100 Ways to Get Revenge with Telephone Spoofing

100 Ways to Get Revenge with Telephone Spoofing

Telephone spoofing involves calling your enemy, and getting your enemy to think you are someone else. You could also call your enemy’s boss, family, neighbors, or other businesses to make them think the call came from your enemy.

There are many reasons why people use phone spoofing for legitimate purposes. Doctors or other professionals might use phone spoofing, because they want the calls to appear that they are coming from their offices, and not give out their personal numbers.

Collection agencies or private investigators use spoofing to get people to answer the phone.

Also, if you have a partner that you think might be cheating on you; you can use phone spoofing to spy on them, or even get them to think that someone is romantically interested in them. This will confirm any suspicions that you might have that they’re playing around.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a spoofing service. I recommend any of the following:




All of these services provide you with various prepaid amount of minutes. You will have a special access number that you call, and then you will be asked for a PIN number. You can call from a home phone, cell phone, use VOIP, or a payphone.

(Understand that you can only use U.S. and Canadian numbers for Spoofing)

Their rates are similar, and all of them offer voice changing capabilities, and call recording.

Once you have a service to use; now it’s time to spoof. Here are some spoofing ideas.

Pranks for Anyone

Get out your Yellow Pages, and search for categories that you can use to send people to your enemy’s house.

Some good places to start are food delivery places. If you normally order food, you probably know which places callback to verify if an order was made, or not. If you know places that don’t callback, input your enemy’s phone number. If the place does callbacks, you can just make the calls from a payphone, a pre-paid cell phone that you can buy at places like Wal-Mart, etc. (make sure you pay with cash). Or, you can use an anonymous debit card to pay for a local number at places like:



Fast Food Delivery

You could have pizzas, and other takeout food delivered to your enemy’s doorstep. Naturally, it will probably only work once for each, before they block your number, or your enemy’s address.


Send different taxi companies to your enemy’s house.

House Beautification

Send gardeners, interior designers, and others can be sent for estimates.

By checking through the Yellow Pages, you can come up with more than 100 ways to get revenge. You can find 1000’s!

Prank Spoofing

Why not use the voice changer to call your enemy and pose as a telemarketer, or a bill collection agency? There are many scenarios that you can use. Again, let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages.

These are just a few good ideas on how to get revenge by spoofing. If you want more ideas, why not get The Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter, or Join The Purpose Driven Knife Revenge Forum.

Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge – Restaurant Revenge 2

There are many good ideas on how to get revenge.

One girl asked me last week if the stories I told her about how cooks at restaurants tamper with the food. Of course, I told her it was true in some restaurants I used to work at years ago. Yes, I personally witnessed the cook, clearing his flu clogged nostrils into everything from the soup to the gravy.

Yes, that same cook laughed as the blood dripped down his cut finger, straight into the pancake batter.

Now, two workers in a North Carolina Domino took this idea even further, and were dumb enough to post in on YouTube. So, these two were not doing this for revenge, but instead for shits and giggles. Now, they’re looking at 4 months to 1 year in jail for their stupidity.


I’m a firm believer that some of the best revenge tactics come from mind games. It’s not necessary to actually do the dirty deed, but rather have others believe you did.


  • Instead of sticking mozzarella cheese up your nose and then mixing it in the pizza  (like this idiot on the video), why not just spread a rumor that your enemy has been actually doing that, if they work around food.
  • Remember when the high school boy in a Chicago suburb mixed semen in the school salad dressing a couple of years ago?  Well, you could just start a rumor that one of your competitor’s employees was doing the same.
  • How about when people were convinced that some Central American bananas had some flesh eating bacteria about 10 years ago?  Again, mass hysteria caused by a practical joker, or, more than likely, some competitor.

There are many good ideas on how to get revenge at restaurants, or other businesses.  Just use your head, and the ideas will flow.

John Demjanjuk Being Deported

Suspected war crimes suspect John Demjanjuk was ceremoniously wheeled from his home in Cleveland, Ohio. deported

The 89 year old is a wanted man in Germany for his alleged participation in World War II killings at a Nazi death camp in Poland.

Hopefully, his deportation will offer some comfort to those families that were affected by his alleged actions, and that he spends the rest of his life behind bars where he belongs.