100 Ways to Get Revenge – Restaurant Revenge

There are 100 ways to get revenge, and you only need a little time to think of more. Just learn to be very creative.

On Sunday, a drive-through customer gets angry at a McDonald’s. Yeah, sometimes you can really be angry at restaurants. But, it’s even worse when you’ve got to work in a restaurant.

Underpaid and under appreciated, waiters, waitresses, busboys, and cooks, all catch hell. If it’s not the customers, it’s from the managers. Someone is always screaming at you.

So, what do you do in such a situation? Do you bow your head, say yes sir, or yes ma’am, and allow the verbal abuse? Do you just quit? Or, do you stand up for your rights, and decide to get revenge?

When I was a teenager, I worked in a restaurant for one month during the summer. Of course I could have worked two more months, but I had enough. I was a busboy, and after one week, a waitress accused me of taking her tips off of the table when I was cleaning it. This was false, but I thought to myself, “if this bitch is going to accuse me of taking her tips, I might as well start taking them.  Every time I had to clean one of her tables from then on out, I decided to take at least half of what was left. When the garbage was swept into my cart, so was some of her money. I would later dig it out when I emptied the garbage in the back room.

It’s not nice to piss off a cook. Sure, your eggs might be cooked fresh again, and might be scrambled to your specifications, but the ingredients might have also been altered. When people complained to one of our cooks about the food preparation, he would retaliate. If it he had a cold, he would empty both nostrils, and mix the contents into the food.

Once a lady complained that her pancakes were cold. As luck would have it, this was right after the cook had cut his finger while slicing some onions. So, he made her a fresh batch of pancakes, but not before allowing a significant amount of blood to drip into the batter!

Here are some ideas on how to get revenge against your restaurant, or against a customer that is getting on your nerves.


The last thing someone wants when eating a nice meal is to have a bad taste in their mouth, or a foul smell in the air.  In a previous post, we discussed how to get revenge by using Liquid Ass. This is a really horrible smelling compound in any space you use it. Imagine in a restaurant full of people? Guaranteed to clear a restaurant, and will have customers screaming for instant refunds. The last thing a restaurant needs in this financial crisis is to lose all of its customers. Also, with any luck, you’ll have some people barfing up their food, which will make a bad situation, even worse.

Bugs and Varmits

It’s easy to mix in a cockroach, fly, worm, or whatever in the food. I once had a friend who went to a restaurant that featured buffets, and shoved a dead mouse deep inside the salad dish.  He said it took about 15 minutes for the other customers to remove enough of the salad to actually see the dead mouse.  It was a woman who spotted it, and let out a loud squeal, and naturally told the people she was sitting with that their was a mouse in the salad. The restaurant cleared, and no one wanted to pay.


With the invention of computers, printers and PhotoShop, it’s possible to create deals that are too good to be true.  However, you want to keep it real, so you’re going to create something that looks real.

Find any old advertisements from the restaurant, or coupons that they’ve offered before, and alter some of the information using PhotoShop, or any other editing program. Mention things such as 2 for 1 specials,  ladies night, all women eat for free, etc.  Print the coupons out, and place them in the poorest areas of your community. Stick them in laundromats, telephone booths, or even pay some kids to pass them out in a populated area.

Toilet Antics

First of all, I would suggest that you have already paid your bill, and you’re ready to get out of the restaurant when you attempt this.

Does the restaurant toilet have a hand dryer? Here’s what you do, bring a Ziploc plastic bag, or you can use paper towel. Sit down to take a good shit in the toilet, and while you are shitting, trap some of the shit in the Ziploc bag, or you can just let it flop down on a paper towel.

Once you leave the stall, head for the electric hand dryer, and smear the shit inside the part where you usually place your hands to dry. Quickly wash your hands if you have time, and get the hell out of there. There is nothing worse than the smell of shit that has been heated.

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100 Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge of the Senses

100 Ways to Get Revenge – Revenge of the Senses

There are 100 ways to get revenge by using the sense of smell. I briefly talked about it in a previous post.

However, I think now is a good time to deal with it in more detail.

Nothing delights the senses more than the scent of a rose, some fresh baked bread, the scent of your favorite
meal, and for some, even the salty air of the sea. However, nothing can be worse than smelling garbage, a
stopped up toilet in a Third World country, or a decomposing animal.

By using various food, you can easily get revenge against your enemy. All that is required is a little money,
and some ingenuity.

Meat is Not Good for You

I’m a vegetarian, and for good reason. I left some chicken to thaw one day. Unfortunately, I forgot, and there
was a long weekend, due to a holiday. To make a long story short, I went away for the weekend, and came back
four days later. When I opened the door of my apartment, I knew something was wrong, because it smelled like
something had died. The once frozen chicken was now decomposing on the kitchen counter. Not only that,
little bugs were crawling around on it.

I then imagined how that little piece of meat must look like in my stomach. After all, our bodies were not
meant to be graveyards.

How to Get Revenge Using Meat, Fish and Poultry

For this revenge idea to work, you will need access to your enemy’s home, vehicle, or office.
Go to your local store, and look for any cheap meat. It’s best to find meat that is on sale, or the expiration
date is near. The more meat you can buy, the better. Once you locate a place of your enemy’s that you can
access, locate good hiding spots.

In my experience, the best places to put meat in a workplace is inside desks. Try to find places where there
are stacks of papers, and put pre-cut slices of meat in between folders, and other papers.

If there are closets, try to find good hiding spaces inside there. Look for boxes to slide meat inside, and
also look for inside jacket pockets to slide meat into.

Shrimp and prawns are compact in size, but have a terrible odor after a day, or so. Put them in hard to find places like pants pockets, glued to the creases at the top of curtains, inside your computer CPU, and inside printers.

Remember, any meat stuffed between the car seat, sofa, or mattress will be effective, and difficult to locate.

It’s also important to use multiple pieces of meat, fish, or poultry. The idea is, your enemy will think they found where the smell was coming from, and will just think it takes a day, or two for the smell to go away. By that time, the place will smell like an unkept morgue.

If you’re not squeamish, you can always use roadkill! Dead rats, snakes, dogs, cats, etc. not only smell bad, they bring fear to your enemy. If your enemy found a dead rat in his closet, he would just assume his house had rats.

Spoiled Milk

Very simple ammunition. Leave it to set out long after the expiration date. Best to leave out in the heat, as it will spoil very fast. Crack it open, and freely pour it on furniture, car upholstry, carpets, mattresses, clothes, or wherever you want it to smell like utter hell. Take your pick, whole milk, chocolate, strawberry, or any other flavored milk. The stuff is bad news, and getting the smell to go away is nearly impossible. Try not to breathe through your nose when you open this, as the smell is unforgetable.

Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass is a simply awful smelling concoction.  For more information, check out their web site.

Or, check out the video below:


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