100 Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge Against Rapists

Now there are 100 ways to get revenge against rapists.

Women might now have the perfect device against rapists, date rape, and other sexual assaults.

A South African doctor has created a female condom that once it comes in contact with a penis, it attaches tightly, and inserts rows of hooks that can only be removed by a doctor.

Not only is the man left in excruciating pain, but it is a clear sign to doctors that they probably have someone who was involved in some sexual assault. So, all they would need to do is call the police, who would automatically investigate.

Named the “Rape-aXe” condom, it was designed to help deter rape in African countries where sexual assaults against women are mostly unpunished.

Perhaps these devices need to be distributed in the United States.  I like this device because it not only acts as a deterrent, it also provides immediate punishment against your enemy. It’s kind of like a judge-in-a-box.

It also gives a new meaning to “fits like  a glove”.

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Quick and Smelly Tactics

There are 100 ways to get revenge with nasty smells.

Here are some quick and smelly tactics

Rotten Eggs

You’ve heard the expression, “that smells like a bunch of rotten eggs.” People automatically associate that sulfphur type of smell with bad eggs. Yes, rotten eggs have a horrible smell, and they are great to use on a nasty neighbor’s house.

To create rotten eggs, just get a thin needle, and poke a hole in the top of a dozen eggs (or more).

Now, just let the eggs sit in a warm, or hot place for a couple of weeks. You might not notice the smell while the eggs are still in their shell, but if you break them open, you won’t need to question if they are rotten, or not. You now have a horrendous smell.

The nicest part about rotten eggs is that they are long distance attack items. You can be 20 yards or more away, and throw them up against the side of their house, their door, or all over their windows. You could walk by your neighbor’s house at night and launch your attack. Or, you could just as easily walk up to your neighbor’s house and crack the nasty things open inside their mailbox.

Spoiled Milk

Spoiled milk can be left to spoil, and it will get bad just like eggs. Leave it out in a warm, or hot place for a few days, and you’ve got some nasty smelling stuff. This stuff works best when it’s put underneath door openings, or inside anyplace in a house.

Let it soak in someone’s carpet, their sofa, inside the computer monitor, PC, or back of TV. If you can get it into someone’s car, and into their carpet, they will suffer.

The smell is very difficult to get out, and once it gets warm, it really is bad.

Give your enemies a dose of these bad-smelling tactics, and they will forever be pissed off.

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