Workplace Harassment

The Purpose Driven Knife has proven that there are more than 100 ways to get revenge on someone.

Workplace bullying is surprisingly common in United States. According to a recent survey, nearly 35% of employees have directly encountered intimidation and other forms of bullying. If you have ever been a target of bullying, you realize how it impacts your entire life, not only at your workplace.

Workplace bullying can lower your self confidence and self esteem, and in many cases causes mental depression. If someone is bullying you at your office, you might need legal help. Supposedly, there are actually anti-bullying laws that are in place in the U.S. However, here are the problems:

The bullying is done in such a way, that you don’t have enough evidence.

You worry about losing your job.

The corporation is too powerful, and has a team of corporate lawyers that will squash you and your case like a bug.

This leads us back to why bullying occurs. Keep in mind, if you’re being bullied, it’s because bullies go after weak targets. Many workers that are bullied at their workplace are commonly victimized by supervisors, managers and even directors. Bullies normally size up potential targets to find out whether they can dominate them.

How to Deal with Bullying

If you want to know how to really deal with bullies, here is some advice:

  • Although this might damage your ego, if you’re being bullied, it’s because the bully sees you as a weak target. Bullies never take on people, who fight back.


  • If you feel you have enough ammunition for a legal case, and you have the stomach and deep pockets to hire an attorney, take them to court.


  • Man Up (or Woman Up) and confront them. However, just remember that the reason you are being bullied in the first place is because the bully sees you as a weak target. If you confront them, they might escalate their attack on you. Are you mentally and possibly physically ready for that?

My Tip on How to Deal with Bullying
The Purpose Driven Knife has been helping many people target bullies. That’s right, instead of being a passive and easy target, they have devised many ways to turn the tables on agressors. However, this isn’t attacking your bully physically, but mentally.

They have developed many ways to confuse, embarrass, anger and frighten bullies. Their philosophy is that strength is in numbers, and by working together as a team, you can defeat any bully.

Together with K’bir, they have written two books that many people are using to fight back against bullies:

The Purpose Driven Knife II – This book teaches unconventional and ruthless tactics to give you an unfair advantage over your enemy. It’s a no-holds-barred approach that can transform you from victim to victor.

Toxic Internet – There are 100 ways to get revenge by using the Internet against any bully. This is not about posting something stupid on Facebook or YouTube, but little known tactics that allow you to turn others against anyone, who is bullying you.

In addition, K’bir has created a private revenge membership that includes a monthly newsletter and support group. This is a monthly newsletter that discusses all of the newest ways to get revenge against bullies. The support group works together to target bullies. Whether they are your neighbors, coworkers, your ex-spouse, or anyone else, who might be harassing you. Sign up now for just $20 a month.


Although bullying has become a part of our everyday lives, there is really no reason to accept it anymore. There’s no reason to become violent, and do something physical that will put you in prison for the rest of your life. Instead, use highly effective mental tactics to destroy any bully, who is stupid enough to harass you.

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