100 Ways to Get Revenge – Business Help

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Business Help

You can use a broad range of companies in your revenge campaign. Here is a shortlist of techniques. Be creative and add your own variations:


If you have access to your enemy’s house, find the electricity meter and look for the sealed tag the company puts on there to prevent customers from tampering with it. Use some needle nose pliers to break the seal off. Then, wait a day or two and send an anonymous letter or e-mail to the electric company. Tell them that you watched your enemy and another man opening it up and messing around with it.


You can order all types of mail order products. Subscribe your enemy to CD’s, magazines and other items. Just write in their correct information (name, address, phone numbers). Go to the box that says “Bill me later” and check that, too. Remember, you can also send these to your enemy’s neighbor’s address, but using your enemy’s name.


Check the newspapers, Yellow Pages and other media for disease hot lines (herpes, syphilis, AIDS). Get them to send information to your enemy’s house. Ask if you could give your (your enemy’s) telephone number so a counselor could contact them soon.


Go to free clinics and other organizations that give free material about contagious diseases. Then, you could mail these to your enemy with a short note inside saying:

“Here is the information you requested.” This works great if your enemy is living with a spouse or partner.

Funeral Home

Find a local funeral home that has online brochures. Print the information, and then attach a small note that says, “Time’s Up, Asshole” Wait a few more days, then begin to call your enemy’s house at night. If she answers, hang up the phone. Continue to call late at night every few days.

Remember, you can spoof the funeral home telephone number. This might cause more alarm from your enemy.

Adult Products

Order adult products (strap-on dildos, dolls, penis enhancers, and filthy xxx publications) and give your enemy’s name and work address. Or you can have the stuff sent to one of your enemy’s neighbors, in c/o your enemy.


Contact some local churches and ask if they could send you (your enemy’s address) some brochures. You can also give them your enemy’s telephone number so he can be harassed nonstop. It’s also a good idea to setup some meetings or counseling sessions at your enemy’s house, when you know she’ll be at home.


These are just a few quick ideas. Remember, there are 100’s of ways to get revenge on someone. For more revenge ideas, visit The Purpose Driven Knife, and sign up for their free revenge newsletter.

Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge with a Restaurant

Here are some good ideas on how to get revenge with a restaurant. Many times by keeping your eye on current events, it will be possible to formulate new revenge ideas. After all, there are more than a 100 ways to get revenge.

A funny thing happened at a famous chicken restaurant the other day.

Actually, it didn’t have anything to do with revenge directly.  However, indirectly, it shows that it’s possible to create revenge ideas out of other innocent blunders.

To make a long story short, a famous television personality had worked out some deal with the chicken restaurant to offer coupons for a 2-piece grilled chicken meal. What the restaurant failed to realize is that anything this talk show host says is immediately followed by millions upon millions of people.

Another thing the restaurant didn’t calculate, was that many people in the United States are out of work, don’t have much money, and would come out in droves to get a free, hot meal. In the end, this restaurant says that they will offer some kind of vouchers that they will send by mail throughout the year, but cannot honor all of the chicken coupons at this time. Apparently, there aren’t that many chickens alive in the United States to honor all of the coupons that were printed out in the last couple of days.

Restaurant Revenge Idea

Do you have an enemy that works at a local restaurant? Has a local restaurant offered you crappy service in the past, and you wished there was some way you could get even with them? Now you can!

Step 1

All you need is a computer, and a little bit of skill with any photo editing program. Do an image search on any of the major search engines for “restaurant meals” “restaurant food” or substitute “restaurant” for the name of the restaurant you want to get revenge. (if it’s a larger chain restaurant, there will probably be some good images for you to use)

Step 2

Put some fancy text above, below, or across the image. Offer things such as 2 for 1, or “Buy One, Get One Free”. Or, you can just be blatant, and write  “Free Chicken Dinner” or, “Free T-Bone Steak and Salad”. I think you get the idea.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to fix your image for printing. Make sure you make it small enough, that you can print maybe 6-8 on one page. After you’ve printed a page, or two, take these printed coupons, and find some place you can photocopy multiple copies. Having the coupons photocopied on colored paper stands out better, and will quickly get people’s attention.

Step 4

Now it’s time to distribute your coupons. Laudromats are great places to leave your coupons. University boards, libraries, or if you’re really bold, put your coupons on windshields in parking lots. The important thing is to get as many out as quickly as possible. Not only will you have angry restaurant managers, who will need to keep explaining that they didn’t advertise any specials, but you’ll also have angry customers, who wasted their time driving there.

Think outside the box, and I’m sure you can come up with variations. For more good ideas on how to get revenge, sign up for the Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter and Forum. There you can hang out with other revenge minded people, and share ideas.