SpoofCard.com Now Has SMS Spoofing

I got an e-mail today from SpoofCard.com that they are now offering SMS spoofing.

SpoofCard Introduces SMS Spoofing – No Joke!

Hi There,

We’re really excited to be sending you this email with this MAJOR announcement just in time for April Fools’ Day! This year is sure to be one for the history books, with our GROUNDBREAKING SMS Spoofing service.

Send a Spoof SMS now! We’ll even let you send a test message before buying!

Introducing SMS Spoofing!

This is not a joke – SpoofCard now offers SMS text message spoofing! You can now send a text message to any mobile number, FROM any mobile number! This is literally the April Fools prank of the decade and ONLY available from SpoofCard!

SMS spoofing has been one of our most requested feature to-date and we worked 24/7 recently to put it all together for you in time for April Fools’ Day.

Tell a friend, because this is going to be HUGE!.

Send a Spoof SMS now! We’ll even let you send a test message before buying!

Special 15% Off Coupon Code

Not only are we introducing the prank of the century today, we’re also offering 15% off, for one day only! Now’s your chance to take advantage of our biggest deal of the year with a whopping 15% off.

Just enter coupon code APRIL1 when adding credits to your existing PIN during checkout and receive 15% off your purchase instantly! Add SpoofCard Credits Now!

My personal opinion is that this might be great for shits and giggles with your friends. However, I wouldn’t use this for any serious revenge. Remember that they have a habit of ┬áturning over your information to authorities when people make a complaint about your telephone spoofing. So, what makes this SMS service any different?The other thing that I find interesting is that they have a Trap Line service that unmasks phone numbers that people are trying to spoof. So, what good is their telephone spoofing if you are using it for anything other than a few practical jokes?

If you really want to use their services, make sure you use a virtual credit card that you purchase anonymously under a name other than your own.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – The Sweetness of Revenge

Planning 100 ways to get revenge could even be healthy for you.

It’s been proven by doctors through brain scans that people, who plan revenge show satisfaction in brain activity. That activity rose when revenge was actually carried out, or even while planning.

More and more people have belief in the saying, “Revenge is sweet.”

There is an unwritten law of human nature that makes it OK for any man or woman to seek vengeance and equal punishment against anyone, who wrongdoer. Most people will go out of their way to even the score, even though they could get in trouble, and might not be advantageous to them.

5 Types of Victims of Harassment and Bullies

There are usually five types of bullying and harassment victims. They are:

1. The “Brush it Off” Victims – These are people, who can brush it off, or believe that the bullies will eventually be dealt with by God, or some other higher power. These people usually make statements like: “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” or “The best revenge is to be successful in life.”

2. The Beaten - These people have been so abused by their enemy that they are afraid to do anything. Maybe the aggressor is their boss, or is just physically stronger, so they don’t want any altercations.

3. Dreamers - These are people, who fantasize about getting revenge, but never do. They say that they will get even with their enemy one day, and they think of many clever ways to get revenge, but only in their minds.

4. Ticking Time Bombs – These are people, who have been bullied for longer periods of time, and eventually snaps. They usually do something violent and irrational, and end up in jail.

5. Calculators – Calculators plan their revenge in advance. They might still be getting harassed at the time they are carefully planning and plotting. There is no way that his or her aggressor is going to get away with what they did. It might take weeks, months, or even years, but they will never feel right until they carry out their actions.

Calculators come up with alibis, they study their target’s habits, and they learn as much as they can about their aggressor, and anyone that might know them. When they do get revenge, it causes great mental suffering for their enemy.


Revenge should be carried out in a calm manner. You should never feel anger, but instead, you should feel great pleasure watching your enemy suffer.

Never forget that there are a 100 ways to get revenge against your enemies. Take your time, and make your enemies suffer.

Restaurant Gets Revenge on Its Customers – Hits Them with up to $4 Tab for Ice

A restaurant has found how to get revenge on its customers. If you thought airlines were bad for sticking up their passengers for baggage fees, you haven’t heard anything.

The Darby, an upscale Manhattan restaurant and bar, is charging its customers up to $4 for ice in its alcoholic beverages.

One customer noticed added $2 service charge on his tab that said “Rocks,” and was told that it was for the ice cubes.

For more expensive alcohol, that “Rocks” charge goes up to $4. Supposedly, the extra charge is because they say they’re putting more alcohol in the drinks that contain more ice.

I can understand charging more money to reserve a special table. Or, more money for certain cuisine, but for ice cubes? Hell, you could buy a damned bag of ice for that price.

I think the customers will get the last laugh when they perform a famous bar trick, called the “Disappearing Customer”.