Neighbor Revenge – 100 Ways to Get Revenge

As you might expect, there are 100 ways to get revenge against nasty neighbors, too.

Go to BestBuy, or a similar store and pay cash for a No-Contract Cell Phone. This is a cell phone that has pre-paid minutes and no contract. You want to pay cash, because you do not want to leave a paper trail. It is also a good idea not to buy the phone in another city, or state.

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Next, sign up for a Spoofcard account at You are going to use Spoofcard to spoof the Caller ID number on the phones you are calling. Make sure you sign up for SpoofCard anonymously by purchasing an anonymous virtual debit card at websites like, Card444.Com or get a gift card virtual debit card at If you live near a shopping mall that sells Simon Cards, you can purchase a pre-paid card in any name you choose.

Finally, you want to contact as many companies as possible that will send people to your enemy’s house. When you call, you will use and use your No-Contract Cell Phone number as the number you wish to use to show up on the CallerID. This is because some businesses, such as pizza places and taxi companies might call you back to verify you called them.

Find a time you know that your enemy is at home and send taxis, pizza deliveries, and other restaurants that deliver food.

Wait a few days later and begin calling landscapers, interior designers, construction companies, and any other companies that will come to your enemy’s house for estimates on work.

Wait a few days more and then send religious groups. Just tell them you read some of their literature and would like to speak to a representative.

You can continue to do this for weeks. If you do not want to use the No-Contract Cell Phone number all of the time, you can also use PayPhone numbers, too.

There are many companies that you can call. Just open a YellowPages book and go from A to Z and call as many people as you want. The goal is to really annoy your enemy. By doing this for many weeks, you are guaranteed to reach your goal.

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Remember, there are 100 ways to get revenge against nasty neighbors

100 Ways to Get Revenge – 67 Yr. Old Beats Up Young Man on Bus

My grandmother always told me not to mess with people I didn’t know.  Such is the case with a young man threatening to beat a 67 year old man riding a public bus. After telling the old man to go back to the front of the bus, and telling him that he was going to put his foot up the old man’s ass, he made his last mistake by approaching the old man for a second time at the front of the bus, and taking a half-ass swing.

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So, what does all of this have to do with revenge? A lot!

Kids and adults are picked on every day. Now, I am not saying that you should go toe-to-toe with some thug like this old guy did. However, there are some sneaky ways that you can deal with bullies.

Here is a  sneaky techniques that you can use against  bullies.

The Blame Game

There was a high school kid that was picking on my nephew (who was still in Jr. High). My sister wanted to know what she could do, because  she didn’t want to go to the school, because the kid’s family would end up knowing that my sister was the one who snitched on him.  That’s just not cool in the big city, and if she did it, my nephew might have had bigger problems later.

I told to have her son do his best to avoid this other boy for a couple of months, and I would try to cook up something.

What I started doing was paying close attention to the local news on the television, and in the local newspapers.  In our city, the police have many arrests everyday for every imaginable type of crime. So, I started keeping notes of arrests, those who were arrested, and where they lived. I was specifically looking for people who might be gang affiliated.

Once I had enough information from enough people, I started sending letters to the family, or neighbors of those who were arrested.  I told them how sorry to hear about their son’s getting arrested, but I just happened to know who reported them to the police. I think you can guess who’s name I dropped?

Eventually, the older boy who was bullying my nephew  had more serious issues, because gang members were  looking for him, and he got a taste of his own medicine. It actually got so bad that the boy and his family had to move.

This can also work against adult bullies, too. It only requires watching the TV, and reading local newspapers, or finding the same information on the Internet.

The important thing is, never let anyone bully you, your family, or anyone else who is close to you. Don’t think it is possible to always turn your back and walk away. You can try, but if it doesn’t work, it’s time to get revenge.

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US School Used Laptops to Spy On Its Students

A U.S. school used laptops to spy on its students. Supposedly over 2300 students were issued laptops, and all of them had webcams that were rigged so the high school could monitor the students. The school stated that the they were installed to track stolen, or lost laptops, but it seems the reality is that they were installed for spying.

This is incredible! Parents send their kids to school for an education, and end up having their teens spied on, even when they are in the privacy of their own homes.

For sure some perverted teachers got their kicks by watching kids change their clothes.

Lets hope that revenge comes in the form of 2300 fat checks written by the city, or the state to those families. Hopefully the school gets shutdown, and many high-ranking people end up in the unemployment line.

This is obviously a case of technology gone wild.  However, don’t be too shocked by it. This kind of stuff goes on everyday, and it is rarely discovered.  Remember, in revenge, we can use cellular phones equipped with spying devices. All you need to do is give them as a present to your enemy, and you receive all of the information from their calls.

How about GPS devices? You can now buy them in many forms, and they are easily hidden in cars, so you can spy on your spouse, kids, or other enemies.

And what about the tiny hidden webcams that you can buy and hide just about anywhere to spy on whoever you want?

You should remember that revenge is a two-way street, and anything you do to someone else, they can equally do to you. So, be careful how you plot your revenge, and if you are a student and a school seems to generous by giving away free laptops, cellphones, etc., you better check those things out thoroughly when you accept them.