Good Investigative Site

There are a 100 ways to get revenge on line. Remember, the Internet is your friend, and it can be your enemy’s worst nightmare.

The first step of any revenge plan against your enemy, is to gather as much background information as possible. Don’t just stop with the information you find on your enemy, but dig deeper, and gather information on your enemy’s neighbors, family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else that you might find.

A good place to start your investigation is According to their web site, they have: “The most comprehensive people search on the web.” I think they have a good argument, and the best part about a lot of the search results is that many of the searches are free.

You can search by name, or you can perform reverse searches by Email, Username, Phone and even by Business.

Search by Name

This is the main section of the site, and you will first see the “Contact Details” section at the top. Here, you will find anyone from listing with that name, in the city and state you listed in the search.

In this section, there is also a Map Address, which comes in handy when you want to know not just the street your enemy lives on, but adjacent streets where you can find people who probably know your enemy, too.

Background Reports

These are all run through You will need to pay if you want full background check information. If you think your enemy might have some dirt to dig up, here you can find out if they’ve got a criminal record, etc.

Personal Profiles

This is one of my favorite sections. If your enemy is listed on a social networking site, such as MySpace or Facebook, you can find it here. The reason I like this is because you can find some of your enemy’s friends and family listed.

This comes in handy when you want to tell your enemy’s friends what kind of real creep your enemy really is.

School and Classmates

A great place to possibly find out more information on your enemy. You can find out where your enemy went to school, possible friends, and other information.

Professional and Business

If your enemy is a businessperson, you might listings here. Great for finding coworkers, and other company information if it is listed.

Email Address

Again, this is a premium section, and you will have to pay for this information. I wouldn’t depend on it, because most people don’t list e-mail addresses in their real name.

Public Records

If your enemy is listed here, you can find property records, birth info, and other general information.

There are also sections such as Archives, News Articles, Blogs, Web Pages, and other Documents that might be available in your enemy’s name.

What can I do with all of this information?

Let’s say your enemy has made problems with you in the past. You know where your enemy lives and works. What you should do is collect your enemy’s neighbors names and addresses.

If you have the company name, you can then start searching for company e-mail addresses, and fax and phone numbers. Use them to spread nasty rumors about your enemy.

For a book that is full on information of how to get revenge using the Internet, grab a copy of Toxic Internet. The book is jam packed with ways to stop someone from harassing you, and good ideas on how to get revenge.

Always understand that there are more than 100 ways to get revenge against your enemy. The options are only limited to your imagination.

Police Capture Fugitives Using Revenge Tactics

There are even many good ideas on how to get revenge on criminals. Just ask the police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I know I sometimes use this blog to rag on police officers for using too much force, and often gangland style tactics on people. But, hey, this time they have showed some real class. These guys have earned my respect. It should also serve as a standard for others on how to catch the bad guys with a little charm, and savvy. Who needs a stun gun, or a taser when you can just print up letters, and invite the criminals to the place of your choice?

What does this have to do with the Average Joe or Jane? It shows you that getting real revenge should be about outsmarting your enemy. Instead of doing stupid things like sending them e-mails threatening to do bad things to them, why not use some class?

Now, it might be illegal to send your enemy a well designed letter telling them they’ve got stimulus money waiting to be picked up. However, what about sending them realistic looking coupons for some unbelievable deal at some local restaurant? What about saying they owe money to some non-existent business with some anonymous number that you have access to, and address that is in some dangerous neighborhood in your town?

If you’re a little creative, and have some extra time on your hands, I’m sure you could come up with something that sounds very realistic.

Instead of being stupid like the four women who tied the guy up, and Krazy Glued his penis to his stomach, why not set him up with a real hooker, get it all on tape, and then get some real revenge with your lawyer at the courthouse? Or, as mentioned in a previous post on “How to Get Revenge on a Cheater“, find sites online that cater to such swingers, and give your enemy more than he, or she can handle.

There are countless good ideas on how to get revenge. However, do it with class!