100 Ways to Get Revenge – Nigerian 419 Scammers – Your Enemy


Rest at ease knowing there are 100 ways to get revenge against any enemy, including Nigerian 419 scammers. And to prove my point, I’ve decided to think outside of the box again, and use an already known method, but with a twist.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than people sending you e-mail telling you they’ve got millions of dollars for you. All you need to do is send them your personal information, and they will trust you to deposit it in your bank. The only thing that probably gets on your nerves more is your enemy.

This time we are going to kill two birds with one stone. There are many web sites out there that dedicate themselves to pulling pranks on Nigerian scammers, but we are not only going to get revenge against the Nigerian scammers, we are also going to get revenge against some of our enemies, too.

For those of you who have been living on another planet for the past decade, and have never heard of what a Nigerian 419 Scam is, visit here for a clear explanation of Advance Fee Fraud

If you own an e-mail address anywhere in the world, you have probably seen them in your own email box. Here is a sample of one I received just today (in my spam folder thankfully)


“Greeting Dear Friend.

As you read this, I don’t want you to feel sorry for
me, because, I believe everyone will die someday.

My name is Mrs. Maritza Mohung, widow to late Mr. Mohung
Zafar, former owner of PETROLEUM AND GAS company ,here
in Dubai .I am 68years old, suffering from long time
cancer of the breast.From all indications my
condition is really deteriorating and it’s quite
obvious that I won’t live more than 4 months
according to my doctor.This is because the cancer
stage has gotten to a very bad stage.

i dont want your pity but i need your trust. My late
husband died early last year from heart attack, and
during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce
any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after
his death,I inherited all his business and wealth.The
doctors has advised me that I will not live for more
than 4 months, so I have now decided to spread all my
wealth, to contribute mainly to the development of
charity in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

i am sorry if you are embarrased by my mail. i found
your e-mail address in the web directory,and i have
decided to contact you, but if for any reason you find
this mail offensive,you can ignore it and please
accept my appology. before my late husband died he was
a major oil tycoon,in kuwait and deposited the sum of
25 million euros (Twenty Five million euros) in
a security company in europe some years ago,thats all i have
left now,i need you to collect this funds and
disseminate it yourself to charity organisations.

so that when i die my soul can rest in peace.the funds
will be entirely in hands and management.i hope God
gives you the wisdom to touch very many lives,that is
my main concern. 30% of this money will be for your
time and effort,while 70% goes to charity please do reply
to my alternate email address maritzamohung@yahoo.co.uk
Anticipating your swift response.

God bless you.
Mrs. Maritza Mohung.


Now, these letter vary from “poor widow”, to “I’ve got corrupt Oil money that I can’t get out of the country.” Also, many of the more successful Nigerian 419 Scam Letters, don’t even mention Nigeria, but talk about people being in Peru, India, Iraq (Saddam’s hidden loot comes to mind) or even the U.S. or U.K.

What we are going to do is turn this spam e-mail trash into treasure, by taking real Nigerian 419 Scam e-mail messages, and using them against our nasty boss, ex, neighbor, or anyone else who has been getting under our skin.

Here’s a step-by-step method of how to set up and create the Nigerian 419 Scammer’s Revenge Method.

1. Set up a free e-mail account at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or anywhere else. You’re going to use this e-mail box as a place to find good Nigerian 419 Scam letters that you are going to use to make contact with the spammers.

2. Go to a few heavily populated Internet forums and guest boards, make a couple of posts, and leave your complete e-mail address (the one you just set up) in your signature file. The search engine robots will pick up on your address, and so will spammers, who use software that searches for and collects 100′s of thousands of such e-mail addresses to send their worthless advertisements.

3. You should also check your real e-mail (your personal e-mail address) spam folder, or even sometimes in your inbox for messages from these scammers. Nearly every e-mail box on the planet gets these messages every other day, but now, many of them are spotted by spam filters, so they end up in the junk mail box.

4. Once you have a good letter like the sample I gave earlier, copy it and save it into a text file. Then, copy the contents from the letter and paste them into a new e-mail message with the new throwaway e-mail account that you have created for this purpose.

Let the person in the e-mail know that you are very interested, but you need more information. Sound just a little bit skeptical in your e-mail, but not suspicious. Ask them what you will need, and how much time will it take for you to really see any money

Within a day, or so, you will have a reply from someone on the other side of the world who is ready to make you their partner.

5. Sooner, or later the scammer is going to ask you for a phone number, fax, or a telephone number. What you should do is create a voicemail so the scammer can leave messages, and a fax number in case they want to fax you anything.

To create a free disposable phone number go to:

LaserVoiceMail – is great because you can set it up quickly, record a voice message, and the number deletes if you don’t check your voicemail messages for more than 7 days.

J2 – J2 gives you a free voicemail and fax for the asking. The free voicemail and fax is never in an area you say you are in. For example, if you’re in California, they might give you a voicemail and fax number in Idaho. So, anytime you need to change your voicemail and fax location, just sign up saying you’re at another part of the U.S. (I know they also have this service in other countries, too like the U.K. and Germany so you can get numbers there, too)

K7 – Another free voicemail and fax. They give you a Washington state number.

