Your Boss – The Bully – 100 Ways to Get Revenge

You can add this to your list of 100 ways to get revenge at your office.

Most of us have had a boss from hell at least one time in our lives. The problem has always been what to do, short of quitting, or taking the verbal abuse.

The New York State Senate has passed a workplace bullying bill that hopefully will become law. It’s high time that employees are not only protected against other employees, but also their bosses.

How many times have you heard of a coworker getting chewed out by a boss in front of others? How many offices are there where everyone is afraid of the boss, because they realize that he, or she have terrible tempers?

All of this could be a thing of the past if it becomes law in New York. There could be a domino effect in other states.

There is nothing wrong with a boss who has a disciplined staff, and expects a lot out of his or her workers. But for bosses to threaten employees, or issue bad reports on an employee should be grounds to sue.

Add this to your list of 100 ways to get revenge in the workplace.

11 Year Old Stands Up to Bullies – 100 Ways to Get Revenge

Perhaps, saying, “I’ll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushy,” is too street for an 11 year old. But one thing is sure, Jessica Leonhardt (A.K.A. Jessi Slaughter) stepped up her game on cyber bullies.

Hurling profanity like a street thug, she made it clear that she would take out anyone trying to bully her. I don’t know if her tormentors took death threats by a 7th grader seriously, but she didn’t back down. See the video below:


I guess the biggest question in this case is why the girl’s parents would allow her to on the Internet unsupervised at 11? On the other hand, how is it possible to monitor an 11 year old 24 hour a day?

I applaud her for sticking up to bullies, and speaking to them in a forceful way. Now I hope she can get a psychological evaluation, and then get on with her life.

100 Ways to Get Revenge by Using the Media – How to Get Revenge

photo by f3000

Bloggers learned that there are 100 ways to get revenge, even at national level by using edited video clips and re-posting them on blogs and video sites.  Below is one of the many edited clips that are now floating around on the Internet.


The NAACP claims that they were “snookered” by FOX News over the Shirley Sherrod incident.

Well, I guess they were in a long line of people who were snookered, including FOX News, and many other news outlets, but more importantly, The White House.

How is it possible that a blogger could fool so many professional people with an edited snippet from a speech? Why are people so gullible? What does all of this have to do with revenge, and what does it mean for you and your revenge plans?


The answer lies in psychology. Andrew Breitbart didn’t rely on his journalistic skills to make believers out of the masses. In every journalist school, or course, journalists are taught to fact check. When you hear something that sounds like a great story, you cannot start printing it, or broadcasting it until you have made certain that your sources were reliable.

Yet, when Andrew Breitbart’s edited video on Shirley Sherrod hit the Internet, all sense of reasoning went out the window, and ideological greed took over. News broadcasts such as FOX News wanted to be first at the crime scene, and first to spread the story.

In addition, some people wanted to use the Sherrod video to spread their racist views, and help to further the separation of ethnic groups in the United States.

In my opinion, Andrew Breitbart was not interested in following the laws of journalism, nor was he interested in reporting a good story. He was interested in destroying the reputation of the NAACP, and wanted to discredit Shirley Sherrod at the same time.

Other reports have surfaced about him editing pieces from other videos to slant them to his racist views. In the end, his views will make him hated by a large group of Americans, but it will also raise his clout with the large base that he is targeting.

How is this related to you getting revenge?

I have often talked about how the Internet can be used to get revenge against your enemies, and this case is a prime example. If you spin a story to enough people, it soon becomes fact. Human psychology comes into play, and people begin to believe what they want to believe, even in absence of hard evidence.

When you start rumors about your enemy, all you need to do is back them up by a little altered, or even fabricated information, and you can do a lot of damage to their reputation.

People think that getting revenge needs to be complicated, and they need to create an elaborate scheme to get even with someone. The reality is, it can be quite simple, and it does not need to take a lot of your time.

How long did it take Andrew Breitbart to edit a small piece from Shirley Sherrod’s speech? Then, how long did it take him to throw it up on and YouTube? I’ll bet the whole process took less than half an hour, and it created instant havoc.

C’mon, we’re not talking about fooling your friends. This guy fooled nearly the entire nation. The White House got involved, and took swift action to remove Shirley Sherrod from her job. Bill O’Reilly was crying for her immediate resignation, and other Right-Wing groups smelled blood, and immediately went for Shirley Sherrod’s, and the NAACP’s jugular veins.

Psychological Revenge

Good revenge is all about psychology. When you know a person has a strong political, or racist views, you know which buttons to push to set them off. This intensifies when it reaches a large group of people. This should give you a lot of ideas when it comes time to dealing with some of your enemies.

There are 100 ways to get revenge on your enemies. However, when you want to get even with someone, don’t be like Andrew Breitbart, and stamp your name on what you did. Otherwise, you could be sued for millions.

In this case, Shirley Sherrod is going to get the last revenge, and it’s probably going to be from the court, and a check written out by Andrew Breitbart.

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