination of our privacy in the U.S. For those, who don’t know, Customs officials can already seize your laptop and inspect your computer hard drive at border crossings. Or, when entering or exiting the United States by air.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Cop Punches Woman at IHOP


An Atlanta police officer slaps and then punches an IHOP customer in the face. Afterwards, she’s manhandled to the ground.

From the video, it looks as if she put her hand on the officer’s shoulder, and he responded by slapping her. Then, the confrontation escalated from there.

It seems to me that the officer used excessive force. What do you think?

Again, cell phone and video cameras are some of the best tools for revenge. Without them, she would definitely have been charged for assault against an officer, or whatever else they could have dreamed up.

Here is a link to another video from Atlanta reporters.

How to Get Revenge – McDonald’s Beating Gets More Confusing

Vernon Hackett
Vernon Hackett - McDonald's Employee

UPDATE: Chrissy Lee Polis tells her side of the beating.

UPDATE: One attacker was arrested at same McDonald’s last year

There seems to be conflicting reports coming out of yesterday’s story on the McDonald’s beating.

According to police reports, the victim of the assault, Chrissy Lee Polis, is (or was) Christopher Lee Polis.

The reason this is confusing is because Christopher Lee Polis is a man, and the beating victim in the McDonald’s video looked like a woman. Is Chrissy a trans-gender woman, or just a man, who dressed up like a woman to gain access to the women’s bathroom?

This might have been part of the reason why she or he was beaten so savagely by the two women.

In addition, Chrissy, or Christopher, has an extensive rap sheet with convictions of prostitution, property destruction and disorderly conduct.

Vernon Hackett, the McDonald’s employee, who filmed the attack, said that Chrissy was really a man, and that the altercation started in the women’s bathroom.

Both of the attackers, a 14 and 18 year old have been charged with the assault.

I have a question for women: Would your opinion of the attack change if it was determined that Chrissy was really a confused man, who tried to get some kind of sexual gratification by sneaking into the women’s bathroom? I mean, most people would applaud a Peeping Tom getting his head kicked in if he was caught.

I know, I wasn’t there, and I’m not saying that this was the case. However, I do think that if it was, it makes this case not only confusing, but also more interesting.

Anyway, I still see a huge lawsuit coming from Chrissy or Christopher. The fact that she (he) didn’t fight back will make the case even stronger. I suppose McDonald’s will quickly settle out of court on this one.