100 Ways to Get Revenge – Pirates Revenge

There are 100 ways to get revenge with hijacking!

Pirates of Somalia Live takes a lighter look at Somalian hijackers and adventure cruises.

According to Wikipedia:

“Some pirates are former fishermen, who argue that foreign ships are threatening their livelihood by illegally fishing in Somali waters. After seeing the profitability of piracy, since ransoms are usually paid, warlords began to facilitate pirate activities, splitting the profits with the pirates. In most of the hijackings, the bandits have not harmed their prisoners. The attackers generally treat their hostages well in anticipation of a big payday to the point of hiring caterers on the shores of Somalia to cook spaghetti, grilled fish and roasted meat that will appeal to a Western palate. They also keep a steady supply of cigarettes and drinks from the shops on shore.

One thing is true, large fishing fleets from European and Asian countries have depleted many fish stocks off of the coast of many African countries. So, even though now hijacking is a problem off of Somalia, what happens when entrepreneurial people from other African nations get similar ideas?”

Honestly speaking, perhaps this is Africa’s Revenge! The contintent was raped of its resources, and there was never any recompensation for the atrocious crimes commited against Africans during colonial slavery.

So, as Scammer, one of our readers once posted

Maybe it’s just time that Africans started getting revenge.

Revenge By Camera – Police Shoves Passenger Into Glass

Keep the cameras rolling. There are 100 ways to get revenge, even with a camera.

The question in this case is, does the crime fit the punishment dished out by this officer?


The police officer thought he was drunk, the family says that he’s suffering from bi-polar disorders. Does it really make a difference? Do you think this police officer was justified, or do you think it was excessive force?

Some people defending the officer on television are saying, “He didn’t push his head through the glass, but the guy broke the glass with his arm.” Well, if I had a choice of having my head smashed into a window, or my arm, I am certain I would choose my arm.

Damn, I think all cops need to be trained in Ju-Jitsu, and learn to restrain people without putting them through a glass, hitting them with a baton, or a taser, or God forbid, putting a bullet in a suspect’s head (that’s just what happened a few stops away a few months back when an officer straight up blasted a passenger, claiming he mistakenly confused his pistol with his taser. ) Right!

How to Get Legal Revenge on a Cheating Spouse – Financial Rewards

There are 100 ways to get revenge against a cheating spouse. Let’s talk about what you can do once you know your spouse is cheating, and when you want out of the relationship. This is mainly for women, but many ideas can be applied for men, too.

We’re going to discuss how to get financial revenge against your cheating spouse.


The second you start thinking about a divorce, you need to start planning. Many women wait until the last second to get a lawyer. Now is the time to prepare, you need to start planning your escape and financial smack down far in advance.

Silence is Golden

The biggest mistake that people make against their cheating spouses is that they find out enough information about the affair, and then they confront their spouse. If you’re playing poker and have a great hand, you’re not going to show your cards to your opponent, the same goes when you know your partner is having an affair.

Once you know your spouse is cheating, pretend nothing has happened, grin and bear it, and start planning and plotting against your spouse.

Do not tell anyone, not even your best friends. Why?

First, they might think they are doing you a favor by contacting your spouse, because they want you to stay together.

Second, because they might get pissed off at you one day, forget that they’re your “best friend” and tell your spouse out of spite.

Third, they may get a subpoena to testify. You never know what people are going to do once they’re under oath.

7 Quick Ways to Get Your House in Order

1. Set up a Post Office Box

You will want to set up a P.O. Box to receive any mails that you don’t want your spouse to know about. Letters from your lawyer and letters from your new personal banking and finances should go here. However, keep some correspondences going to your regular home address, because you don’t want to raise any suspicion.

2. Close Joint Accounts

You need to remove your name from joint accounts. If your spouse decides to later take all of the money out of the account, or open up lines of credit (which you could be responsible for later), it will be very hard to deal with it later.

It’s best to take out at least half of what is in the account, and deposit it in a new personal account that you should open.

3. Set up Your Own Personal Banking Account

Set up a new banking account, one that your spouse knows nothing about. Even if you already have a personal account, move most of that money into a new account.

4. Establish Your Own Credit

If you haven’t done so, establish your own credit, get a credit card and keep it active. Charge a few things and pay them off on time. Remember, it’s possible for your spouse to cancel any joint credit cards and accounts that you have so be pro-active and prepared.

5. Make a Complete Inventory

Every tangible thing that you have accumulated during your marriage can get split up in court. So, you need to make a record of everything. It’s best to take photos of expensive items in case your spouse tries to hide, or sell them when your marriage starts to fall apart. Keep track of the date when the photos were taken.

6. Revise Your Will

If your spouse is listed in your will, you will want to change that.

7. Start Preparing for Your New Life

If you have been a stay at home mom, or dad, you might not be ready for the new financial strain that this will put on you. You might be taking the kids with you, too. This is another added burden, and requires more money.

Before you put yourself or your spouse out in the street, be prepared to move into your new lifestyle. If you don’t have a job, or ready profession, now is the time to start training for it. If you are qualified to work, but don’t have a job, now is the time to start looking for work. Don’t wait until the last minute.

After you have done the above, it’s time to contact a lawyer, and find out what other papers you need to get your hands on, and what your course of action should be.

Getting financial revenge against your spouse is always a viable option. Hey, you put your heart and soul into your relationship, you suffered, so why shouldn’t your soon to be ex suffer, too?

For other ideas on how to get revenge, get a copy of The Purpose Driven Knife. And for eclectic Internet revenge tactics, check out Toxic Internet.