Cell Phone Voice Mail Hacking

Cell Phone Voice Mail Hacking

Yes, there are over 100 ways to get revenge on someone.

UK Newspapers controlled by Rupert Murdoch are accused of paying private investigators to hack into celebrity cell phones.

The News Group Newspapers paid more than one and a half million dollars to the victims to keep them quiet.

There are many ways people hack into cell phones. From specialized hardware that can access and listen to calls, to telephones that you can give as gifts, that look like normal cell phones on the outside, but in reality, allow you to listen in on phone calls.

Anyway, these methods are highly illegal, and you will only get yourself in trouble, so don’t try them. However, what about if there was a simple way for you to possibly listen to your enemy’s voice mail without getting into any trouble?

Cell Phone Voice Mail Hacking

Here are simple steps to listen to your enemy’s voice mail. (please note that this technique doesn’t work with all cell phones, and won’t work if your enemy has their voice mail well password protected, and this only works with U.S. and Canadian cell phone numbers).

The first thing you are going to need is to sign up for some minutes at Spoofcard.com. (or, Telespoof.com). By using one of these dependable services, you will be able to make the Caller ID on your enemy’s cell phone show up as practically any number you choose. You will be given an access number to start your calls from, and a PIN number.

Next, to access your Spoofcard, or Telespoof number, I suggest that you use Skype, or another VOIP service.

Next, follow the instructions such as:

1. The number you wish to dial
2. The number you wish to appear on the Caller ID (this will be the same as the number you wish to call).
3. Do you wish to use your own voice, or change your voice to sound like a man, or woman. (just select your own voice, because you’re not going to speak).
4. Do you wish to record this call? (Yes, you do. After you finish your call, you can go into your Spoofcard, or Telespoof account, and playback the call, or download the audio message).

How this works:

Example: If your enemy’s cell phone number is 123-4567, you need to make your Caller ID number 123-4567, too.

When you do this, your enemy’s cell phone will be tricked into thinking that it is calling itself, and will go into the options mode, and will ask you if you want to check the voice mail as an option. If the voice mail isn’t password protected, you will be able to listen to any messages that are stored on the phone.

Default Passcode

Sometimes when you purchase your cell phone it has a default passcode which is usually the last 4 digits of the phone number. So, if you are prompted for a pass code, try that.

Remember that your enemy’s cell phone needs to be turned on to access the voice mail. It will also cause the cell phone to ring a few times, so it is probably best to call the number at some odd time during the night, or when you know they aren’t available to access the phone. Even if your enemy answers the phone and sees his/her number on the Caller ID, they probably won’t understand that someone just spoofed their number, and was trying to access their voice mail.

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