6. So, when the scammer asks for a number to contact you, give them one of these numbers from the above services. Tell them it’s your private number, and not the same as your home number, because you don’t want your spouse, partner, parents, or whoever to find out about this. It’s good to say this, because later on about the time the scammer thinks you’re going to send him money, or your bank account details, you’ll give him your enemy’s phone number and address.

Your job is to keep contact with this scammer (and any others you find) for a week, or two until they really thing you’re interested. They will soon tell you that in order to transfer all of these millions into your bank account, you will either need to send them your bank account details and identification, including signature, or they will tell you that they need to pay off some other corrupt official there in order to get the money sent to you from some bank account, but the they don’t have money for the lawyers, police, or other government official. So, they will ask you to send the money.

At this time, you could ask them where you should send the money, how much, and then give them your enemy’s telephone number and address, and tell them that you’re giving them your real number now, because you trust them. Also, ask them would it would be a good time to talk with them personally on the phone. Make sure you’ve given them your enemy’s phone number, and let your enemy deal with these guys for now on.

There you go, you’ve managed to piss off some spammers/scammers, and you’re going to piss your enemy off when these people start calling him. If you want to make things worse, make follow up calls to your enemy using spoof call service, and use their voice changer to disguise your voice.

Some other sites that can give you more ideas on how to scam bait, and on what you can say to Nigerian Scammers:

Ebola Monkey Man
419 Eater

Check them out! You will be surprised at how much information is on these sites, and it will get your own creative juices flowing as what else you can do.

There are many good ideas on how to get revenge by using this Nigerian 419 Scammer Method. For more great revenge ideas, sign up for the Purpose Driven Knife newsletter, and grab a copy of Toxic Internet, the newest revenge book from The Purpose Driven Knife. You will be amazed at how many ways you get back at someone. Instead of feeling sad or angry about what someone has done to you, get revenge.

How to Get Revenge on a Cheater

How to Get Revenge on a Cheater? As usual, there are a 100 ways to get revenge on anyone you choose. Why let them get away with it?

Let me say one thing about cheaters: Once they cheat, they’ll probably cheat again. The problem for you, “the cheated“, is that it will be much more difficult to catch your cheating partner the second time around (and the third, fourth, and fifth).

So, unless you are a masochist, it’s time to start looking for a brighter future. That’s a future that is void of anyone that even resembles your cheating partner.

However, before you watch your partner limp, or crawl away, why not give that cheating, no-good piece of excrement a taste of his/her own medicine?

Here is an excerpt from Toxic Internet, a new e-book from The Purpose Driven Knife that discusses how to get revenge with someone online.

The Internet has become a playground for cheaters. There are hundreds, probably thousands of sites that are dedicated to people searching for love, to those that only promise a night of wicked sexual pleasures, just for the asking.

Install a Keylogger

Yes, your partner probably belongs to such multiple web sites. The easiest way to find out is to install a keylogger on your home computer, or the one that your partner uses.

A keylogger secretly logs all keystrokes that are made on the machine that it is installed. It then saves those keystrokes into a file that you can later open and read. Your partner will never know that this information has been recorded unless you tell them.

There are many keylogger software out there. However, I have found that Spector Software is probably the best. It’s easy to install and use, and they always have updates to keep it hidden from anti-virus and firewall software, that often detect keylogger software in use.

Another nice part about Spector software is that their software not only records keystrokes, but it also allows them to be sent to any e-mail of your choice where you can view them in privacy. Their software also records chat messages, and even screenshots from the sites they were acually using. This information could be vital later when you need to take your cheating partner to court.

Plan of Action

Once you know which dating web sites, or other sex sites they are visiting, it’s time to be proactive, and take action. Once you know what kind of partners your partner is looking for, you should become one.

If your partner is looking for blonds with big booties, create an account, and list those features. If your partner is looking for kinky sex with bondage, break out the whips and handcuffs in your new profile, and tell your partner that you specialize in that. Is your partner looking for orgies? Well, say that you and your girlfriends, or boyfriends love orgies. You need to become a chameleon, and blend in to your cheating partners surroundings.

The idea is to lead your partner on as long as possible, and finally to arrange for a meeting. I would suggest looking for the most dangerous area in a nearby town, or city, and find a house where you know there is a married family, or someone has a girlfriend, or boyfriend, and send your cheating partner there.

If that sounds too harsh, send them to a bar, or restaurant, and have them waiting around like an idiot, and get a friend that your partner doesn’t know, to try and record it from a parked car, and then just go inside to watch what your partner does.

The important thing is, never let your cheating partner know that you were involved. Always collect as much information as you can, so you can use it against your partner in court. The biggest revenge, especially for a woman, is watching a judge legally give you permission to extract money from your husband’s bank account every month!


