100 Ways to Get Revenge – Dad Threaten’s Daughter’s Bullies


There are a 100 ways to get revenge with someone who is causing problems with your kids at school.

A dad has enough of boys picking on his daughter and goes berserk.

What would you do in this situation? These boys allegedly used open condoms to hit his daughter in the head, and pulled on her ears. Would you:?

1. Get on the bus and yell at the kids like he did?

2. Report the incident to the police, or to the school?

3. Put a foot in the boys asses, or go upside their heads?

4. Plot on how you could get revenge on them?

I honestly think I would be leaning to numbers 3 and 4. Number three would be assaulting the kids, so I would probably choose number 4, and get revenge on the kids.

No one has the right to put their hands on your children, and especially hitting your daughter with a condom. I’m sure any concerned father would react in the same way.

Bullying needs to stop. However, the only way it is going to stop is if parents take matters into their own hands.

Here’s what I would have done if I was the father.

1. Find out the kids names and who their parents were.

2. Collect their addresses, and the addresses of their neighbors.

3. Start a smear campaign on the little rug rats. Sending out fliers that they little boys are gay.

4. Contact some of the neighbors and tell them that the boys are stealing things from their houses, and bragging about it at school.

5. Anonymously contact the principle of their school and tell him, or her that the little boys are cheating on their tests, and threatening other kids with knives if they don’t help them.

6. Find out the names of other little girls at the school, drip a little chicken or beef blood on a letter, send it to her, and put one of the little boy’s address as the return address (no need to write anything on the letter, the blood alone will cause worry.

7. Find out the names of bigger, older and meanest kids at that same school and send them an anonymous mail telling them that one of the boys said they were gay and that they could kick the bigger boy’s ass.

8. Write to their parents and tell them that their kids are bringing gay pornography to school.

9. Contact one of the kid’s teachers and tell him, or her that the kid is bringing knives to school.

10. Contact the parents and tell them that the kid is telling everyone at school that his parents beat him all of the time, and asked if he should call the cops on them.

These are just a few things I thought off the top of my head. Are they mean and evil? You bet they are. So, is hitting your daughter up side her head with condoms and pulling on her ears!

There are always bigger and badder kids at schools. You only need to find out who they are and tell them that a smaller kid is making an ass out of them, and then there’s going to be trouble. Maybe the kids will learn a lesson not to mess with other people, and it will straighten them out before they are older and doing things that are much worse, and end up in jail.

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