Ways to Get Revenge with Anonymous Text Messages

There are several ways to get revenge with anonymous text messages. When people think of sending a text message, the first thing that comes to mind is picking up your cell phone, typing in a message, and hitting the send button. However, it’s possible to send anonymous text messages without using your phone at all.

There are two ways to accomplish this

1. The first way to get revenge with anonymous text messages is by using web sites that allow you to send free SMS messages.

Go to your favorite search engine, and type in “send anonymous sms“. Browse through the various sites, and test them on your own cell phone, or one of someone you know. The important thing is, test them before, because some of the sites have scripts that don’t work, or will tell you the message has been sent, but it never arrives.

2. Send an Anonymous SMS Through E-mail. If you know the cell phone provider of your enemy’s, send them an SMS message through e-mail.

Visit this page for examples: www.email-unlimited.com/stuff/send-email-to-phone.htm

Look down on the page where it says: “SMS Gateways” and you’ll see how you can send SMS messages to targeted providers.

Are Anonymous Text Messages Really Anonymous?

You might ask yourself, are anonymous text messages really anonymous? Yes, it can be. You can make your SMS message anonymous by connecting through a proxy. If not, your IP can be easily traced, as all of these services log your IP address.

Why would you want to send anonymous text messages?

You might want to play a practical joke. Perhaps, you want to see if your partner is cheating on you, and you can make it look like the text came from someone you suspect he/she is having a relationship with. Then, you could check their actions.

Or, maybe you have your own ideas …

Revenge How to Get Payback – Good Revenge Tool

Revenge How to Get Pay Back

You can find a really nice free revenge tool at: argali.com. The tool is called:

Argali White and Yellow

If you want to know how to get revenge, it’s necessary to dig up some information about your enemy.

I can’t tell you how much I love this little software. It’s free, and it will save you countless hours searching for information about your enemies, their neighbors, and businesses. You don’t need the professional version, just get the basic one. It performs many types of searches.

For example:

Search for people’s phone numbers
Search for business phone numbers
Reverse search like “whose phone number is this?”
Reverse search like “who lives at/on this address/street?”
What businesses are at/on this address/street?”
Search for toll-free numbers
Search for email addresses
Search for maps
Search for area codes
Search for zip codes
Search for weather and forecast

Argali White & Yellow combines search information from over 20 sources. So, you don’t need to go to individual web sites, and search for someone’s information separately.

You can search for their neighbors, and then let them know what evil deeds your enemy has done. Why not send dirty magazine subscriptions to your enemy’s neighbor house, but in your enemy’s name?

Remember, there are a 100 ways to get revenge. Take your time, do your research, and remember that payback is a bitch! Make sure you dish it out in extra servings.

How to Get Revenge Using Pen Pals

How to Get Revenge  on Your Enemy Using Pen Pals

Pen Pal Setup

For this you should do an Internet search for: prison pen pals

Posing as your enemy, contact an inmate (or, 2 or 3). You can either sound helpful and supportive, or you can pretend to have a thing for men, or women who are locked up.

Then give your enemy’s phone number and address. Tell the inmates to call you collect at anytime to chat, or if there is anything they really need, just ask for it, and you’ll see what you can do to get it for them.

After contacting the inmate for four or five times, give your enemy’s address and phone number. Tell the inmate that he or she can call collect sometimes.

The fun starts when the collect calls start to come in.

Also, if you have your enemy’s photo, send it to them the first time you contact them.

Some web sites let you “search by state.” Find someone who’s nearby, and write them for awhile, just giving an e-mail address.

Obviously, prisoners don’t have Internet access, but their letters will be scanned by an organization, and you’ll receive it in a short time. Or, some sites let you send a snail mail.

Your enemy will soon know that someone is playing a bad prank on them when they start getting the e-mails, or the snail mail. Wait a month, or so after you sent the first letters out, and you can pretend to be the prisoner, and write a vicious letter, telling your enemy that you don’t think it was funny that they made a fool out of you, and that you are going to pay them a visit when you get out.

Hopefully, you can mail it from a town near the prison.

Follow that up with late night calls from pay phones, and just wait until they answer, and remain silent until they hang up. Do this a few times, and the next day, call them at their office.

Random Option

For those who feel that it is wrong to contact actual prisoners who are looking for pen pals on the outside, this method doesn’t require contacting a prisoner.

You only need to go to Google, and search for “state prisoner search” or “state prisoner locater” and you’ll come up with many possible names to use. Normally, you only need to search by last name. Think of a last name, and start searching.

Once you locate a prisoner, just alter the name some, and use a return address that is similar to that prisoner’s.

Posing as a prisoner, you can send a letter to your enemy. Start out your letter something like this:

“Thank you for your lovely letter. Yes, I would love to be your pen pal. It looks like we have a lot in common….”

(Then, begin to list some personal information that you know about your enemy. Things such as what kind of car they drive, their birthday, and the kind of movies they like, etc.  The goal is to make your enemy think that someone actually wrote this prisoner, and gave all of their personal information.

This works much better if you live near a town where there is an actual prison, so it will carry that postmark.

Hopefully, this have given you a few new ideas how to get revenge.