How to Get Revenge With Recovered Files

How to get revenge on a spouse or partner with your computer?

So, what if you have a cheating spouse, or partner, and you think they are hiding information on the computer. Of course you could install a keylogging device to see what they were typing.

However, what about if they were deleting files that they had hidden on the computer? Here is a nice free tool that you can use to recover any type of files that were accidentally, or purposely deleted.

Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a very popular file recovery software that has even received great reviews on PC MAGAZINE, PC WORLD, and APPSCOUT.

It allows you to recover documents, pictures, songs and movies.

The program scans your computer, and after the scanning is done, you have a choice of which files you want to recover, and where you want to save them.

A cheating spouse will often type e-mails in notepad, or programs like Microsoft Word, and later delete them. They might also download files of their lover, view them, and then either hide them deep inside other folders, or delete them. By using this program, it’s possible to extract those files.

Let’s say you extracted some deleted files that had the name of someone your spouse or partner has been in contact with. The file then leads you to believe that this might be a potential lover. You could then do other digging through online databases, or even do some offline checking.

You could also run a search for files containing that person’s name on your computer with Windows Explorer. Use the advanced search feature and search for “word or phrase in the document”.

The search might take a little time, and might bring back a few false positives, but since you have a person’s name, you can try using their first name, or even full name if you have it.

You can also try searching for your partner’s name in the same way. If he received a message from his lover, and saved it and deleted it, the lover might mention your spouse or partner’s name.

IN addition, you can use this tool to find any files that you might have accidentally deleted, and wish to recover.

Using a tool like Pandora Recovery can be even more effective if you have a keylogger installed on your computer. A keylogger will give you better information as it captures anything that was typed on your computer.

If you use a keylogger on your own computer, it’s best to use an option that saves the file to a hidden folder on your computer, than using an option to have it e-mailed, or FTP’d to you. The reason is that eventually, your anti-virus or firewall might detect files getting sent out regularly, and that might make your enemy suspicious.

If you’re suspicious of your spouse, or partner, don’t disregard your intuition. Check ‘em out!

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The End of Call Spoofing? – 100 Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge Tips

Could one of the 100 ways to get revenge soon come to an end?

Here is an e-mail that I just received from

Tuesday 20, April 2010
Defend Your Right To Spoof Caller ID. Contact Your Senator Today!

Dear Jeff,

Last week the US House of Representatives passed legislation potentially regulating Caller ID spoofing. It’s important to note that this does not mean that spoofing is now illegal.

The senate version of this bill included language that would ONLY ban the use of spoofing to “cause harm or wrongfully obtain anything of value.” The house version uses very vague language that prohibits spoofing with the “intent to deceive”, which would refer to nearly all types of spoofing, even for harmless or professional use.

The bill is now headed to the Senate for reconciliation. Please help us keep this service, that has many legitimate uses, available! Use our Automatic Call Placer, free of charge, to contact your U.S. Senator to urge them to support the Senate language of the bill, known as the S-30 bill (and oppose the House version, HR1258) to ensure that Caller ID spoofing will only be illegal when used “to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value.”

Immediate action is needed, as this bill will be considered in the next few days.

Please use our Automatic Call Placer to be connected instantly to your area’s senator, free of charge!

-The SpoofCard Team

For those of you who still don’t know, telephone spoofing is still an excellent way to deal with potential enemies. If it’s done right, it’s very effective.  The problem is when people try to hack into voice mail messages, and get caught.

It might take awhile before any laws are actually passed, but it’s best to use phone spoofing while you can.

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Sarah Palin Ready to Get Revenge on E-mail Hacker

Sarah Palin Gets Revenge on E-mail Hacker
Jury selection begins today for a University of Tennessee student, David Kernell, accused of hacking into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account.

David’s father, Tennessee House Rep. Mike Kernell might have had enough clout to help his son in a normal situation. However, up against the star power of Sarah Palin, his son could be in some serious hot water.

Mrs. Palin’s account was hacked while she was still governor of Alaska. The only thing odd about this story is that she was using her Yahoo e-mail account for state business! Wouldn’t the governor’s office have a more secure e-mail server than Yahoo? Or, maybe she was discussing some things on there that she wouldn’t want saved on the state government’s servers?

The U.S. government takes these charges seriously, and Mr. Kernell is is looking at up to 50 years in prison for the combined charges against him.

If you are hacking into someone’s account for revenge purposes, you need to understand the possible consequences if you get caught. If you put a keylogger on your own family computer to try to catch your spouse cheating, that’s probably a different story, but hacking into some public figure’s account is just outright dumb.