100 Ways to Get Revenge – K’bir Breaks His Silence

Learn how to put bullies in their place

This guy knows more than 100 ways to get revenge. Try thousands!

For nearly 12 years, Abdelk’bir Elmouflih (K’bir) has practiced revenge on the Internet. Not only that, he’s the head of Virtual Justice, and a senior member with The Purpose Driven Knife.
K’bir is an ex U.S. military cop, and security specialist. He has been active in revenge since the late 70′s, and unlike some of these other “so called, revenge experts” he’s literally earned his stripes.
When you go on the offensive against bullies, they usually do something stupid, and sometimes end up in jail. It’s not possible for them to control their rage, and they want to take it out on somebody.
“There is nothing like seeing and smelling fear in your enemy,” says K’bir.
“The pungent odor escapes through their pores, and grown men break down from the constant stress put on them by psychological revenge tactics.”

Silly Rabbit, Pranks are for Kids

Don’t confuse true revenge with pranks. Pranks are all about shits and giggles. Pranks are about one-upping someone who did something to you, and then laughing about it over a beer with your friends.
Revenge, on the other hand, is about taking your enemy apart. Using practically any tactics that not only help you get payback, but also destroy your enemy’s character and reputation. Leaving them paranoid, and always trying to figure out what might come next.
If you, or your loved ones have been bullied and harassed, then take the time to learn what K’bir will be teaching you.
On June 5th at 6:00 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Standard Time) K’bir will be giving a training webinar.

Everything you want to know about revenge, you will hear in this webinar.
Here are some topics he will cover:

1. The psychology of revenge – Learn why psychological revenge causes more damage than a physical attack.
2. The first things you need to do before starting your revenge campaign.

3. How to get high level security on your computer

4. How to use different type of revenge attack against different types of people (family, ex-friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.)
5. What to do if your target suspects you.

6. How to hide your information in case anyone ever searched your computer.

7. Knowing when to stop your attacks (or, at least slow them down).
In addition, all of the webinar information will be available on audio and video for those who signed up. This will also include a questions and answer segment where he will answer all questions submitted.
Anyone who has purchased either the March Madness Sale Special, or the New Subscribers Special Offer, will have free access to this event. Others will be charged $35.
We are going to limit this to the first 50 sign ups (plus, those members who have already purchased our special offer).
Some of the information he is going to cover has never been released, or discussed anywhere else. (So, remember that if you later see it popping up on other people’s websites)
This information is detailed, and this will be at least a 2 hour event.
If you really want to see how a professional gets revenge on his enemies, without pulling any punches, this is the guy!
Keep an eye out next week for more details.
Do yourself a favor, and don’t miss out on this. I guarantee that you will learn 100 Ways to Get Revenge, and  some things that you never knew existed when it comes to getting revenge.

Using Public Computers for Revenge Tactics

The following information is from K’bir’s new e-book on preventing bullying and harassment. It will be released next month, stay tuned for more information.

If you want to know how to get revenge on a public computer, follow the directions outlined in this chapter.

There will sooner or later come a time that you need, or want to use a public computer to send e-mail,  or investigate your enemy.

If you don’t have a laptop, or access to another trusted desktop computer, you will need to use a public computer at a library, community center, university, or at an Internet Cafe.

When using these computers, you need to think  of your privacy first.

Occasionally, these computers are accidentally or purposely infected with keyloggers, Trojans and viruses. The last thing you want is someone to steal your personal information, or hack into your e-mails.

Here are some simple steps to keep your information safe, and to avoid infected computers:

1. Online Virus Scanners

This should be your first line of defense when using public computers. Check to see if the computer you are using is infected. Don’t rely on the virus scanner of the public computer that you are using, because it might not be up-to-date.

Scan your public computer with one of these:

Trend Micro HouseCall

Bitdefender Online Scanner

2. Use Portable Encrypted Flash Drives

It’s best to keep all of your personal information that you need to surf the Internet on a portable encrypted drive. Portable devices can be purchased at any electronics store, or department store.

To encrypt your flash drive, download TrueCrypt (it’s free).

TrueCrypt creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. You can use TrueCrypt to encrypt a section of your portable drive. You want to do this to hide your personal information that you will need to access when using public computers.

For information on how to install and use TrueCrypt, check out their tutorial on their website.

I can’t emphasize this enough, make sure you use TrueCrypt to protect and hide your personal information from people who are trying to hack, or who have already infected the computer that you are going to use.


FSekrit is a very small application that works like a notepad when it is open, but when you close it, it’s a locked application, which needs a password to open and view the contents.

This is a good program to hide your e-mail passwords, site information, and other personal information that you don’t want any strangers to see.

Never Type Your Passwords on a Public Computer

To avoid possible keyloggers that might be installed on the public computer that you are using, never type passwords, or other personal information on a public keyboard. Instead, copy and paste your private information.

If you use a program, like FSekrit, you can just open it up, and then copy and paste any personal information from FSekrit, directly to the web browser.


To make double sure no one ever gets your passwords, save your passwords in FSekrit using other encrypted text.

Check out this example below:

This is a sample of a text file that I saved with four passwords that I often use for e-mail and other sites. Do you think someone could find them? No, and they won’t find yours either, even if somehow, they got a hold of your FSekrit file, and guessed the password to open it. They still wouldn’t have any of your passwords.

Now, look at the image below to where I hid my passwords:

This is a foolproof way to hide any passwords!

By using these simple tips, you can carry out your revenge tactics on a public computer. Of course, it’s always better to use your own laptop, but if you don’t have access to one, this is the best alternative.

For more information on ways to stop bullying and harassment, and ways on how  get revenge on someone, sign up for The Purpose Driven Knife Newsgroup.

100 Ways to Get Revenge With Camera – Teacher Beats Down Student

Teacher Sheri Davis forgot about contacting the principal, then decided to issue corporate punishment on one of her students. (Click on video below)

Houston Teacher Beats Down Student

Thinking the teacher was just playing, kids were laughing and a few students started their cell phone cameras to record the action.

Other teachers were also standing around watching the event, but none of them bothered to stop the teacher from beating down the student.

Like some bad cops, teachers are now taking matters into their own hands with our kids. When kids get out of line and break the law, they are rightfully punished. The same thing should happen to any adults that put their hands on kids.

The best lesson to all of this is for people to keep the cell phone and video cameras rolling. The only way to get these rogue teachers away from the classrooms is to catch them on tape.

Hopefully, the parents of this student will sue whoever they can, and that might deter the next teacher who pulls such a stunt.