How to Get Revenge on an Ex

Here’s how to get revenge on an ex is a few easy steps:

Hot Line
Check the newspapers, Yellow Pages and other media for disease hot lines (herpes, syphilis, AIDS). Get them to send information to your ex’s house. Ask if you could give your (your ex’s) telephone number so a counselor could contact them soon.
Go to free clinics and other organizations that give free material about contagious diseases. Then, you could mail these to your ex with a short note inside saying:

“Here is the information you requested.” This works great if your ex is living with a new spouse or partner.

Cancel Credit Cards
If you have all the cards information, including the 3 or 4 digit security numbers, call the issuing banks or companies and tell them that you found the cards in the toilet at a restaurant (bar). Give the person on the phone all the information from the card and you might be asked to cut the card up, or turn it in to the police. At any rate, they’ll probably cancel the cards.

Funeral Home
Find a local funeral home that has online brochures. Print the information, and then attach a small note that says, “Time’s Up, Asshole” Wait a few more days, then begin to call your ex’s house at night. If ex answers, hang up the phone. Continue to call late at night every few days.

Remember, you can use a spoofing service, such as Telespoof, or Spoofcard, and spoof the telephone number from the funeral home that you used on the printed information you sent. This will freak your ex out.


These are just a few ideas on how to get revenge on an ex. If you would like many more ideas on how to get revenge, sign up for the Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter.

Get Revenge on an Ex – Or Soon to Be Ex

If you want to get revenge on an ex, or a soon to be ex, you’ve got to have a clear head, and you’ve got to keep your cool, regardless how angry you might feel. We are going to dedicate this first article to getting revenge on a soon to be ex, who you already know is cheating on you.

The first thing you should do after you find out you partner is cheating on you, is to take a deep, deep breath and relax. If your partner even has a suspicion that you know about a relationship, He/She is going to clam up, and become even more covert. This will make it more difficult to catch them.

So, from today, until the day you finally get all the evidence (and even beyond that), you’re going to be cool, calm, collective and calculating.

Fact Finding

Remember, unless you caught your partner redhanded, you’re only operating on hearsay. You’re looking for facts that can later help you to get deep in your partners pockets when it comes time for a divorce. This kind of revenge is going to hurt your partner’s finances, and reputation.

Here are 5 surefire ways to get the evidence

1. Dig Up Receipts

Dig through your partners pockets, purses, and dresser drawers. Look for ATM receipts, bank and credit card statements that have been torn up, and thrown away in the garbage.

Look for is unusual purchases on their credit cards. Did your partner say he goes to the gym every evening, and his credit card statements say he’s going to a secluded restaurant, or hotel during that same time?

By checking thrown away bank statements, you might also discover that your partner has other banking accounts, than the ones you know about. Those other bank accounts could be used to secretly pay bills for their lover. You can also check the time stamps and locations on ATM receipts to help with your investigation.

2. Check the Panties and Condoms

During times you might not have sex with your partner, check her panties. If she says she’s having coffee with the girls, and she comes back with semen in her panties, it’s same to assume that she’s having sex. Even if she quickly showered afterwards, she still might have semen that discharges onto her panties. Products such as CheckMate can detect semen discharge in minutes. They even advertise it as C.S.I. in a Box.

Even if your partner uses condoms with you, you might want to check his supply. If he buys them by the box, you might want to keep track of how many condoms he has. If condoms start disappearing between times that you didn’t have sex with him, you can be sure he’s using them on someone else (possibly during those same times he had to work late, or said he was at the gym).

3. GPS Them

By planting a GPS in your partner’s car or truck, you can get detailed reports about where the vehicle has been. In all of these circumstances, check the laws in the area where you live to make sure it’s legal.

4. Install a Keylogger

Keyloggers are secretly installed on computers to record keystrokes of everything that is typed on your keyboard. By installing a keylogger on the computer that your partner uses, you can find out who they’ve been contacting, what they’ve been saying, log in passwords, and even chat messages. Spector Pro is one of the best keyloggers available, and easy to use.

5. Get Telephone and Cellular Phone Records

Maybe your partner has an old cellular phone. Give them a new one for their birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary. Of course, the new phone should be equipped with GPS tracking! Many high-tech phones also allow call records to be secretly saved to a secret file that can only be downloaded by you.

Your partner might not be dumb enough to use your home phone to call a lover, but you never know. Check through your bill for numbers you don’t recognize, especially at times when you weren’t home. If you can get your hand on your partner’s cellular phone records, you might strike gold!

These are just 5 simple steps you can take to get revenge on an ex, or soon to be ex. Tomorrow, we will explain how to get revenge once the marriage, or relationship is over.

How to Get Revenge on an Ex

How to Get Revenge on an Ex (or, anyone who has done you wrong)


Ameneh Bahrami is about to show the women of Iran how to get revenge on an ex. Even though Majid Movahedi wasn’t her actual ex-boyfriend, or husband, he tried to force her to become his wife.

Islamic Law allows an eye for an eye, and that’s exactly what Ameneh wants. Literally! You see, Mr. Movahedi became so angry that Ameneh didn’t want to be his wife, he decided to throw acid in her face. The result, she is now blind, and her face is disfigured.

The Iranian government has granted her wish to punish Mr. Movahedi by blinding him with acid, too!

Imagine if people in the United States (or, wherever you might live) were allowed to punish criminals, the same way they punished they punished their victims?  Sure, put them through the legal process that they deserve, but once found guilty, punish them physically. Don’t let them sit in prison, wasting tax payers money, just let the victim get the satisfaction of causing them the same amount of physical pain.

Some one beat you, and robbed you? You get to beat the shit out of them, too.  Were you raped? Let your attacker get sodomized by a broom stick for a few hours.  Did someone kill a member of your family? Hey, now you get the chance to put a bullet in their head, or put a baseball bat upside their head.

The United States is too soft on criminals. When they get caught, their sentences hardly equal the pain and suffering they caused other families.  If a man rapes a child, he goes to jail for a few years, then he gets out, and does the same thing again.

Everyday I turn on the television, I see nothing but kids abducted, raped, beaten to death,  and even buried alive. Women are beat down and murdered like animals. Even though the criminals are usually locked up, they never have to suffer the same as the victims.

Human rights activists are already crying on blogs that the Iranian woman shouldn’t be allowed to get revenge against her attacker.  Why is it that when people are mistreated, others want to deny them the satisfaction of getting even?

The Real World

OK, I know the United States is never going to allow an eye for an eye.  And if someone kills a member of your family, I don’t expect you to go out and blast the attacker.  However, if your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife has done you wrong, you deserve the right to get even with them.

In the next few days, I’m going to teach you some devastating, and legal ways of how to get revenge on an ex (or soon to be ex).

For those who have already been abused by an ex, and think: “living well is the best revenge.” Well, keep repeating that mantra to yourself.  Hopefully, one day you’ll your mind will become clearer, and you will realize that the you will live well once you know the creep who did you wrong, got exactly what they deserved from you.

See you tomorrow.