Even if you can’t find out what dating sites your partner is visiting, you can just create accounts with your partners photos, and use your partner’s first name. Find at least a dozen possible people from those dating sites, start chatting with them, sending e-mail to them, and eventually, ask them over for dinner. Make sure you do it when both you and your partner will be home, just to see the stupid look on your partner’s face. Plus, you can act really annoyed and upset when they are telling you the truth, that they don’t know that man, or woman.

There are plenty of these web sites out there, just go to any search engine and type in:

swingers clubs
online dating
wife swapping

Good luck catching that cheater red-handed!

Believe me when I say, there are 100 ways to get revenge online and off. For ways to get revenge online, get the newest e-book from The Purpose Driven Knife. It’s called Toxic Internet, and it will be out on Saturday, August 22nd. Grab it while you can, as just like their other revenge book hit, The Purpose Driven Knife, only 150 copies will be sold.

Send Anonymous Emails

How about some more good ideas on how to get revenge? All that is required is a little ingenuity, careful planning and a little bit of daring.

A great way to get revenge against your enemies is to send anonymous emails. Below you will find some step-by-step methods to carry out such a plan.

First you will need to know exactly how to send an anonymous e-mail. Many are many web sites that let you send prank e-mails, and claim to be anonymous. The problem is, they are not, especially if they think that your prank is too offensive. Since many of them collect your IP address and the mails are sent from their servers, it’s easy for your enemy to trace your IP address back to their servers, and find out where the e-mail originated.

A simple solution is to go to: www.thepurposedrivenknife.info. You can send totally anonymous e-mails that can’t be traced back to you.

Once you have your anonymous e-mail in place, now it’s time to take action against your enemy. In general, when people are so bad that you want revenge against them, they’ve got other skeletons in their closet as well. Your job is to report them. Of course if you really can’t find anything juicy enough from something they actually did, then just make something up!

Here are some simple ideas that you can implement via e-mail.

Contact their partners

Are your enemies screwing around on their spouses, or partners? Contact them via e-mail, and let them know about it. While you are at it, sign them up at on line dating sites under a different name, but use their real photo if you have it. Use any free e-mail account, and start corresponding with other people that are looking for dates. Head to any search engine and type in “adult dating sites” and you will find many.

Your goal is to get about 10 different people, and keep in contact with them for a couple of weeks, and eventually you want to let them know that you would like to meet them. If you tell them what a great cook you are, you can convince them to come to your house for dinner. Send them at a time you know your enemy’s spouse will be there.
Remember, some of these dating sites are for people who are just looking for sex, so instead of inviting them for dinner, you can offer them something much more! Many of these adult sites allow you to search for people specifically in your area, so it’s easy to find someone in your city, or nearby vicinity.

E-mail Office Revenge

Get your enemy at his office. It’s time to sign them up for all kind of crap web site lists. The trick is not to use their work address, but the work address of another coworker. So, if a co-worker is fat, sign the co-worker up for up on all kind of diet and weight loss lists. If the coworker is extremely religious, sign them up to all kind of gay, and fetish web site lists. Atheist? Bug the hell out of them with religious mailing lists. Is the coworker losing hair? Why not sign the coworker up for hair growth sites?

The options are endless Again, go to any search engine and type in those words, and you will find 1000′s of results.

Here is how the anonymous email will help you out. Create a free temporary (disposable) e-mail account from places like these.

Next, go to your favorite search engine, and type in something like “weight loss newsletters” or, “weight loss mailing lists” Then, go to the web site, and sign your enemy’s coworker up for one of these lists, but use your temporary email account to sign up. Once you receive the verification email to opt-in, reply to it, and you will start receiving e-mails at your temporary address.

What you can do is copy these e-mails including the subject, and paste them into an anonymous remailer, and change the receiver’s e-mail to that of your enemy’s coworker. When you send the e-mail, make sure you use your enemy’s name as the person who signed up for the mailing list in the e-mail. So, the coworker will just think that your enemy did it to try to imply that they were fat, etc.

The funny thing with this is that it’s impossible for the coworker to opt-out of the e-mails, because the e-mails aren’t coming from the web site that is sending them. You are just receiving them at your temporary e-mail address, and then copying and pasting them to your anonymous mailer. Of course the coworker will eventually block the e-mail address, but it doesn’t matter, because you just change the e-mail address to make it look like it came from another web site. Your enemy will get blamed, because the coworker will think they were behind it. Even if they don’t believe they were behind it eventually, the supervisor’s and the boss will begin to get upset when other coworkers start getting similar e-mails, thus interfering with day-to-day business in the office. So, in the end, someone is going to have a talk with your enemy.

I have mentioned that you can do this with coworkers, but in reality, it can be done to anyone who your enemy knows. They only need to have an e-mail address.

Finally, if you are going to use e-mail for revenge purposes, do not use free anonymous email sites that are on the Internet, because all of them keep logs, and will report your IP address for the slightest misuse. If you don’t believe it, just look at the Terms of Service Agreement, or FAQ on those web sites. So be smart!

These are just some of the 100 ways to get revenge on someone by using email. If you are looking for more good ideas on how to get revenge, join the Purpose Driven Knife forum, and get great revenge ideas from other like minded adults.